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Girls are not the only ones who just want to have fun!

Death by a thousand administrators! No college experience is complete without at least a little Animal House excess. The statute of limitations having expired years ago, the Head Groundskeeper recalls Harvey Roesler’s Wapatoolie parties. (Harvey was one of our predecessors … Continue reading

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Judicial milk and cookies for Madison’s frequent fliers

Who’s in YOUR backyard! Look sharp, readers! Make sure car doors are locked and crash air bags working! Tavion J. Flowers, the gift that keeps on taking, is back on the mean streets of Madison! Sprung from the Dane County … Continue reading

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Freeing Katoine from jail isn’t free

Blame the police and the news media! This being the Emerald City, there are several “Free Katoine” movements afoot. Katoine Richardson is the 19-year-old with three felony bail jumpings prohibited from possessing a weapon and under a court curfew. (More … Continue reading

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Are Madison schools exempt from state law?

The answer is No (btw) because assault and battery is still a crime!  Wisconsin law is clear. If violence breaks out in school, you call the police and you call them first thing. Madison’s public schools violated state statue when … Continue reading

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Brazen car thieves are ignoring speed limits!

Can’t they read? (Well, maybe they really can’t) It’s like passing that ordinance early in Reagan’s term proclaiming Madison WI a nuclear-free zone. That’s how the Head Groundskeeper feels about the signage on S. Whitney Way announcing, in solar-powered electricity, … Continue reading

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Bringing a gun to a knife fight

Not so sweet 16 About that 16-year-old girl named Ma’Khia who tried to stab to death another black teenage girl in Columbus OH Tuesday 04-20-21. Ah, the good ol’ days. Philip Klein in National Review remembers how he spent his benighted … Continue reading

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