Freedom Inc. blames police for East high school brawls

They got ‘a smart mouth!’

Few have done as much harm to kids of color that the local BLM affiliate, Freedom Inc. Not George Corley Wallace, not Bull Connors, or all the tiki torch toters in Charlottesville.

Fuck White Supremacy

Bianca Gomez, Freedom Inc.

It was Freedom Inc. that F-bombed and bullied the cowardly Madison school board into expelling school resource police officers (SROs). Through that campaign of in-your-face intimidation, Madison progressives kept their heads down.

Madison’s Woke succumbed to the critical race theory fallacy that black and brown kids are victims of “the white power structure.”

The first post-COVID, in-classroom school year convened this autumn without SROs but with more chaos, capped by the massive student fighting 11-08-21 at Madison East. A dozen police squad cars, two fire trucks, and pepper spray required to quell the disturbance. (Those hated police!)

Whose fault?

The police, of course. Sensing that it is losing the narrative, Freedom Inc.’s social warriors went on-line at Madison365 with this gem:

“Kids are going to fight.”

East high school once again used the police as a weapon against black children. The police responded to a schoolyard fight by escalating the violence with pepper spray and other forms of physical assault. Incidents such as the one at East high school demonstrate that police are actually a major disrupting force in black and other communities.

Wow! Kudos to reporters Chris Rickert and Elizabeth Beyer for today’s detailed report on the Battle of East High School. They report that the East High melee sprung from a fight between 14-year-old girls over the same boy.

One of those girls and three allies — her mother Victoria Frazier, 19-year-old sister Savoy Frazier, and 21-year-old Donte Wash — forced their way into a home of Nena Jones where the rival suitor was visiting Jones’ daughter, also age 14. The State Journal quotes Ms. Jones:

“It’s so stupid. Over a boy, and the fact that [the invading suitor] got a smart mouth.”

The ensuing fight spilled into the parking lot of the Worthington Park apartment building where the invading 14-year-old girl friend was hitting people with a padlock, according to the criminal complaint cited by the WSJ. Jones’ sons and Wash began duking it out. The brawl broke up only when police arrived. (Those hated police!)

Beaten with a big stick

The dispute resumed at noon the next day — at East high school, when the invaders attacked Jones’ 14-year-old daughter. (Accounts differ whether that daughter or the visiting friend were the ones vying with the invading suitor.) The WI State Journal:

Bystander video shows a shirtless man later identified as Wash wielding what police say was a table leg or spindle as Jones’ daughter is being attacked. … Around the same time, someone pulled the school’s fire alarm, sending 1,700 students outside, where other fights broke out and police had to use pepper spray to disperse students and adults.

That wasn’t the end of it! That evening, two cars pulled up to the apartment building at Worthington Park. Ms. Jones called the police. (Those hated police!)

Moments later, someone fired a gun through a window. Two people — Jones’ 17-year-old son and another teenager — were sitting on the couch that was hit, she said, with the bullet coming within inches of the 17-year-old, according to Jones and the criminal complaint.

Freedom Inc.:We live in a world that punishes black youth for simply existing.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: No one punishes black youth like Freedom Inc.

What kind of idiot believes this malarkey?

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  1. Almosmostarepublican says:

    Quite honestly what took them so long. I was waiting for that response.

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  2. Lance says:

    Freedom Inc.’s responses are tedious, stale, and no longer relevant.

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  3. AdamC says:

    When are they going to try to firebomb public buildings again because Kyle was found innocent of all charges today?? Or have the riots already started?

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  4. One eye says:

    Freedom Inc believes this is the best black youth can do. Their low standards aren’t helping the youth.

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