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Put Blaska on the police oversight board!

No one is more Diverse! Like his idol Richard Nixon, the head groundskeeper of Blaska Policy Werkes is tanned, rested and ready. (Our phlebitis is under control.) Yes, we are jumping back into the political arena! We’re already going negative! … Continue reading

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Got windows? BLM will see you soon.

When will Madison’s mayor demand National Guard protection? Why isn’t Tony Evers in Kenosha today? Madison’s State Street having been boarded up in the June riots, the smash and grabbers demolished Capitol Square Monday night. That left University Avenue last … Continue reading

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Fire, ‘broken glass and the smell of alcohol’

Another night in Downtown Madison. The Werkes subcontracts its on-the-scene coverage of Madison riots for two reasons: one is that the chief groundskeeper has to make bed check at the Stately Manor by 9 p.m. and the other is, quite … Continue reading

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Is it time to criminalize crime again?

Doesn’t it seem all the crime these days is being committed by teenagers? Now we know why Freedom Inc. and their allies in the progressive movement wanted cops out of Madison’s troubled public high schools. It’s the same reason radicalized high … Continue reading

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Why is BLM silent about the girl shot to death at age 11?

The ‘Don’t talk to cops’ people aren’t talking. No peace, no justice for Anisa Maria Scott. They pulled the plug at 11:11 a.m. today 08-13-2020 on an 11-year-old girl shot in the head in one of those car-to-car shootouts becoming … Continue reading

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Yeshua Musa is Madison’s hero, not John Lewis (RIP)

White men sure have a lot of opinions The chief groundskeeper of Blaska Policy Werkes blames his parents. Neither one endowed their son with sufficient melanin to speak with any authority on the Race Wars progressives have inflicted upon Madison WI … Continue reading

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