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Ald. Sheri Carter gives progressives what for!

Bombshell letter calls out Alds. Kemble, Presty Black council chief of staff tired of abuse, is quitting City employee surveys cite alders’ bullying Labor Day weekend letter from Madison Common Council president is just coming to light Dear Colleagues, I … Continue reading

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Put Blaska on the police oversight board!

No one is more Diverse! Like his idol Richard Nixon, the head groundskeeper of Blaska Policy Werkes is tanned, rested and ready. (Our phlebitis is under control.) Yes, we are jumping back into the political arena! We’re already going negative! … Continue reading

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Audio analysis of council meeting clears Ald. Skidmore

Reader Steve Witherspoon has conducted a sophisticated audio analysis of whether Ald. Paul Skidmore uttered the C-word during the last Madison Common Council meeting in the wee hours of Tuesday morning 09-02-2020, as alleged by his political opponent. (Covered here.) Steve … Continue reading

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Did Ald. Skidmore’s opponent create C-word controversy?

Madison’s Cancel Culture is fast actin’! A guy named Doug Hyant announced he’s running for Madison alder yesterday (09-03-2020), barely one day after Tuesday/Wednesday’s marathon Common Council meeting. What makes this development extra juicy is that Hyant, it appears, was the … Continue reading

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Madison’s self-hatred is so intense the city will eventually sue itself

 Welcome to Madison: ‘systemically racist, economically unequal, and sustained by police brutality’ This evening (09-01-2020) the Madison Common Council will address the rioting, fire-bombing, beatdowns, smashing and grabbing that has plagued Wisconsin’s capital city this long hot summer. NOT! Instead, … Continue reading

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Former mayor Cieslewicz: city leaders hamstring police; ignore fire-bombing

Former mayor Dave Cieslewicz can’t believe Satya and the Progressive Dane city council either. Excerpted from his post on Isthmus: Just as I hope that Leo Burt is one day brought to justice, I hope the same for those who … Continue reading

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