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Weird and scary in the elemen-tary (school)

Remember when the Left also ignored the Tea Party? The New York Times has noticed the incipient rebellion of public school parents against creeping progressivism. They’re manning the ramparts with a hit piece that identifies the true villain: “Republicans today, … Continue reading

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Quit blaming police for crime!

Hello? Anybody home?  The essential Heather Mac Donald in the Wall Street Journal: Police officers aren’t making minority neighborhoods unsafe; criminals are. The four victims of fatal police shootings in Chicago in 2021 were all armed. [They comprise] 0.7% of … Continue reading

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Put the meeting disrupters in jail

No more Madison insurrections! There’s an argument to be made for continuing to Zoom (verb transitive) government meetings. Keeps Freedom Inc. and its BLM allies from shutting down democracy, which is legal in Madison WI but not in Washington D.C., … Continue reading

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Is America in a transitional period?

‘The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides …’ “It was a Black Lives Matter Groundhog Day,” writes Kyle Smith at National Review of Suunday night’s 04-25-21 Oscar telecast. “If a single five-minute period went by without someone … Continue reading

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Get your mind right at Madison public schools

Deep mindsets wanted! Two years of intimidation worked when Madison city and school officials last year (2020) expelled police from its four main public high schools. A good, progressive F-bombing of school board president Gloria Reyes at her private residence … Continue reading

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The government takeover succeeded — in Madison WI

Intimidation worked here! The consensus reaction to Wednesday’s assault on the nation’s Capitol (01-06-21) was: Where were the police? In Madison, they were told to stand down. Moderate Republican Peggy Noonan urges: “We lower the boom. No civilized country can … Continue reading

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