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Man on the 20 mph-street question

No idea is too stupid for Madison WI Give the City of Madison credit (and a generous bar tab). The Emerald City is always experimenting. Streets in two neighborhoods will test lower traffic speed limits — 20 mph, down from … Continue reading

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What should the Packers do about Aaron Rodgers?

Trade him or bench him? Professional football’s most valuable player is unhappy with management at 1265 Lombardi Avenue, Green Bay WI. So is one of the owners of the team who also owns a highly unprofitable blogging operation. O.K., Aaron Rodgers … Continue reading

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How would you reimagine public safety?

Our Man on the Street Question of the Day! Is back, despite popular demand. Once again, our intrepid Werkes intern (unpaid) hits the pavement to query an unrepresentative cross section of Madison loiterers our usual loaded question. It’s a question … Continue reading

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Are you so paranoid about COVID-19 …

  … that you wear a face mask outdoors? Our Question of the Day! Some masked-up sore head tore down our sign on Madison’s southwest bike trail. Apparently, unable to “Breathe deeply and smell that freedom!” “Person after person who’d … Continue reading

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What should Madison WI be renamed?

Today’s Man on the Street question! Madison’s woke busy bodies want to change the name of Madison Memorial High School because, apparently, Mr. Memorial owned slaves back in the day. It is a matter of time before someone will discover … Continue reading

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