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Identity politics may win votes but it is hurting black children

You want ‘A real conversation about race?’ That’s what Blaska is all about! You knew it was coming. Ali Muldrow and Ananda Mirilli playing the race card. The two are running for Madison school board as a tag team. Their … Continue reading

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Madison’s race warriors are fanning the flames

Has the powder keg been lit? We asked for patience, we asked that Madison not rush to judgment. (“Will we rush to judgment?“) We were naive. A disciplinary incident at Whitehorse middle school between a school administrator and an 11-year-old … Continue reading

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Ali Muldrow is signed up for ‘No Cops in Schools’ Tuesday

School board candidate attending Freedom Inc. event on election day Because … ‘Intersectionality’ Guess who’s coming to breakfast? We’re talking the “Cops Out of Schools” breakfast Tuesday, primary election morning (02-19-19)?  That’s right. Two of the Seat #4 Madison school … Continue reading

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District attorney Ozanne tries to excuse mob action, Part #2

Is viewpoint discrimination (and reverse racial discrimination) at work here? An Open Letter to Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne: While maintaining that Madison Police had not referred our complaint to you (See part #1), you made several arguments that … Continue reading

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Anti-school cop warriors call in Milwaukee reinforcements

Milwaukee activists teaming with Freedom Inc. This ain’t over folks. Dean Loumos’ ad hoc committee may have recommended keeping cops in Madison’s four troubled, public high schools — but with procedural handcuffs. (More here.) But the full school board has … Continue reading

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Give it to Freedom Inc., they never quit (and are never quiet)

We’re proud to be sore losers The white lab coats here at the Policy Werkes, the indentured servants at the Manor, and the unlettered field hands toiling the frozen fields of the Experimental Farm (and Penal Colony) are normally more … Continue reading

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