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Madison aldermanic redistricting considered 10-07-21

Could influence your next alder! UPDATE: Ad Hoc Redistricting Committee 10-07-21 unanimously recommends Map #7a. The Policy Werkes took the tarp off Ol’ Sparky, our Eisenhower-era mainframe computer, to consider the aldermanic redistricting maps under consideration. After whirring and chugging for … Continue reading

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Brazen car thieves are ignoring speed limits!

Can’t they read? (Well, maybe they really can’t) It’s like passing that ordinance early in Reagan’s term proclaiming Madison WI a nuclear-free zone. That’s how the Head Groundskeeper feels about the signage on S. Whitney Way announcing, in solar-powered electricity, … Continue reading

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Neighborhoods begin speaking out on public safety 

Fighting Mayor Satya’s threatened 5% cop defunding Addressed to Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway on 09-07-21: The Meadowood Neighborhood Assn opposes your plan to cut the Madison police department budget. In this last year, our neighborhood has experienced multiple shots fired … Continue reading

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UW Madison campus becoming danger zone

‘We were relieved to get our kids out of Chicago, but …’ The University of Wisconsin’s Madison campus was never a monastery. Often enough, the carillon bells on top of Observatory Drive get drowned out on football Saturdays, Mifflin Street … Continue reading

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Would more free stuff help?

Who will be the chosen ones? It’s coming to a city near you. One that looks very much like Madison WI. A guaranteed income for selected poor folk.  Not just any old low-income folk, but BIPOC! (That’s black, indigenous, people … Continue reading

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Did you know? Historic preservation is racist!

A Madison alder told us so  One of the more stupid, only-in-Madison proposals was an alder’s motion to jigger ordinances governing the height of buildings in order to preserve the view of Lake Mendota from a privately owned dwelling. That … Continue reading

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