Gloria Reyes gives in

Intimidation works!

Five after days getting mau-maued by the social justice anarchists,  Gloria Reyes has capitulated. The Madison school board president becomes at least the fourth vote of the seven members in favor of Cops Out of School.  (“They’re in front of my house.”)

Gloria Reyes

Gloria Reyes

Considering the incidents of racial injustice that our nation has recently experienced, and as MMSD continues planning for the reopening of schools this fall, I recommend that the Board of Education incorporate a strategy of options to remove School Resource Officers (SROs) from our school buildings.

We will establish a board of education sub-committee including students, parents, teachers, and other stakeholders to begin work on a comprehensive review of what MMSD’s safety and security strategy could look like without SROs in schools.

That “our nation” has experienced, not Madison!

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  1. Mag says:

    I wonder….if we get a group to go to her home and scream at her to keep the SROs and put down flags with obscenities about the protestors in the middle of the night would she change her mind and keep the SROs. After all, that’s all it takes to change the mind of a coward like her. How else can you explain how she adamantly stated that SROs in schools are a good thing and that removing then would not cut down the calls for service only a few days ago. Madison is led by a bunch of scared cowards.

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