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The Squire of Blaska Manor will restore order

If they cannot defeat, they destroy. If they cannot debate, they disrupt. That is the modus operandi of the hard Left which, if you doubt, has taken over the Democrat(ic) party. Progressives and full-on socialists take over local government from … Continue reading

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The more they swarm, the more the school board kowtows to the mob

Time to file a formal complaint The Madison Board of Education is a public governmental body. As such, it is open to the public to attend. As a public meeting, it is the right of every citizen to record the … Continue reading

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Cop haters still harangue Madison’s school board

The first elected official stands up for Cops in School: Ald. Paul Skidmore A fair turnout of citizens Monday night telling the Madison school board to keep police in our troubled high schools, but still not what we would like. … Continue reading

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Monday’s school board meeting — the cop haters will be there. Will we?

SHOW UP BEFORE 6 P.M. TO REGISTER TO SPEAK. (Time limit: 3 minutes) Isn’t it about time the Madison School Board heard from us citizens? The cadres from Freedom Inc. (FI) Youth Brigade and the International Socialist Organization will hector … Continue reading

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Police issue citations against Freedom Inc. intimidator

ad hoc committee on EROs meets 4 p.m. today (08-08-18) Consider attending to bear witness! Hal E. Loo-yah! Official Madison is finally enforcing the law against the social justice warriors who have been blocking city streets and disrupting city, county, … Continue reading

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Cops likely to remain in Madison schools?

Why is ad hoc committee loathe to say so in so many words? Social justice warriors will go ballistic UPDATE TODAY 08-7-18 from Police Chief Mike Koval: At first blush, this document does appear to have abandoned the notion of abolishing … Continue reading

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