What should the Packers do about Aaron Rodgers?

Trade him or bench him?

Professional football’s most valuable player is unhappy with management at 1265 Lombardi Avenue, Green Bay WI. So is one of the owners of the team who also owns a highly unprofitable blogging operation. O.K., Aaron Rodgers might have more leverage.

It doesn’t help that Mr. Rodgers is the smartest guy in any room; he is a UC-Berkeley graduate, after all. (Not dumb, like people say. He’s smart and he wants respect.) In the early days of the sport, Rodgers would be player/coach/GM/and owner like Curly Lambeau or, in baseball, Connie Mack. We don’t think it’s about money. Aaron Rodgers is already more expensive than a Joe Biden budget proposal. We think it’s about success and commitment, two values in disregard in the current culture.

If Aaron Rodgers has to put up with blitzing 350-pound linemen he would like another Super Bowl ring for his troubles. Give him the tools, he’ll finish the job, as Churchill pleaded with FDR during the Battle of Britain (predating the Premier League). Drafting for the future with its No. #1 pick like the Pack did in 2020 was stupid when the future is NOW. We think the Pack’s GM Brian Gutekunst will have to make a high-profile trade to keep AR in GB but what do we know?

We sent our unpaid intern into the boarded up streets of Madison WI to find six unmasked citizens for their equally uninformed opinions:

What do YOU think?

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7 Responses to What should the Packers do about Aaron Rodgers?

  1. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    Reminds me of when the Human Cannonball at Ringling Circus wanted to retire.
    He wasn’t easily replaced, either, … they couldn’t find a man of his caliber. Voofda!

    We’ve been spoiled, The Cheddarhood has always enjoyed Green and Gold Privilege at QB.

    Green Bay is just too good. For the sake of “equity”, maybe coaches could teach a little more CFT, … Critical Football Theory, and we’d practice some guilty Green and Gold self-loathing and flagelate ourselves for our sin.

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  2. Kooter says:

    Rogers is a prima donna but he’s our prima donna and arguably one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. The Packers have squandered his talent. Mark Murphy is too busy building his Tundraland and toboggan course, Guty is too busy saying “obviously” during interviews and Lafleur’s still trying to figure out why the field goal didn’t lead to a Super Bowl appearance: it’s like The Three Stooges on steroids!

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  3. old baldy says:

    Check out what Terry Bradshaw had to say regarding the Rodgers fiasco. I’ll go with Mr. Bradshaw on this. The Packers will be here another 100 years, #12 can, and will, be replaced.


  4. One eye says:

    I’d like to see modern day Packer fans go through a “challenging” era like many of us didi in the 70s and 80s. We were grateful for the little wins and it made the success of the last 25 years that much sweeter.

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  5. georgessson says:

    Rodgers & the NFL? No virtue-signaling here but I stopped watching NFL in 2020, after 2019’s plethora of kneelin’ holier-than-thou pri… I mean, jocks. Ironically, Aaron’s virtue-signaling this summer snuffed out my last hope to JUST WATCH FOOTBALL…. So, this new dealie-wah ? It’s all about arrogance, narcissism and immaturity. Terry Bradshaw got it right, (paraphrased) “Nope, let him retire if he’s so insecure”.

    He’s been one o’ the luckiest men onna planet. Smart, athletically gifted, and even has his choice of which pretty female to date. His future is secured for many other endeavors. C’mon, Dude… quit whinin’…

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  6. Balboa says:

    All things come to and end at some point. All fans had to see this coming from a mile away. Especially when, Tom Brady, the greatest field general since Bart Starr, left and won one with a team that had an all in approach. It is too bad, Rodgers had not leaked this right after the season before San Francisco traded the farm to move up to the 3rd spot. San Francisco had zero to offer this team long term to make that happen. The 2021 draft is so meh, because of the lack of a real college football season due to Covid-19. This year was the ultimate crap shoot. If Arod comes back this team will have a winning record and another shot at the title if all goes right. If he does not come back welcome to the next phase of Green Bay Packer football and it won’t be pretty. That is the way it goes folks

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    • georgessson says:

      Yer no doubt kee-rect, Balboa: “If he does not come back welcome to the next phase of Green Bay Packer football and it won’t be pretty. That is the way it goes folks”.

      If that happens, we’ll be disappointed for many seasons, tho perhaps have less angst.


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