Are Madison schools exempt from state law?

The answer is No (btw) because
assault and battery is still a crime! 

Wisconsin law is clear. If violence breaks out in school, you call the police and you call them first thing.

Madison’s public schools violated state statue when it did not call in the police after an East high school sophomore was pummeled by two assailants as he sat at his desk. We’re not the only ones to notice. Retired UW Law School prof Ann of Althouse asked, “Why don’t schools call the police when crimes are committed in school?

We answered her question at our blogge headlined “School discipline plan omits police, rewards analysis paralysis:” Madison WI schools have declared War on Police.

Again we post the flow chart of the school district’s critical response plan. A starving mouse would go dizzy in this bureaucratic maze. See if you can find where it says Call the Police. In fact, the first step reads: “Central Office Notified.”

Madison Metro District policy


Get a closer look here at page 49

As a corrective, the Werkes offers this simplified version that even school board president Ali Muldrow might understand.

Blaska’s simplified & legal version

Blaska's School Safety Plan

Wisconsin law is clear:

Call the police first, notify the bureaucrats later.

WI Statute 118.07(4)(bm)— A school safety plan shall include all of the following: … 3. Guidelines and procedures to address school violence and attacks, threats of school violence and attacks, bomb threats, fire, weather-related emergencies, intruders, parent-student reunification, and threats to non-classroom events, including recess, concerts and other performances, athletic events, and any other extracurricular activity or event.

WI Statute 118.07(4)(cm)— Neither a school board nor a governing body of a private school may include in a school safety plan any of the following:

1. A requirement for an employee to contact a school administrator, school official, or any other person before calling the telephone number “911.”
2. A prohibition against an employee reporting school violence or a threat of school violence directly to a law enforcement agency.
3. A prohibition against an employee reporting a suspicious individual or activity directly to a law enforcement agency.

Removing the double negatives, it says: call 911 first.

Madison public schools broke the law 

The mother of the battered sophomore tells WMTV-15 News that the school district didn’t even notify her, much less call the gendarmes.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Send Blaska’s simplified critical response plan to Ali Muldrow and the school board.

Are YOU willing to make Madison’s schools safer?

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12 Responses to Are Madison schools exempt from state law?

  1. One eye says:

    MMSD will make no changes unless they are sued over the incident.
    I hope it happens.


  2. Attila says:

    I agree 100%. If the Robinson family received millions from a settlement (and may have already burned through it), for something an officer was cleared of, THIS is legit and I HOPE an attorney steps up for the right thing, for a change.

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  3. Liberty says:

    Nice work, Dave. Shameful that Channel 15 seems to be the only outlet covering this in depth.

    Do you think MMSD and the school board will be held accountable in a meaningful way, receive a criminal citation, etc.?

    Any indication that the parents will sue?


    • David Blaska says:

      They are supposedly filing a complaint with the police but Blaska has gone down that road before and was left in the ditch. Ozanne won’t prosecute. I’m trying to hook up the parents with WI Institute for law & Liberty.


      • Liberty says:

        Thanks for taking this on. I’ll gladly donate to an attorney’s fund if needed. Please keep us posted.


      • Normwegian says:

        I hope the parents, in the interest of their kid, agrees to have WILL pursue this. They will have “standing.”


  4. AdamC says:

    Call it what it is: INSURRECTION!!!

    ARREST the school board!


  5. madtownforsure says:

    Those resource officers will be in school shortly, the right kid has to get harmed even more than this kid, and, oh yes it will happen. Matter of time.


  6. Mordecai The Red says:

    So, how on earth did something this blatantly illegal make it into school policy? Surely the school’s lawyer reviews these things before they get enacted, right? And surely that same lawyer is knowledgeable about state statues governing schools, right? And if not, what are our taxes really paying for here? This sort of negligence gets licenses stripped in my profession.


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