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Madison council rewrites history

Descendants of Confederate Rest dead would have a strong legal claim to contest removal of grave marker they paid for and was accepted by the City of Madison Forest Hill Cemetery is a National Historical site. Landmark Commission chairman Stuart … Continue reading

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Get the message? The world is full of victims! They’re everywhere!

Go Brewers! — Oh, is this Brewer bandwagon a fun ride! Guessing productivity suffered Monday in the upper Midwest but, here in Wisconsin, morale got a major boost. Beating the Cubs for the title? Priceless. Jesus Aguilar sent the right kind … Continue reading

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City of Madison poised to trash a grave stone

Where else has a gravestone been uprooted? (outside Jewish cemeteries in Nazi Germany, of course) Forget it, virtue signalers, it’s Madison — where an issue never dies, it only festers. The fate of the grave stone listing the 140 dead … Continue reading

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Maybe now the dead Confederates will be left to rest in peace

Catching up with history We think the Madison Council will move on Sorry to break this to you, but Blaska does not possess every super power. Yes, he has the amazing ability to look into the past. He possesses an … Continue reading

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Moral preening called out; Confederate Rest stone lives for another day

‘Hypocritical grandstanding’ Legendary Madison architect Kenton Peters put it to the chairman of the Landmarks Commission hard and often.  “Are you doing this,” Peters said of Stu Levitan’s about-face in favor of removing the memorial stone at Confederate Rest, “to … Continue reading

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Confederate Rest stone is ‘too big’ for Stu Levitan; it’s got to go

We’ll see you at 5 this afternoon (07-23-18) in Room 351 of the City County Bldg on Martin Luther Drive. That’s when the Landmark Commission meets.  Your stones are too small, Stu Say it ain’t so, Stu Levitan So the … Continue reading

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