Freeing Katoine from jail isn’t free

Blame the police and the news media!

This being the Emerald City, there are several “Free Katoine” movements afoot. Katoine Richardson is the 19-year-old with three felony bail jumpings prohibited from possessing a weapon and under a court curfew. (More here.) Madison police found him out and about on State Street after midnight in possession of a gun, which he fired. A police officer fired back and mistakenly hit another officer.

Allies for Black Lives – Madison expressed sympathy. For Katoine Richardson. “Policing in Madison is a very safe job except when the police get involved.” Followed with hashtags: #FreeKatoine #DefundPolice

Katoine Richardson brandishes guns

Wisconsin Right Now’s capture of Richardson’s social media page

Freedom Inc., the taxpayer-supported social justice warriors who bullied the school board into expelling police, is also on the case. They rallied Thursday in front of the jail shouting “F-bomb 12.” Incredibly, Freedom Inc. blames the police for “further criminaliz[ing] him.” Notice how the statement read at the poorly attended rally absolves the young man of any personal responsibility:

Katoine is currently still incarcerated, but the cops and news reporters whose lies further criminalized him are not currently facing any charges. This traumatic experience has forced Katoine back into a cycle of criminalization that is made intentionally impossible for Black youth to escape. …

Which is rich because the courts kept releasing Katoine Richardson onto Madison streets, only asking that he be home by 10 p.m. and quit packing heat. Apparently, the was too much to ask. Freedom Inc. segues into its Defund the Police rant:

All other Black people must be released from systems of policing, including that of detention centers and cash bail. We must immediately defund MPD and abolish policing. Close all prisons and jails, and instead invest resources into our own communities for community control and infrastructure that would have our needs met.

Rather than shoot a fully armed man, one of the police officers tried to wrestle Katoine’s gun from him. In the struggle, the gun went off. BTW: The Officer McKinley referenced in the following Wisconsin State Journal account is black:

When Richardson was down, Officer Edward McKinley testified, he saw that Richardson had a gun in his hand and that it was aimed momentarily in McKinley’s direction. He said he wasn’t sure whether the aim was willful or not.

McKinley said he briefly considered drawing his own weapon but instead charged at Richardson to get the gun away from him. During a struggle, he testified, he saw Richardson try to pull back the slide on the gun to put a bullet into its chamber. While [the officer] and Richardson both had their hands on the gun, it fired. [The police officer testified] it could have struck any of a number of people who were on State Street that night.

→ In other words, Officer McKinley saved the poor mope’s life!

Liam Manjon of the Social Justice Center is trying to raise money to throw Richardson’s bail, which is now $11,000. (Good on D.A. Ismael Ozanne — he actually sought $50,000 bail!)

Blaska’s Bottom Line: If there is any good news, it is that in four days they have raised $360 toward a goal of $10,000.

Can you think of a worse cause?

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16 Responses to Freeing Katoine from jail isn’t free

  1. Atilla says:

    Does anybody know a good realtor outside of Madistan?
    Let this place self-destruct while common sense, laughing people watch from the outside. I’m done.

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    • Liberty says:

      We’ll be leaving too. Limousine liberals shouldn’t get to move though. Let them live in the mess they created.

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      • One eye says:

        It’s been said if you don’t like a situation you have 3 options: change it, accept it or leave it.
        I don’t think it’s possible to change Madison and Dane county at this point. It’s going to get a lot more painful before it gets better. I’d like to leave now but can’t for several reasons.

        So I’m accepting it. It’s less stressful. As DB often quotes – “Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown” is a perfectly good way to deal with insanity that you can’t change or leave.

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        • Liberty says:

          One eye, that’s actually a good coping strategy. Because you’re right, Madison & Dane County are not going to change any time soon. It’s not for lack of trying. Good people have attempted to make Madison a better place in the past. Not the easiest thing to do when you have so much resistance from organized Progressives.

          Remember the big St. Goretti’s public safety meeting that got hundreds of angry law abiding, tax paying Madison residents to attend because they thought it was more important to fund police than Mayor Dave’s trolley? That was then, when we still had a fighting chance. It’s gotten much worse.

          You can’t reason with people who firmly believe rioting is a form of expression, criminals should be treated like victims, white people are born racist, and who call you a homophobe when you state the fact that men can’t produce breast milk. So why bother? It really is Chinatown.

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      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        The problem is limousine liberals DON’T live in the mess they’ve created. They live in lily-white, low-crime, affluent enclaves that have little or no contact with POSs like Katoine. It’s the res of us that get to live in the mess they’ve created.

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  2. Batman says:

    Dave asks “Can you think of a worse cause?”
    Not sure this is worse but is in the vicinity, and that would be contributing to the ongoing go-fund-me campaign to help defray the always increasing cost of Satya’s grocery bill.
    Relax; I’m just the messenger.

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  3. schroder88 says:

    I am wondering if the Freedom Inc would have been supporting releasing the guy who killed those 3 high school kids a few weeks ago, if he was black? Or would that have been a PR bridge too far…

    How many times do this criminals have to bail jump before the Liberals get a clue? Break into their house and carjack them…

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  4. Liberty says:

    Good on him? No, that’s Ozanne’s job! He runs an office that repeatedly allows bad players to reoffend, which every other leftist excuses because his office is under staffed. Besides, considering Richardson’s record and the seriousness of the crime, 50Gs is a pittance. He would only have had to come up with 10% of that, which I’m sure leftists will raise for him.

    “Good on D.A. Ismael Ozanne — he actually sought $50,000 bail!”


  5. Bill Cleary says:

    I know what, let’s have this P.O.S. released from jail and spend the next couple of months awaiting trial going from house to house of those limousine liberals who want him free. After all, they should reap the rewards of the fruits of their labor. Freeing Katoine and placing him in their homes for the next couple of months, years, will certainly add a new perspective to their view on his way of life.

    But all joking aside, limousine liberals and woke socialist progressives will never have someone like Katoine live with them in their house. They would like it far better to foist the likes of Katoine on all the rest of us who are just barely scraping by, working 24 by 7 to make a living while they sleep in their comfortable beds in their upper class neighborhoods.

    Those of us who make up the “Third Estate” know all to well the words that Marie Antoinette reportedly said of the French Peasantry, “Let Them Eat Cake”, when told of the starving peasants right before the French revolution. Wether this quote was accurate or not, it points to those in the upper class who look down on those of us who work with our hands for a living as less than human.

    I would say of the rich limousine liberal, socialist progressive class, “Let them eat their own damn cake”. Let them house the likes of Katoine in their houses. Let them deal with the mess they foist upon all of us.

    Let them know first hand what a P.O.S. people like Katoine are.

    Let them also experience the people that I know of all races, color, creed or religion who work side by side with me at my job every single day. People who serve all of the community of Madison with pride in the work they do. Serving each and every one of our community with the dedication to giving the best service they can to each and every one of us.

    I love these people. To me, it is a great honor to work side by side with all of them. They are good people. The difference between them and the likes of Katoine is that no matter what race, color, creed or religion they are, they serve our community with pride. People like Katoine do not.

    It is not the color, it is the culture the person is raised in that makes the difference.

    If you believe in God and you believe in His Justice, you will act accordingly. We will all, as individuals be judged for everything we have done on this earth. This will determine wether or not we will reside in Heaven or Hell. Your free choice as an individual, not as a collective.


    • One eye says:

      “Let them eat their own damn cake”

      Already done. RIP Dr. Potter and Mr. Carre.


    • Liberty says:

      BC, to your first paragraph:

      Limousine liberals are selfish, privileged elitists who don’t care about, and are unable to empathize with how concerned the rest of us are about crime or any other issue. They only care about an issue if it affects them directly.

      The Monroe Dudgeon/Trader Joe’s area, as rickety and rundown as much of the neighborhood appears, is full of sanctimonious white limousine liberals. How many homeless shelters, halfway houses, and low income housing projects do you see in that area? If crime was directly impacting their neighborhood in a big way, I’m pretty sure they’d be in a huff.

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  6. In case this story doesn’t make you sick enough, just remember that you are paying Freedom Inc. to the tune of $3.6 million in taxpayer money.


  7. westsidesue says:

    Twisty thinking all around, but no real surprises. Twas ever thus.


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