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Are Madison schools exempt from state law?

The answer is No (btw) because assault and battery is still a crime!  Wisconsin law is clear. If violence breaks out in school, you call the police and you call them first thing. Madison’s public schools violated state statue when … Continue reading

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Brazen car thieves are ignoring speed limits!

Can’t they read? (Well, maybe they really can’t) It’s like passing that ordinance early in Reagan’s term proclaiming Madison WI a nuclear-free zone. That’s how the Head Groundskeeper feels about the signage on S. Whitney Way announcing, in solar-powered electricity, … Continue reading

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Bringing a gun to a knife fight

Not so sweet 16 About that 16-year-old girl named Ma’Khia who tried to stab to death another black teenage girl in Columbus OH Tuesday 04-20-21. Ah, the good ol’ days. Philip Klein in National Review remembers how he spent his benighted … Continue reading

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Spend that Biden stimulus money on saving Madison’s gang bangers

The infrastructure we really need It is a beautiful Easter Sunday this April 4th, temperatures in the 70°s F a second straight day. But one wonders if, along with the crocuses, those pop-up memorials to the dead will sprout on … Continue reading

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Get your mind right at Madison public schools

Deep mindsets wanted! Two years of intimidation worked when Madison city and school officials last year (2020) expelled police from its four main public high schools. A good, progressive F-bombing of school board president Gloria Reyes at her private residence … Continue reading

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Hoist the white flag over Madison schools

Did you screw up? Blame the pandemic! It’s the all-purpose scapegoat. Some blame coronavirus for the insurrection at the nation’s Capitol 01-06-21. Madison’s school board president blames the Wuhan woo woo for the “dearth of candidates” running in this spring’s … Continue reading

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