Hoist the white flag over Madison schools

Did you screw up? Blame the pandemic!

It’s the all-purpose scapegoat. Some blame coronavirus for the insurrection at the nation’s Capitol 01-06-21.

Madison’s school board president blames the Wuhan woo woo for the “dearth of candidates” running in this spring’s school board election. (Story here.)  Blaska Policy Werkes blames the school board president, Gloria Reyes. The two seats up for election this spring have attracted a grand total of two candidates — one for each position. That includes an appointee, Savion Castro, seeking to return for another three years. The other is Ms. Reyes’ seat; she is not not seeking re-election — thus assuring that more “Cops Out of Schools” public sector activists will join Ali Muldrow and Ananda Mirilli to run our public schools.

“It could be that people are just consumed with how Covid is impacting their own lives,” Ms. Reyes proffers.

Or could it be that Madison is just consumed with admitting its public schools are a lost cause? Washing their hands. SURRENDER DOROTHY! Covid? Schools are reopening across America and the rest of Wisconsin. Even in NYC! Private schools across Dane County have been open for months. Not Madison public schools, by order of the teachers union.

Gloria Reyes

It could be that Madison has given up on its public schools because its schools have given up on keeping everyone safe in an increasingly dangerous city and world? Ms. Reyes, a former police officer herself, was the fourth vote out of seven members to retain police school resource officers. That is, until she was mau-maued at her home by menacing, F-bombing social justice warriors. They littered her lawn with defaced American flags and blasted obscene insults and DEMANDS through bullhorns. (“They’re in front of my house!”)  The harassment achieved its desired end. Five days later, thoroughly intimidated, Reyes capitulated. Cops were out and so was Gloria Reyes. And still more parents and their kids.

Did police force them to steal?

Today’s headline: Seven young black men — all but one of them teenagers — face 78 criminal counts in a months-long home burglary / vehicle theft ring. One of them, Treveon Thurman, age 19, faces 7 counts, 4 of them felonies, on top of 24 other open felony cases pending in Dane County. No wonder some kids are afraid of cops in the schools!

Go ahead, blame the police, not the schools, not Mayor Satya or the Madison Common Council, the latter three dominated by Progressive Dane. The city is investing half a million dollars annually for “victims” of policing to sit in judgment of the beat cop. Under terms of the enabling ordinance, the seven young men arrested would qualify based on two of the qualifications required by ordinance: race and criminal involvement and conceivably a third: substance abuse. (The potential lawsuit.)

Covid? While the school board can show only two candidates for two seats, 39 candidates seek 20 seats on Madison’s Common Council. Aldermanic candidates go door-to-door, not citywide school board candidates. (Ask Blaska sometime.) As to whether Madison will give up on city government, talk to us after the April 3 municipal election.

Headline: “Jacob Blake says he was ready to surrender.” Too bad he did not.

None dare call them Proud Boys

Tony Evers and local officials are encouraging folks to stay away from the Wisconsin State Capitol this weekend, given FBI reports of trouble linked to the assault on the nation’s Capitol 01-06-21. So how does BLM operative Brandi Grayson react? The candidate for Common Council (!!!) is planning a rally Sunday 01-17-21 “in opposition to the fascist presence in our local community and across the country.”

Gov. Evers, for once, has called up the National Guard proactively. Ironic how the Left now embraces boots on the ground, facial recognition, robust policing, tear gas, social media censorship, and tough sentencing. In certain circumstances, anyway.

⇒ “Democrats were for occupying capitols before they were against it.” Act 10 Madison 2011 anyone?

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We’ll say it again, the Proud Boys didn’t smash the statues, fire bomb city hall, or smash and grab State Street in downtown Madison last summer. All of which occurred after “mostly peaceful” BLM rallies.

What’s YOUR situational ethics?

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26 Responses to Hoist the white flag over Madison schools

  1. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    If you can read, … thank your parents or a teacher.
    If you can’t read, … thank a teacher’s union.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      Priorities ARE” VictimHoodie, systemic RAYcism, and Black Lies Matter.

      Priorities ARE NOT: readin’, writin’, & figurin’.

      Lefty wants their base stupid-n-pliable; their wishes are coming true beyond their wildest dreams!

      The Gotch

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  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    “Giving up” is the logical outcome given the modus operandi of the left: bullying, threats of violence, cancelling, charges of racism, blatant hypocrisy, etc., etc. It’s worked for the school board, it will work for the city council come April. Madison leftists will NEVER allow even the slightest peep of opposition and will use any means necessary to suppress it. (A microcosm of what to expect nationwide once Obama’s third term commences.) “Sorry, no good news today, either.” There’s a headline you’ll be recycling a lot in the years to come.

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  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    “Hoist the WHITE flag over Madison schools”?! Does the racism on this site know no bounds?

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  4. Balboa says:

    “Aldermanic” I think you mispelled it, should read “Aldermaniac” candidates!

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  5. Kevin S Wymore says:

    One of those with an impressive list of charges in the alleged burglary/vehicle theft extravaganza, Mr.Treadwell, lists a Bettys Lane residence in SW Madison.


    • georgessson says:

      Kev, That once proud extension of “Meadowood” in the 70’s is now a rat infested area of dismayed folks who watch their 40-50 yr. old neighborhoods diminish in value and sales appeal. Whatta shame….

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  6. Balboa says:

    We need to stop using the Dog Whistle “Peaceful” or “Mostly Peaceful” protests. Since Trump liked to mock using this term and clearly dog whistle now since he said that at the rally attendees to riot at the Capital Building. He asked for a “Peaceful and Patriotic” march. He used it many times prior sarcastically so clearly he meant the opposite. I feel you are being seditious and treasonous in your choice of words. You are clearly promoting the idea of more riots and destruction. I think we need to report your blog to the speech police now and shut you down. Big Tech is watching now, are you sure you are not now on the no-fly list and soon to be no-fly no-buy list. Maybe even no-ride list. How dare you use such hateful and suggestive language. All sarcasm aside.

    Let us all now do the following: Turn off, Tune Out, Enjoy Life!

    Madison council and Madison schools are a complete lost causes and not worth wasting another breathe on. Clearly Madison voters want to insure their kids get terrible educations and come out race hucksters and grievance merchants otherwise they would get better candidates to run and win.

    Good Luck All we are all going to need it!

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  7. fjaeckle says:

    I believe the lack of candidates for the Madison School Board race is due to the fact that one or two people with perhaps different ideas and maybe a different perspective would not be welcomed by the current members nor be given a chance to introduce any meaningful change. Who would want to run given the hostility they would face from the vocal minority groups and the current members? the only way there will be progress and meaningful change will be if there is a 100% housecleaning with new fresh candidates supported by the voting public. It seems everyone that does run for the school board is the same old same old. For most uncontested races I do not vote, so my no vote is against the incumbent or against the sole person running.

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    • Bill says:


      I see your point. Who would want to run for Madison School Board or the City Council if they had a point of view that was in opposition to the rest of the Board or Council?

      Who would want protesters in their front yard screaming at them, calling them all sorts of names if they ran on the idea that “facts mattered”? If they ran on the idea that all voices should be heard and that the taxpayers are not an endless source of money to enrich the coffers of the School System, the Teachers Union or the City?

      In other words, a totally SANE person running to IMPROVE our lives and at the same time improve the Schools and or the City!

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  8. pANTIFArts says:

    Alder candidate Brandi G is hosting a get-together Sunday at the square BYOB, (bring your own bricks). Those attending are asked to not confront Police and Guardsmen initially so that tear gas and other crowd control measures can be conserved for use on the Racist/Fascists. In the absence of Racist attendance, this rule may change. (check with group leaders)
    —Details are still being worked out, chants are being composed ( does anyone know what would rhyme with “s#!t-eating M@t#er-f*(&er”?) Max Pasta-jerk-IMO has hinted that he might give a “S#!t F*(&ing-up Demonstration, (looking forward to it).
    —Activists should show up spontaneously, though pre-made signs will be provided. And while we’re there, let’s DEMAND our way to a Brandi victory, and make her the “Queen of 14”

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    • Bill says:


      So here is a woman who is a card carrying member of the Democratic Socialists of America. This organization also is supported by another group called “Our Revolution”. And still another group called “Brand New Congress”.

      On the DSA’s web site: https://www.dsausa.org/about-us/what-is-democratic-socialism/ They say “Democratic socialists do not want to create an all-powerful government bureaucracy. But we do not want big corporate bureaucracies to control our society either.”

      Funny, if you consider all levels of government to include State, County Local, The U.W. system and the Schools; government IS the Largest employer in the State of Wisconsin.

      Our Revolution’s web site: https://ourrevolution.com/services/ says that it is for the following: Medicare for all, Green New Deal, Save the Post Office, Stop Endless Wars, Criminal Justice Reform, Good Jobs for All to include a $15.00 an hour federal minimum wage, Cancel Student Debt and Immigrant Rights.

      Brand New Congress has similar issues listed. https://brandnewcongress.org/Platform

      This is the mindset of Brandi Grayson. All I can say is “think about just how the working class will pay for all these things?

      You want someone who is a 16 year old cashier working part time at a local grocery store and is getting paid on average $10.00 an hour to get paid $15.00? And just who will have to absorb the higher cost of that person’s wages? Obviously the stores will be forced to pass along the higher costs to the consumer who will then have to reach deeper and deeper into their pockets to purchase goods and services that used to cost them less.

      How is that really going to help us?

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      • pANTIFArts says:

        Thanks for the info and links.
        Of all people, “Politicians” are THE least qualified to govern, think about that. Spending money is EASY, earning money is HARD, (unless, of course, you can vote yourself a raise). THAT is the limit of their “Economics education”.
        Democratic Socialism is lie, that is based on lies, and promoted by liars. To even be a Socialist one must have the ability to lie to one’s self, in order to be an effective liar to others.


    • jimydandy says:

      The smart ones are either fleeing the collective or enrolling their children elsewhere. Over 2000 students have disappeared from the count at MMSD. What happened? Did aliens abduct them?


  9. Liberty says:

    Talk about hypocrisy and non-existent self awareness. After a summer of leftist riots & demonstrations, not to mention the gatherings across the country after Biden won, they’re putting COVID increases on us?

    What’s my situational ethics? A heckuva lot better than the left’s or Governor Evers’s:

    “Gov. Evers, for once, has called up the National Guard proactively.”

    It’s hard to know what to believe anymore, but those riots that conservatives were purportedly planning were based on false intel. Given the role that several in the FBI played in subverting OUR justice system in the recent past, it’s difficult to know if they’re telling the truth. Shame.

    Every conservative I know has denounced what happened in DC. Still waiting for leftists and the DNC to decry John Sullivan or the riots that occurred all summer.

    Look to 2022! We need to take back the Senate. We turned over a large number of House seats this past election and can do it again. Keep the faith.


    • georgessson says:

      RE: Covid… Yep the tiny blood-deprived brain of Evers is calling out (whinin’) the Fed TODAY for the lack of a SECOND dose. Skeletal wimp Tony -We all gotta get the 1st dose 1st. First dose = the penultimate to the LAST….


      • AdamC says:

        He is — again — looking for a scapegoat for his and his administration’s utter incompetence. These people can barely replace burned-out light bulbs.

        They laughed and snorted at Operation Warp Speed. They have been laying around on the couch collecting full pay and benefits while scolding everyone to “mask up” for months, and navel-gazing (or worse) on endless pointless Zoom meetings.

        Meanwhile Operation Warp Speed shocked the naysayers who seem to be caught like deer in headlights with no plan.

        Do these incompetents not grasp the concept of State-run and County- level implementation of national initiatives? Other States seem to be getting the job done while Whiny Tony is trying to blame someone else again for his own administration’s abject failures.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          “These people can barely replace burned-out light bulbs.”

          Barely implies ability, and let’s just say that…um…The Gotch ain’t seeing it.

          Anywho, what many Lefty dip$#!ts (forgive the redundancy) fail to note is that STATES are tasked with maintaining public health within their borders.

          Wait a minute.

          Lefty claims there ARE no borders.

          Never Mind

          Despicable Lefties!!!

          The Gotch


  10. madisonexpat says:

    Anyone got info on how the private schools are doing in the “pandemic”?


  11. Rafferty says:

    You’ve decided to swallow the kool aid on the Proud Boys. I knew you would. I also know your Madison version of the Roger Stone Southern Strategy is bound to fail. How many elections will you lose before you accept some humility?


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “How many elections will you lose before you accept some humility?”

      How many comments will you post before they make sense?

      The Gotch


  12. Balboa says:

    My daughter is in QP , just went back hybrid for all grades on January 11th, 2021. Some teachers are teaching remotely and some are not. I would say my daughter has been challenged during this timeframe. Private Schools have miniscule budgets when compared to public schools and yet they tend to get better outcomes almost always. Funny when you remove most mandates and big teachers unions you get better outcomes. Teachers do work hard, but when google classroom is the main contact for our kids and I see them sending messages at 1030 pm or later at night. You know you are getting what you pay for that is the case in public schools as well for most districts not named Madison School district or Milwaukee School Districts that put achievement over grievance training and diversity standards.


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