Got crime? Who you gonna call?

If not the police? 

Now, The Capital Times wants more kids to be suspended from school? More troublemakers kicked out? NOW?

In the wake of two student walk-outs, “East High students are absolutely right to pressure the Madison school district on sexual assaults,” Dane County’s progressive voice editorializes.

Impose “sanctions for perpetrators of sexual assault on or off campus from suspension to expulsion,” the publication demands.

→ Even if the “perpetrators” are over-represented by racial identity?

Invest in Cops 12-17-19

This ain’t passing notes in class

Pardon us for broaching the sticky matter of due process. Would the “perpetrator” be allowed a self defense? If not a jury trial in criminal court, what tribunal? Would the Madison school board take evidence? Hear testimony? At what point does the school district pre-empt the criminal justice system? Wisconsin law provides for four degrees of sexual assault, the first three of which are felonies.

Even misdemeanor fourth-degree sexual assault, which entails what we used to call “petting” — except non-consensual, pulls nine months in the county jail and/or fines up to $10,000.

We ask these pesky questions because The Capital Times demands the all-progressive Madison school board devise “clear protocols for every student on how to report incidents both on and off district property.

“On or off campus”? To whom does the victim report? School principal? If one proposed reporting a crime to police (as we did here) one would not be a Woke progressive. We nominate school board president Ali Muldrow. She wanted the police gone. She can take their calls.

More cop bashing from progressives

“In her brilliant new book, The Second: “Race and guns in a fatally unequal America,” Emory University professor Carol Anderson offers a constitutional history that exposes how the Second Amendment “was designed and has consistently been constructed to keep African Americans powerless and vulnerable.” — John Nichols in The Capital Times.

Chickens have come home

… and they are roosting. We understand that the incident that provoked the Madison high school walk-outs occurred at a party on private property. The students are apprehensive that the alleged perp still walks the halls.

Students don’t feel safe,” one of the student organizers told the news media. Might students feel a tad safer if a uniformed Madison police officer were walking the same halls? But The Capital Times helped chase Cops Out of Schools, part of BLM’s larger Defund the Police movement.

We suspect that the alleged sexual assault was only the trigger, that students are roiling from more pervasive disorder. Anyone remember students protesting lack of safety before this school year? Blaska ran for school board two years ago on a platform of returning control of the classroom to teachers and schools to principals. With no school resource police officers, no one is in a position of authority, any more.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Bad enough too many young people are not learning self-discipline at home. A tragedy that Madison won’t teach it at school. Another way that Woke progressivism victimizes the most vulnerable.

Can you think of other ways
Woke progessivism victimizes the most vulnerable?

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29 Responses to Got crime? Who you gonna call?

  1. fritzderkat says:

    Give ’em hell, Dave. You told them so.


  2. georgessson says:

    Well, kinda apropos, if’n ya think kids these days are: A. Bucklin’ down to schoolwork, or: B. Doin’ whatever they feel “OK” with, even in school…

    Newly released data from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction shows fewer Madison Municipal School District students scored at proficient and advanced levels on all tests compared to the state average. Again…

    “On the Forward assessment, which is given to students grades 3-8, less than TWENTY % of students scored at proficient and advanced levels in English Language Arts compared to almost THIRTY-FOUR % of students statewide.

    SEVENTEEN % of students scored at those levels in Math compared to almost THIRTY-FOUR % statewide.

    On the ACT Aspire test, given to 9th and 10 graders, SEVENTEEN % of students scored at proficient and advanced levels in ELA compared to THIRTY-TWO % statewide.”

    Yep, Conventional Wisdom says be ever vigilant & yer head onna swivel in school, never mind education….


  3. Normwegian says:



  4. Mordecai The Red says:

    Terrific—let’s have high school administrators handle all alleged sexual assaults by their students in kangaroo courts. The colleges did such a great job of that after the Obama administration’s Dear Colleague letter. The Crapital Times could run their own investigative journalism column on the alleged assaults and the show trials that follow. They could and would hire Sabrina Rubin Erdely to write it.


  5. Attila says:

    If you think it’s bad now, just wait until the BLM and progressive Dane radicals instruct their sheep on the council to destruct the Madison police department.

    Happy to be out of Mafidon.

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    • Liberty says:

      Madison is one of the centers of Progressive sickness, but don’t think for a minute that it’s contained here. It’s already seeping out into the suburbs and even the rural areas.

      None of us can afford to be complacent wherever we may happen to live. The radicals were able to gain control because most people weren’t paying attention.

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      • jimydandy says:

        True. my little burg is now infested by woke white peepoo escaping Madistan and bringing their Marxist way with them and infecting their new surrounding like the Shanghai shivers.


        • Mark Lemberger says:

          Mine isn’t.


        • Liberty says:

          Limousine liberals are usually the first to leave after they’ve made their messes. They could care less that they’ve destroyed the place and left casualties (the same people they claim to care about) in their wake. Then they start the same broken down cycle in the new city.

          Some are true believers, others are phonies and opportunists, while others are either too stupid or arrogant to see the error of their own ways.

          The word “infested” describes it quite nicely.

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        • Liberty says:

          Mark, you still can’t get complacent. Sometimes the changes are subtle..


      • AdamC says:

        This is so true… wish I could warn every small town in Wisconsin (or even all of America):

        BEWARE recent arrivals from Progressive hellholes who immediately want to get “involved” in community organizations who start loudly advocating for “equity to address our history of racism” and squawking “we need more diversity around here”.

        They will RUIN your community and create division, dissension, and pit people against each other almost for sport.

        Watch and listen carefully!

        (Of course when I escape Madison for a smaller area community, I’ll have to figure out a way to assure that I’m not an aggressive activist coming to “dismantle and tear down your systems of oppression”…. mainly I mind my own business and pay dues.)

        Again — watch out for loud new people moving in agitating aggressively for “changes around here” and “inclusion”. They will ruin a community.

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        • Liberty says:

          Spot on, Adam. I also recommend paying attention to who’s running for school board and other seats that people usually don’t pay attention to.

          “Of course when I escape Madison for a smaller area community, I’ll have to figure out a way to assure that I’m not an aggressive activist.”

          That’s been on my mind too. I don’t want people to hear that I’m from Madison and automatically fear that I’m a Progressive.


  6. Sheppy says:

    Big fight involving over 100 students and parents at Madison East today according to Channel 3000….


  7. georgessson says:

    I’m guessin’ East HS administration felt no urgency to report a potential problem -B4 or during the accumulation of miscreants (juvenile and adult). LEO’s actually had TWO opportunities to confront/investigate troublemakers but let them slip away. Even tho the colors of the vehicles were well noted… All in all, not great day for Readin’, ‘Ritin’ and ‘Rithmetic… Why wait for the new 2021 DPI stats to come out, this school year’s already an educational disaster.


    • Liberty says:

      I blame it on the lack of support from the mayor, city council, and yes, even police command. The department hasn’t been the same ever since Wahl took over and it’s been sliding downward ever since.

      This is not to say I don’t support LE or individual officers, because I have a huge level of respect for them. The politics both externally AND internally in departments is destroying the profession. We are on our own.

      “LEO’s actually had TWO opportunities to confront/investigate troublemakers but let them slip away.”


      • richard lesiak says:

        The real problem is the two faced politicians. Scream about crime; but let people run around with guns. No license, no training, nothing. Kids are trained in school for active shooters; but the shooters can carry a concealed weapon with no over-site. Get your story straight or shut up. If you support cops ask them about it. You claim to respect cop[s, but you think nothing about putting them in danger.


        • Liberty says:

          Most guns used in the commission of crimes are acquired through ILLEGAL means. This is from a LEO. Who do you think is committing the majority of crimes, Richard? Law-abiding citizens or those with criminal minds who could care less about rules and doing what’s right?

          Maybe YOU should be the one to talk to a cop and get YOUR story straight or shut the H up.

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        • Liberty says:

          By the way, Richard, as leftists continue with their idiotic policies of coddling criminals and defunding police departments, the sales of legally acquired guns WILL continue to skyrocket. Get used to it.

          Question, Richard: People are being killed with knives and cars. Should we outlaw those too?


        • David Blaska says:

          Guess who taught my concealed carry class? Retired lieutenant from Madison police and retired sergeant from Dane County sheriff. No one is “letting people run around with guns. Police apprehended Katoine Richardson because guns were forbidden to him under court order.

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        • Good Dog, Happy Man says:


          I learned gun safety/marksmanship at our local Parks & Recreation Community Center. We shot .38 S&W Police Specials. Wouldn’t it be great if Madison Metropolitan School-Community Recreation Department, MSCR, offered a similar class for all citizens?

          I’m not in favor of MORE gun control, … but better gun control.
          The standard should be strict. A 6″ grouping from 30′ would be optimal.

          Lefties are wrong, blaming guns for violence is like blaming spoons for Satya’s obesity.
          Like her, most Makistanis are one snack cracker away from a Happy Meal.



  8. Bill Cleary says:

    Well I see that Katoine Richardson, he was involved with the altercation that ended up with the officer shot on State Street, got bail reduced and bonded out of jail. Oh and then there is Kerida O’Reilly who lead the attack on Democrat State Senator Tim Carpenter who was apparently not woke enough to stay out of the way of the mob that tore Miss Forward down and got beat up for taking pictures of the riot. And if it gets boring on your side of town, there is always a good chance that there will be a large fight like the one at East High School that involved parents as well as students.

    But hey, let’s defund the police!! That will solve all our problems!

    They say that Stupid is as Stupid does. You vote Stupid, you get Stupid results.

    After looking at the abysmal test scores from the students in the MMSD compared to the students in the rest of the state one can only wonder just how bad things will get. Forward Assessment as well as the ACT tests reveal a true lack of english and math skills of MMSD students.

    Paying your taxes for the “privilege” of living in this town is like pissing your money down the drain. The “woke” among us have come to solve societies problems with the best of intentions but we have seen little to nothing in the way of POSITIVE RESULTS from all of their socialist schemes and all the money we the taxpayers have poured down the drain.

    In fact, we have gone backward, not forward.


  9. Batman says:

    Good stuff Dogman, but I have one tiny quibble with your post.
    You cannot in good conscience blame Steve (spoons) for Satya consuming considerably more than her fair share. Inside sources attribute that to her chronic addiction to Little *Debbie* Snack Cakes.


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