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Paul Fanlund won’t jump through any hoops

for some write-in candidates, for others it’s: c’mon down! It’s their party and The Capital Times can freeze out Blaska from its school board candidate debate next Tuesday 03-15-22 if it wants. But what a difference three years can make! … Continue reading

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Teachers were respected before CRT

Thanks for the reminder, Dave Zweifel! Awoke this beautiful Sunday morning in late February wondering what precious pearls the Head Groundskeeper of the Werkes would share with his panting public. He began the day with a stout cuppa joe and … Continue reading

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An editor & publisher at age 7

Start the presses! The most recent editor of the Wisconsin State Journal is moving upstairs to a job at corporate hdq. Jason Adrians, we hardly knew ye. Isn’t that the case with every newspaper editor and publisher these days? Who … Continue reading

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Got crime? Who you gonna call?

If not the police?  Now, The Capital Times wants more kids to be suspended from school? More troublemakers kicked out? NOW? In the wake of two student walk-outs, “East High students are absolutely right to pressure the Madison school district … Continue reading

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A sick and twisted progressive hit job

Politics of the personal Sometime soon, Dave Zweifel will write about the good old days when Democrats and Republicans could sit down and get blotto together at the old Congress Bar off Madison’s Capitol Square. If the editor emeritus asks … Continue reading

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Thank you, all-powerful teachers union!

Now get your shine box! My journalism alma mater, The Capital Times, flatters itself that it speaks truth to power, that hoary old cliché. We’ll believe it when they stop kowtowing (beautiful word) to  the all-powerful teachers union, Madison Teachers … Continue reading

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