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Madison anti-police alders are poised to defund!

A handy election-eve reminder of what progressives do. Those six extra Madison police officers proposed by the Mayor’s 2023 annual budget? They may get axed Monday evening at 4:30 p.m. 10-31-22 by the Finance Committee. Common Council President Keith Furman … Continue reading

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Bring social justice warriors to justice!

Return the head of Colonel Heg! Judging by the yard signs observed through the cleverly camouflaged Werkes mobile reconnaissance vehicle and 50 years of increasingly progressive voting history, Madison will vote Mandela Barnes, Tony Evers, and Josh Kaul this fall. … Continue reading

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Are Madison insurrectionists getting off lightly?

Compared to Trump’s January 6 rioters! When Dostoevsky wrote about crime, he made certain to include punishment. Sure could use a man like Dostoevsky in Madison WI these days. (Or even Herbert Hoover, as Edith and Archie would sing.) The … Continue reading

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Tony Evers gets softened up

Sī vīs pācem, parā bellum, the Roman philosopher advised. “If you want peace, prepare for war.” The philosopher of Stately Blaska Manor amends that advice: “If you want peace, put plenty of law enforcement boots on the ground.” We’ve said before, … Continue reading

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Can we elect a sheriff who won’t stand down?

Will Dane County vote for safety?  Blaska will remain a cockeyed optimist until bitter experience beats it out of him. But we are kids-at-recess excited about this November! Not just Congress or the Wisconsin governor’s mansion but prospects here in … Continue reading

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Barr: Tony Evers dithered during the Kenosha insurrection

Bill Barr is nobody’s fool!  Bill Barr has always called them like he sees them. The former attorney general didn’t mind pissing off progressives by criticizing the politically selective Mueller investigation. That’s just one example. Now he’s getting strange new … Continue reading

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