The case against Madison racial reparations

We gave at the office!

The history of reparations is mostly open sores and weeping blisters. France wanted reparations — deep and punishing — from the Kaiser’s Germany. Fueled Hitler’s rise to power. President Reagan approved paying $20,000 to Japanese-Americans herded into camps during WW2 but bupkis for their descendants. Nine states have apologized — no money — for slavery; none the five states of the original Northwest Territory, where slavery was expressly banned in 1787, well before before settlement. Those states included Wisconsin, a well traveled conduit on the Underground Railroad to freedom.

Madison is a city, after all, where a 45-ton boulder was hauled away from the UW campus in the name of racial equity. As was a plinth that did nothing more than list the names of Confederate prisoners of war buried at a city cemetery. Doesn’t matter! To our elected progressives, Madison is a burning cross of raw racism!

Progressives who operate the Madison WI guilt machine need to rent their garments in public. Wearing designer sackcloth (sprinkle of organic ashes) is a fashion statement confirming their Woke virtue.

Present tense! 

The Most Virtuous Brian Benford, alder representing Willy Street, wants to arm the Equal Opportunities Commission with a “truth and reconciliation process.” Not only would it “address past wrongs” but would “acknowledge the horrific racial disparities within our midst.” (His proposal here.)

Yes, the Most Virtuous Alder believes Madison remains horrifically racist, if it ever was. Make no mistake, Most Virtuous Benford says:

“Madison [is] one of the worse municipalities in the United States for Black people to live and work.”

— Ald. Brian Benford

How did he ever get elected?

Ald. Brian Benford

The Most Virtuous proposes community forum(s) to allow opportunities for black residents — only — to “voice their grievances.” Never mind Christmas in July, Benford would institute Festivus for the Restive us!  The end game is to “Draft a report to submit to the City of Madison’s Equal Opportunities Commission for introduction to the Madison Common Council detailing policy recommendations that the City of Madison could implement to address past wrongs.

What form those reparations might take, the Most Virtuous wisely leaves unsaid, for now. Reparations, as the Werkes understands them, can take several forms: one-time or continuing cash payments, subsidies, loans, scholarships, florid apologies, or changes in law. Abolishing cash bail is one such, with predictably deleterious effects. (“Bail Reform in Chicago …“)

Most Virtuous Benford was down to seeds and stems making his case for Madison racism past and present. Madison isn’t Tulsa OK or Selma AL, after all. Aside from restrictive housing covenants erased in the 1950s, TMV Benford notes that 5.5% of the the county population identifies as black but comprise 45% of jail incarcerations. (The correlation/causation mistake.) Never mind that Madison’s police chief, its sheriff, its district attorney, and several judges are black. So, for that matter, is the superintendent of Madison’s public schools and several of its Board of Education. With seven of the 20 alders, blacks are over-represented on the Common Council. Never mind! The system is racist! 

Madison’s untold story is the large and growing black middle class, members of organizations like 100 Black Men. 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: would tell people black and otherwise to quit the blame game and start owning your future. But the Most Virtuous Benford wants only “individuals or stakeholders that serve Madison’s black community.” 

When will they realize that’s guys like Blaska, not Benford?


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12 Responses to The case against Madison racial reparations

  1. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    When will they realize that’s guys like Blaska, not Benford?

    The THEY you reference never will.

    Hope THEY‘ll EVOLVE like Hopeless Changey, Hillarity, & DementiaJoKe did on SS marriage? Welp…hope in one hand and crap in the other…and see which one gets filled first…

    “Madison’s untold story is the large and growing black middle class, members of organizations like 100 Black Men.”

    For every gimmee gimmee, parasitic societal lamprey like TMV Benford, there are two + other Anti-TMV Benfords quietly taking responsibility, deferring gratification, and handlin’ their bidness so they don’t need to live by another’s leave; focus on their successes.

    The Gotch

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    • Mordecai The Red says:

      And good for those achieving that success. We’re already observing that when blacks start getting ahead by their own means, they start migrating rightward. Not all of them. But enough to make the DNC leadership soil themselves.

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  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Follow the money. Reparations is the money shot of the vast identity politics scam that’s been poisoning America’s bloodstream for the last 30 years. It’s not enough that we’ve been paying reparations in the form of Affirmative Action policies since the 70s. The result? Exhibit A, in my book, is the White House press secretary, who holds a position in which she proves her incompetence daily and to which she was appointed solely because she’s a black lesbian. Whenever liberals trumpet the fact that someone is the “first” [fill in race, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, etc., etc.] to hold a position, you can be sure the person in question leapfrogged over several much more qualified candidates. If you’re looking for the real reason behind the public’s loss of faith in American institutions, look no further.

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  3. One Eye says:

    Does the Werkes do year-end awards? If so you need to have a race grifter of the year. Lilada Gee is my frontrunner by a mile but who knows Benford might have oustanding finishing speed.

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    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      This year seems to have been kind of an outlier for the local Madison Grift.

      For whatever reason, M. Adams of FreeDUMB Inc and Urban Triage’s Brandi Grayson, et al, have mostly kept their slobbering RAYcist pie-holes shut; gilt (sic) edged donations & grants have a hand in that…?

      The Gotch


  4. Bill Cleary says:

    I’m a 64 year old maintenance guy. Was a C student in High School, never graduated from College, never went to Medical School, so I’m not a doctor.

    Should I get a job at the U.W. Hospital as a cardiovascular surgeon?

    Would you like to be the first one to go under the knife that is my hand?

    Should the U.W. have to hire me to be one?

    It’s not fair if they don’t.


    Perhaps I should fly the next 777X out of the Dane County airport. Hope your not in the flight path. Or should I say the crash path.

    It is not equity, equity, equity, it is Reality, Reality, Reality.


    • One Eye says:

      Luckily we still require those positions to be filled with skilled employees. But fear not Bill! You are highly qualified for any of the following:

      – contact tracer (or most jobs in Public health)
      – Any position in DEI department
      – Any job in crypto
      – head of NIH or CDC
      – project manager or scrum master
      – most any job in admin at the UW
      – vice president of the United States

      The world is your oyster!


  5. Madtownforsure says:

    I grew up on Jenifer and Williamson streets in the 50’s and 60’s, this guy is blowing racism out of his rear period. Grade school and high school friends would shut him down. Yes, there was racism back then, but no where near the anti white racism this guy is spewing out of his ass go away.


  6. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    We gave at the office!

    To bLack LIES Matter? They do good work, don’t they?

    Not exactly….or in LaLaLoopyLoonyLeftyLand speak…Righty POUNCES!; to wit:

    bLack LIES Matter Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors DENIES WRONGDOING

    bLack LIES Matter Leader Accused Of Stealing $10 Million From Organization

    The Gotch


  7. dekerivers says:

    Brain Benford has been the weakest and least effective, or connected alderperson this area has seen in many, many years. While he is personable and kind and has long been someone I have talked with it is also true that neighbors in my area have lamented his absence from meetings or issues that did not deal with equity. Though he may have great concern about equity issues, the fact is an alder has a wide array of issues that must be attended to with a diverse constituency. Other than his truly factless opinion uttered at the Lincoln Memorial in D.C. and my recommendation of books (Sidney Blumenthal series) to remedy the lack of historical accuracy about Abe Lincoln, his term was vacuous of meaning. It does not feel good to say that about someone who is a nice person.

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