School safety plan omits police, rewards analysis paralysis

Following up on the East high school beatdown

The influential Ann of Althouse, retired UW Law school professor and bloggueresse, asks “Why don’t schools call the police when crimes are committed in school?”

The short answer is that Madison WI schools a year ago enlisted in the War on Police. With the connivance of Madison’s woke city government, the school board evicted school resource police officers. Let Ann tell it

There’s an interview with Tim LeMonds, MMSD Director of Communications. If I understand him correctly …  the school’s policy is not to call the police unless a weapon is involved or police are needed to stop the fight. The message I hear is that there’s a plan never to call the police if attacks are quick and done with bare hands. The video shows a defenseless child getting pummeled at his desk. As LeMonds put it:

“When the attack took place, the teacher reached out for assistance and by the time staff were able to respond the incident was over.” 

Althouse asks: “How is that a reason not to call the police?!” 

The Werkes answers: Student discipline has been sucked into a bureaucratic black hole. Woe to the educator who does call police! We reproduce the critical response incident flowchart. It is contained within the school district’s 111-page MMSD safety plan. One Hundred and Eleven pages! At the very least, one hopes that each and every one of 4,985 school district employees (including the hot lunch ladies) are given a laminated copy like the kind the football coaches carry on the sidelines. Sort of a Chinese restaurant menu.

Get a closer look here at page 49

Merely working through the labyrinthine flow chart will eat up enough time for the victim to suffer a good pummeling, the perps to dissolve into the student body, and emasculated educators to keep their jobs. It is critical race theory in action, designed to frustrate justice. (There should be a hunk of cheese for the employee who works his way through this maze.) See if you can find where the chart directs: Call The Damn Police for heaven’s sake! We looked; we cannot.

Once was a time when the teacher controlled his/her classroom. The wimpoled Catholic nun with a ruler. AKA: The Good Old Days. Blaska ran for school board on that premise in 2019. Lost big time (Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown!) to Ali Muldrow, who is now school board president and chiefly responsible for the chaos of our public schools. 

Today in Madison WI, something called a critical response team diffuses responsibility to the point of evanescence. A Woke version of Alphonse and Gaston routine. Who be the critical response team? These guys:

• Chief of Staff
• Chief of Schools – Operation
• Director of Student Services Operations and Accountability
• Director of Physical, Mental, and Behavioral Health
• Director of Media and Government Relations
• Director of Safety and Security
• Coordinator of Intensive Support and Critical Response
• Public Information Officer
• Coordinator of Cross Systems & Critical Response.

UPDATE: A reader points out, correctly, that MMSD policies & actions are in clear violation of Wisconsin State Statute 48.981, which mandates the reporting of any assault on a child under the age of 18 to a law enforcement agency or county social services.

Ann of Althouse’s Bottom Line: “There used to be a police officer — a student resource officer — stationed in the school, but last summer, the school board voted to end the program — after it was characterized as a racial problem. … Now, we’re seeing how the school operates, resisting calling the police when there is obvious violent crime. This is an untenable solution, victimizing peaceful students.”

Who YOU gonna call?

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29 Responses to School safety plan omits police, rewards analysis paralysis

  1. Mike says:

    All government employees of any level in any capacity should be forced to send their kids to public schools, no private or charter schools allowed for them. Maybe if their own kids are subjected to the BS they mandate for others they will wake up.

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  2. Almosmostarepublican says:

    This is a nightmare. Nutso.


  3. Liberty says:

    That chart is a freaking joke!

    As you stated, all that was needed in the past was a nun or a teacher to walk into a room and the kids behaved. If they didn’t behave, they were sent home, suspended, or depending on the seriousness of the behavior, were expelled. It worked!

    Idiots, cowards, ideologues, and nutjobs are in charge of educating young minds today. That innocent kids are subjected to violence and students can’t even read at grade level is a failure on the part of MMSD and the Madison school board.

    I hope this parent sues the heck out of them.

    And Senator Carpenter, in testifying about CRT said something to the effect that parents shouldn’t control what’s taught in schools. Really?? If the parents can’t have a say in their own kids’ education, then who should, Senator?

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Not only were misbehaving kids punished at school, they were punished again when they got home after their parents were notified of their misbehavior. Now parents are ready to sue schools for the mildest of punishments no matter how egregiously their kid misbehaved. Of course, that was before it was discovered that discipline is racist.

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      • Liberty says:

        Yes, had I gotten in trouble at school, there would have also been hell to pay at home. Double whammy.

        ALL children, regardless of ethnicity, need discipline. Without it, they will flounder throughout life. Leftists are doing young people a great disservice, and I would argue that it’s borderline abuse.

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  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    What parent in his or her right mind would send their kids to a Madison public school? I realize that some parents are stuck with that as the only option, but I suspect there are many parents out there who willingly sacrifice their kids’ safety (to say nothing of their education) on the altar of wokeism. Meaning they’re already as brainwashed as their kids will be after a few years of being subjected to the ideological fanaticism that underpins the curriculum of Madison schools.


  5. pANTIFArts says:

    Decisions will be made on the basis of “social justice” compliance, political ramifications, casualty/death tolls, etc. ….. (with actual “safety” being a mere postscript.


  6. AdamC says:

    Probably the only way this will change will be a few really expensive lawsuits. They should make the School Board pay towards any legal settlements for students who are the victims of violent crimes in Madison schools.

    The message has been sent to all thugs and bullies that it’s okay to commit violent assaults in Madison public schools.

    Make the Schools and the Board pay through the nose for this.

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  7. Rollie says:

    More cops in schools will not solve this unless you want one in every classroom. Even one per floor, by the time they get there the beatdown is complete.

    I used to work in an urban public school. We did have on site police officers, but I’ll let you know that having cops in school is no magic bullet – the kids didn’t care if the cops were there or not. The kids that don’t mind getting suspended also don’t mind getting arrested and also don’t mind going to jail. I was there and I know this.

    It’s back to the family, and as such there is no easy solution. My best shot is incentivizing marriage somehow via policy and making law so that one full time job will generally be enough to take care of a family like it used to, so one parent can stay home and mind the family. Maybe make a law that both parents can be allowed to work, but if the kids act up or get bad grades one parent has to stay home 🙂 that hit to the pocketbook would put stuff in line right away!

    I already know that it’s stupid for low income parents to be married under our current rules. The way the benefits work, if you’re married they count both incomes and if you’re not they don’t. You basically miss out on benefits by being married because your income will be too high combined. I understand giving benefits when really needed, but the current system is not incentivizing the right things. I’ll join in on the liberal-blaming on that one 😉 I’d like to see a better middle ground in this area.


    • David Blaska says:

      Not looking for “more cops.” Just one for each school! But agree with the marriage thing. It all comes down to values. A father in the home, going to work in the morning, bringing up sonny boy.

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  8. Jon Burack says:

    I actually skimmed through that safety plan (very rapidly, I admit, since nausea kept me from staying with it too long. I defy ANYONE in the ed business to explain any of it. Pure and unrelenting bureaucratic gibberish. No teacher in his or her right mind would spend a second in the face of an actual incident trying to follow this maze of idiocy. And we PAY people to produce this? God help us.


  9. Who Knew says:

    So the critical response team includes the• Director of Media and Government Relations and the Public Information Officer. I think it’s telling that PR flacks are part of the critical response team. Gotta make sure you can spin the story or parents might catch on. Also what’s the difference between the Coordinator of Intensive Support and Critical Response and the Coordinator of Cross Systems & Critical Response?


  10. Betty Thompson says:

    When will this insanity end. Our school board is listing to and controlled by a small VERY VOCAL MINORITY. The rest of us need to be better organized so that we can take action against them. Glad my kids are grown and out of school and my grandchildren are going to New Zealand. I will be anxious to see if there is a change in them.


    • David Blaska says:

      Is it too late to contest my defeat for school board in April 2019? Those ballots did feel like bamboo!

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    • Liberty says:

      Judging by how Madison voted in the last school board election, I’m not so sure the crazies and woke crowd are in the minority anymore.

      I think most moderates have left Madison, same way they abandoned the Democratic party.

      “Our school board is listing to and controlled by a small VERY VOCAL MINORITY. ”

      When will this insanity end? When people with good sense stand up.


      • Batman says:

        Dave replies~~~> But we both lost. So no difference, right?

        Well I suppose, according to all the liars, cheats, and thieves, that rigged the election.



  11. Mordecai The Red says:

    I’ve worked in the corporate world for decades and can tell you that flowcharts as complex as this one are invariably made by people who think they’re a lot smarter than they really are. People who do what I do know that the simplest solutions are often the best ones—in this case, calling the police and tearing these vultures off this kid in the meantime.

    The next time the MMSD sends a property tax hike to referendum, I hope the voters remember this insanity and tell them where they can shove it.


    • Liberty says:

      You nailed it. In their arrogance, they really do believe they’re smarter than the rest of us. They think that if they make the process more complicated than it needs to be, that it’s somehow superior.

      Not sure MMSD will tell them to take a hike, though. People with good sense have either left Madison, are in the process of leaving, or are making plans to leave. Those who willingly stay behind will vote for this insanity.


      • Batman says:

        Liberty says:
        “You nailed it. In their arrogance, they really do believe they’re smarter than the rest of us.”

        Give credit where credit is due. Ali Muldrow is smart enough and rich enough to send her little darlings to private school because she fully comprehends the anti-education BS she champions but prefers to appear cool woke instead and cannot stomach the possibility of sacrificing any future dinner party invites if she deviates from school board groupthink.

        The level of stupidity required to assemble Madison’s current school board is remarkable and what is downright pathetic is the majority of Madisonians proudly walk around oozing that unmistakable superiority complex that one cannot help but feel if you come anywhere near them.


  12. A Voice in the Wilderness says:

    Flow chart?! Talk about a bureaucratic Circle of Hell (with apologies to Dante)…


  13. Mark Lemberger says:

    Any idiot can, and will complicate a process. See every government entity.
    Wellington to a friend; “Sorry for the length of this letter. I did not have time to send a short one.”


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