If they can, why can’t we?

A little paint and we’re in business

It is now legal in Madison WI to trespass on private property, to deface public property, to hold a parade without a permit, to violate pandemic social distancing rules, and to impede rush-hour traffic. Not just legal — effective!

Raw intimidation works! Especially when it is allowed to proceed unabated. We know the identity of the masterminds. The ring leaders display themselves in full view. They’re the ones with the bullhorns, directing traffic, exhorting the mob. They are immune from prosecution. This is Madison WI. The police will not arrest you, the district attorney will not prosecute, no judge will convict. Not if you’re on the side of Social Justice! 

Not a single high school principal has volunteered to be the one school to dismiss its school resource police officer. Not one parent organization. Not the NAACP, nor the Urban League, nor 100 Black Men. The school district has a contract with MPD through the end of the next school year, which puts school board president Gloria Reyes’ flip flop in question. Does she really want to Form A Study Commission? That’s bait for months more of anarchist disruption.

No matter. Madison has been cowed into submission by yet another false narrative: the murderous police officer.

What would happen if one brave soul, one maladjusted trouble maker, one counter protestor took a paint brush to Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. Call it a little editing. Call it vandalizing the vandalism. Call it free speech. Call it civil disobedience. Call it a profile in courage or social suicide in the super-heated atmosphere of progressive Madison. Call a lawyer.

Blaska Policy Werkes (and motorcycle repair) will provide the paint and brush. You provide the moxie. (If Blaska were 10 years younger. Running for school board was enough kamikaze for awhile.)

Your assignment, change one letter:


Fixed it!

Who’s crazy enough to do it?

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11 Responses to If they can, why can’t we?

  1. richard lesiak says:

    What do I think? I think you are all scared.


  2. Fred says:

    The teachers Union is on board, if the schools hire 39 more positions. Of course they will need to be members of MTI. What an ingenious way to increase dues payments. I wonder if the took a vote among their membership before changing their position? I suspect not.

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  3. Interesting idea.


    • Whatcha wanna bet who ever chose to do something like this would be physically assaulted while trying to change that one letter and smeared in a very viral video way as a racist.


      • Ed says:

        And arrested for inciting a riot. Especially if they wrote “defund BLM” or “Freedom,inc.”

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      • Good Dog,Happy Man says:

        I thought the same, Steve, “Defend The Police” is much more sane.

        Lefties have crossed the Rubicon of Reality , … there’s no going back.

        Have you noticed “social justice” has replaced “social distancing”?

        Mayor SC-R should put on her victimhoodie and wear her “social engineering” choo-choo cap.

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