Get your mind right at Madison public schools

Deep mindsets wanted!

Two years of intimidation worked when Madison city and school officials last year (2020) expelled police from its four main public high schools. A good, progressive F-bombing of school board president Gloria Reyes at her private residence did the trick (recounted here).

The Madison school board then did its own take on Lewis Carroll. Cops out of our schools first, develop a safety plan second. 

The seven members are meeting at 5 p.m. today, Monday, 15 February 2021 to vote on recommendations of the Safety and Security Ad Hoc Committee. Good luck trying to sign on to the Zoom meeting.

Would you be surprised to learn that the committee charged with developing a safety plan comes to the board with no such thing? What is actually proposed is less a safety plan than a virtue-signaling exercise in cop traumatic syndrome.

mind control

How deep is your mindset?

Big on restorative justice

Proposed is a “Superintendent’s Advisory Committee”  to include newly hired restorative justice coordinators, families, and students “to develop a plan for enhancing youth and community roles relating to safety.”

In other words, the safety plan is that MMSD will develop a safety plan. There’s one more category of membership: “community partners.” Can you say: “Freedom Inc.”? Restorative justice isn’t free. The restorators shall be “paid a stipend” of unspecified amount, course credit for the students, child care, and interpreters.

The plan for a plan is a hive of progressive buzz words:

The result of this process should be a holistic 3-5 year plan for holistic implementation of restorative justice in MMSD that draws on the input and knowledge shared in these ad hoc meetings (including the need for deep mindset and belief work).

People with “deep mindsets” drive us crazy! What is “belief work” unless it is faith-based progressive dogma? Means that school staff will need a good deprogramming so that (like Cool Hand Luke) they get their minds right.

We recommend that the Board go through an intensive restorative justice training together at some point in the next six months.

Unruly kid threatens safety?

“Empower” [ buzz, buzz, buzz ] “students to identify school staff who they trust who can support their dignity.” Lest teachers and staff be insufficiently cowed:

Include ways that students can hold adults accountable, as well as ways that adults within buildings can hold each other accountable at all levels of the power. 

If this safety plan fails and some redneck calls in the gendarmes, impose:

A structured debriefing process …  and examination of what could have been done proactively to avoid involving law enforcement. We recommend this include a meaningful framework for holding adults accountable.

And ask the mischievous young rascal what s/he thinks!

Running the asylum

Not good enough for Freedom Inc. They want total control, exercised through one over-all directorate composed of  six youth “advocates:”

Who have been impacted by policing, criminalization, and/or school discipline practices. Include two parents “impacted by police violence, police harassment, and/or criminalization. Two more … trusted adults excluding … law enforcement. These trusted adults will be selected by the youth on the committee.

All under the direction of a seventh member: Freedom Inc. They would have: 

Complete decision making power over school safety … including abolishing any existing disciplinary policies … [and to]  determine [when] police are permitted on school grounds.

If Freedom Inc.’s Directorate of troubled kids so wishes, it could decide “that the teacher be placed on leave or fired.” 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: It could be worse. Given there are only two candidates on the ballot tor the two seats on the board this Spring: it will be. The two are Progressive Dane.

You think maybe Madison’s public schools shouldn’t be opened up, after all?

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18 Responses to Get your mind right at Madison public schools

  1. Steve says:


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  2. Normwegian says:

    Let’s just turn over the school system to Freedom, Inc., M.Adams, and the rest of the perpetually offended. Thing can’t get any worse, can they?

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    • Good Dog,Happy Man says:

      Tings can’t get any verse, Norm? I tink dey can. Giving control to Freedom Inc. is a very bad idea. It vud be like giving vhiskey and da car keys to 16 year-old boys.
      (H/T: P.J. O’Rourke)

      Ole quoted an old Norveegun Proverb, “Smile, … tings could get verse.”
      So I smiled, … and sure enuff, … tings got verse.



  3. Liberty says:

    Are there any adults left in the room?

    Any school board member, elected official, or vested adult with a lick of sense who doesn’t push back against any of this is weak. What happened to Carusi and Schmidt? Reyes should know better. What happened to her was scary, yes. Instead of surrendering, she should have demanded police detail. Time for someone to stand up.

    And schools remain closed. We don’t want to anger the teachers’ unions now, do we.

    Does ANYONE actually care about what’s best for the kids and not themselves or their own ambitions? Is it too much to ask to find an elected official who has the courage to do the right thing?

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Madison’s schools could open next week. All they have to do is copy what private and parochial schools have been doing for months: staying open while keeping students and teachers safe and healthy. Of course, doing so would expose the fact that schools in Madison operate at the whim of the unions and the lunatics on the school board. What’s truly sad is that so many parents are apparently willing to sacrifice their children’s mental and emotional health as well as their academic progress in the name of promulgating progressive “ideals.”

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      • AdamC says:

        And the womxn of colour of the Madison school board are willing to cede their authority to the white teachers union, instead of pushing schools to reopen when “the science” shows they can safely AND keeping them closed into year 2 is seriously harming all students but especially minorities. The achievement gap has widened dramatically and some marginalized students may NEVER catch up.

        All of this is apparently ok with the folx of colour running Madison public schools.

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        • Liberty says:

          “The achievement gap has widened dramatically and some marginalized students may NEVER catch up.”

          And few seem to care!

          If you truly care about minority students, you do everything in your power to make sure they succeed. And that starts with a good education, not blaming “white privilege”.

          Kids could do better than this group of selfish, self-serving, spineless group of adults. Blaska is one of the few who actually cares. Shame.

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        • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

          ” ‘The achievement gap has widened dramatically and some marginalized students may NEVER catch up.’ ”

          So you’re saying that Black LIES Matter, Systemic RAYcism lurking behind every tree, and VictimHoodie curricula isn’t a suitable substitute for readin’, writin’, and figurin’?

          The Gotch

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      • Liberty says:

        “What’s truly sad is that so many parents are apparently willing to sacrifice their children’s mental and emotional health as well as their academic progress in the name of promulgating progressive “ideals.”

        My thoughts exactly! I get that standing up to the mob is hard, but is that fear really more powerful than doing what’s in your child’s best interest?


  4. georgessson says:

    Just read in detail: the “Proposed Recommendations to Board of Education” – PDF. —This is ‘xactly why I drinks a bit…

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  5. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    America’s largest teacher’s union, the NEA, has endorsed the Marxist BLM. (Burn, Loot, Murder), curricula, i.e., defund police, disrupt nuclear families, and replace individualism with socialism. It’s straightforward political indoctrination, you must obey, no objection allowed. It’s meant to teach students what to think, not how to think, ignores most literacy and skills-based instruction, and aims to turn children into future activists who will carry their political agenda into the future.

    If you can read this, thanks your parents, or a teacher.
    If you can’t read this, ……… thank a teacher’s union.

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  6. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Because black students were being disciplined at a higher rate than other students, MTI abandoned having ANY discipline policy. That wasn’t good for a normal student. Why should he have to run a hallway gauntlet of rowdy, foul-mouthed bullies just to get to his next class?

    Freedom Inc. saying that MMSD “is more invested in locking up youth than unlocking their minds” is a blithely cavalier cliche. This Leftist talking point is not only terribly irresponsible and untrue, but extremely demoralizing to the hard-working educators who have dedicated their lives to teaching children.

    Dr. Thomas Sowell weighed in, … heavily, “It’s not that Johnny can’t READ, … it’s that Johnny can’t THINK. No good can come to any group from removing the expectations of normal societal behavior.”

    This is most certainly true.

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  7. pANTIFArts says:

    “God made the Idiot for practice, and then He made the School Board”.
    –Mark Twain– Left school after the 5th grade to pursue “Autodidacticism”. (If you are a member of the progressive Teacher’s Union, you probably won’t know what that means.)

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  8. Bill says:

    What a bunch of tripe. What a disservice to the young Black and Brown boys and girls that are in our City of Madison School system. So we hold no one accountable for his or her actions and what will that do for them in their later life?

    Look, if you believe as I do that every person is created by their Creator with a spark of divinity in them, then you have to treat that person as an individual. If you treat them as a member of a group then you spit in the face of our Creator. Giving people a pass on their behaviors because of their skin color is exactly what the people in the south did for white people who assaulted black people for many years.

    One only has to look at people like Henry Louis Gates Jr. or Morgan Freeman or even former President Barak Obama and compare their intelligence to my white working class mind and could see within a minute that they are WAY, WAY smarter than I am or ever will be. (That doesn’t mean that I would agree with any or all of those people on every subject but I certainly would be willing to listen to their point of view.) I could go on and name dozens of people of all races creeds and colors, male or female who are way smarter and wealthier than I am.

    I have had the very distinct pleasure of working for and with people of color who are smarter than me.

    The problem in this country is that the teachers unions control the money. I say let the money follow the child and you will see the crummy schools close and much, much better ones open for all of our children.

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  9. fjaeckle says:

    Sounds like a deeply thought out plan that will surely fail. I can’t fathom what might come next from our school board.


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