Bring social justice warriors to justice!

Return the head of Colonel Heg!

Judging by the yard signs observed through the cleverly camouflaged Werkes mobile reconnaissance vehicle and 50 years of increasingly progressive voting history, Madison will vote Mandela Barnes, Tony Evers, and Josh Kaul this fall. The Peoples’ Republic has a soft spot for soft-on-crime Democrats. How many hundreds has Tony pardoned? (Wisconsin Right Now is tabulating.)

We also predict that the new UW chancellor, Jennifer Mnookin of the North, will at no time restore either the 42-ton Chamberlin Rock or the good name of Fredric March — both implausibly accused of racism. By whom?

Col. Heg was an abolitionist who died fighting slavery in the Civil War.

By scammers like Rodney Alexander Clendening, age 36, of Beloit. Clendening is scheduled to go on trial Monday 10-17-22 for felony theft. He’s accused of stealing the head of the toppled Colonel Heg statue the riotous night of 06-23-20 following the arrest of another social justice warrior, Devonere Johnson, that afternoon. Miss Forward’s statue on the other end of the Capitol grounds was also taken down, windows in the State Capitol smashed, the City-County Building fire-bombed, a state legislator and a passing motorist beaten — all while law enforcement was ordered to stand down. Althea Bernstein staged her fake racist attack the same night.

Devonere Johnson is the “Black Jesus” who extorted restaurateurs downtown with a baseball bat and a bullhorn, demeaning they “Venmo me the money” in the cause of racial justice or get trashed. It was his arrest at on Mifflin Street in front of Coopers Tavern that ignited the riot, thanks only to a Trump-appointed federal prosecutor. While resisting justice, the perp thought to exclaim “I can’t breathe,” which had resonance given George Floyd’s expiration in Minneapolis the previous month. That very day, Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway and Ald. Tag Evers demanded Johnson’s immediate release.

Back to Clendening. He demands a jury trial. Only two days before the nefarious decapitation, the defendant outlined his plans, thereby proving intent. To an appreciative audience, no less. (Forget it, Jake. It’s Madison.)

Two days before Heg was toppled, Clendening stood on a table outside that very same Coopers Tavern and barked this announcement into a bullhorn:

If you don’t take that statue down, you better pay somebody to stand there so we can take him and that statue down. If there are any monuments in this city that you know about that  represent the systemic oppression that we been through that represents times of slavery … you better take it down because as soon as I hear about it, it’s coming down. … 

Clendening continues: “We bringing the action and we’re starting with Abraham Lincoln right at the university where you bring black students who got to see this shit.” At which point a young woman called Tatiana takes the bullhorn and yells, “We’ve been asking for that fucking statue to be taken down for years. … This whole city, this whole state is on stolen land. … Take it down!” (BTW: That’s Devonere Johnson in the lower left corner.)

Col. Heg did more for social justice than a thousand BLM poseurs.

At least, we think Clendening will show for trial 10 days hence. A Dane County court commissioner freed him on $500 signature bond and he’s already skipped one hearing. This case has been pending since January 2021. Also, he’s not allowed on Capitol grounds, if that matters. 

Blaska Bottom Line: A timely reminder a few weeks before the November 8 mid-term elections that all this chaos occurred under progressive Democrat(ic) party hegemony. BTW: The statue’s original head was never returned.

Couldn’t Clendening be ordered no closer than 20 feet
from any statue?

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9 Responses to Bring social justice warriors to justice!

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    I suspect that if this miserable little thug shows up for his trial, he’ll provide Madison with a version of the antics currently being performed in a Waukesha courtroom by the guy who will guarantee Ron Johnson’s re-election. Meanwhile Madison’s elected officials will engage in a marathon of hand-wringing over the “systemic racism” and “white privilege” that caused him to lash out at a system that failed to value him. If he’s sentenced to anything but probation, I’ll faint dead away.


  2. Wm. Tyroler says:

    I’m inclined to say that Madisonians deserve the officials they elect — if the electorate want to put up with repeated destruction of State Street and highway shutdowns, that’s their problem. But Capitol Square, very much including the Heg statue, belongs to all of us. What the authorities allowed to happen is despicable. Satya is beyond electoral rebuke, but Evers isn’t, and he ought to be held accountable.

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Thanks for sharing that lovely photo; it demonstrates perfectly the ongoing war between beauty (in this case the beauty of art) the bestial barbarians who are compelled by their base natures and their fanatical ideology to destroy it.


  3. A Party of One says:

    So where is Heg’s head? Is it somewhere in Lake Monona? Or buried in his backyard?


  4. Bill Cleary says:

    To me it is truly sad that one is lead to believe that the future lies in only ones imagination.

    To see the future is to understand the past.

    At one time, a great cost in both blood and sacrifice was made to free the slaves in America. Yet today, there is no respect for those who sacrificed their lives in order to do so.

    Those who ignore the past do so at their own peril. They simply do not understand the implications of the sacrifice that was made by many good and humble men to make sure that our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence were meant for all people regardless of their race, color or creed.

    To me, the Civil War was really a war that defined right from wrong. It was our ideological and spiritual war that made it clear that to harm one human based on his or her race was wrong in any case.

    Wrong is wrong, Right is Right, no matter what the race color or creed.

    I fear that is something that many have forgotten in our modern times.


  5. Mark Lemberger says:

    The Hans Heg Headhunter can claim precedent when small paul soglin tore the memorial plaque off the marker of Confederate dead in Madison.
    Can the headhunter be forced to explain his animus to Col. Heg?
    Where is the original head?
    What was the cost to rehabilitate the statue?
    What is in the head hunter’s wallet?


    • Wm. Tyroler says:

      Nice connection to Soglin’s dead-of-the-night monument destruction. Here’s some background courtesy of Althouse:; And as might be expected, our esteemed host has covered the subject, incisively and at some length:

      For what it’s worth, I thought that Soglin arguably lacked authority to do what he did. Forest Hill comes within the writ of the city Parks Division, which is controlled by the Board of Park Commissioners. “The Board of Park Commissioners (BPC) is the policy-making and recommending body for the Parks Division and consists of seven members: five appointed residents and two Alders. The BPC governs, manages, controls, improves and cares for all … cemetery (sic, at least if there’s more than one),” So, it’s somewhat curious to me that Soglin acted by fiat instead of going through the Park Commission. Madison being Madison, apparently no-one cared that the mayor flouted the law in service to monument-toppling.


      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        Acting “by fiat” is second nature to Madison’s liberal elites. Who’s going to contradict them? Soglin was motivated by a desire to join every other liberal-dominated city in tearing down “racist” monuments. Since Madison didn’t have one, he found the nearest substitute, thereby enabling Madison’s puny voice to join the national chorus. (For the latest example of the left’s government-by-fiat, see Biden’s student loan forgiveness travesty.)


  6. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    OT, and with all due respect, but is Judge Jennifer Dorow, who’s presiding over the Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre trial, a Mega-Babe, or what?

    The Gotch

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