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Too much diverting; not enough prosecuting

Prison saves lives At some point, you have to channel Joseph Welch, the white-shoe Boston lawyer who upbraided Joe McCarthy during the Army-McCarthy Hearings in 1954. “At long last,  have you no no sense of decency?” Haven’t you done enough … Continue reading

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Kaleem Caire tried to help accused killer of Anisa Scott

‘I could see this day coming.’ ‘Neither of his parents were responsible enough to care for him.’ Kaleem Caire is former president of Madison Urban League, ran for school board in 2019, and now runs One City Schools, an independent … Continue reading

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‘Please stop, I have a kid on the way,’ parent pleads with car jackers

at 3:45 in the afternoon! “Please stop, I have a kid on the way,” the expectant father was pleading with the driver of a car. He was hanging onto the open passenger window as the car was dragging him down … Continue reading

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