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What happens at fight club stays at East high school

Is it a PR problem? “Nothing to see here,” Lt. Frank Drebin of Police Squad assured curious on-lookers as the burning fireworks factory blasted its colorful arsenal high into the sky. Madison East high school has its own Frank Drebin … Continue reading

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In other words, everything but discipline

The Madison school district’s response to the roiling brawls on Monday Blaska’s Top Line: Somehow, we thought the school district had a safety plan. But they’re still working on developing one. (Highlighted emphasis is ours.)   Madison Metropolitan School District … Continue reading

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Are Madison schools exempt from state law?

The answer is No (btw) because assault and battery is still a crime!  Wisconsin law is clear. If violence breaks out in school, you call the police and you call them first thing. Madison’s public schools violated state statue when … Continue reading

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School safety plan omits police, rewards analysis paralysis

Following up on the East high school beatdown The influential Ann of Althouse, retired UW Law school professor and bloggueresse, asks “Why don’t schools call the police when crimes are committed in school?” The short answer is that Madison WI … Continue reading

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