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Blaska goes to the dark side

and he wants it painted black! Lights out, shades drawn for Aaron Rodgers here at the Stately Manor. Iconoclastic, suffering no fools, immunized against B.S. Sure, he’s got a chip on his shoulder but it’s a blue chip, with terabytes … Continue reading

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Time to PANIC!

Run for your lives! Save yourselves! Now Chik-fil-A is out of sauce! We’ve always wanted to write a headline like that in our newspaper print days. Break off in mid-sentence and leave a lot of unfinished white space. Despair is … Continue reading

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What should the Packers do about Aaron Rodgers?

Trade him or bench him? Professional football’s most valuable player is unhappy with management at 1265 Lombardi Avenue, Green Bay WI. So is one of the owners of the team who also owns a highly unprofitable blogging operation. O.K., Aaron Rodgers … Continue reading

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Don’t tell Nancy P. but America is great!

Hooray for Trump’s retribution and if you don’t mind, America will take a victory lap If Pope Francis can ordain married priests in the Amazon perhaps he could make Kayla Mueller a saint, whether or not she was Catholic. The … Continue reading

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