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Isthmus let its anti-cop bias get in the way of a good story

Bad old boy cops not so bad, old, or male Kudos to Dylan Brogan of Madison’s Isthmus for persevering for an entire year before getting information out of the Madison Police about an incident involving officer Stephen Heimsness and a … Continue reading

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Imagine there are no races

It’s easy if you try … and the world will be as one Not enough homeless people are showing up to testify at Common Council meetings. Some people are “under-served” and “under-represented.” Who knew? And, more to the point, how do … Continue reading

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Dead bank robber is another victim with ‘unmet needs’

Money is protected by force of arms; children are not The aborted bank robbery on Madison’s far east side is what separates our liberal-progressive-socialists acquaintances from the rest of us. Thursday’s was the fourth robbery in 14 months at the … Continue reading

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Blame Big Gummint for the high cost of affordable housing

It’s called ‘distorting the market’  If you think housing is expensive now, wait until the City makes it “affordable.” Remember Madison’s “inclusionary zoning” fiasco of a few years ago? Ald. Brenda Konkel concocted a city ordinance mandating that developers set … Continue reading

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‘A dark and buried chapter’ of history revived at Confederates Rest

The great American tragedy is that half of what Grant gained at Appomattox was lost when he left office in 1877. Perhaps not even Lincoln could have reconciled Southern whites with their former slaves In the midst of Gorbachev’s glasnost, Russians … Continue reading

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The police study wanted to (in effect) disarm Madison police

Blaska Policy Werkes recommendation #1: Do not assault a police officer If the generals in Madison’s War on Cops had their way, police would be stripped of their sidearms and sent to restorative justice camps if they dared fight back … Continue reading

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