Social justice warriors shut down Madison school board

This is what they mean by ‘The Mob’

The Metro Madison School District has no budget for the next school year because the Board of Education was not allowed to get to its agenda. This Monday night (10-29-18) about 60 cop-hating, race-obsessed social justice warriors shut down the school board meeting.

They want cops out of schools and by God and dammit, they’re going to prove that MMSD needs cops at the school board meetings.

Freedom Inc., International Socialists, and Progressive Dane flooded the zone with speaker after speaker F-bombing the school board, cops, Racist America, and white people in general. They mocked board president Mary Burke for mispronouncing difficult Hmong names scrawled on the speaker slips. They cited scattered instances of police misbehavior from the past in Maryland, Texas, and Georgia — as if that applied to the four educational resource officers in Madison’s high schools. Three of them are black men, the fourth is an hispanic woman.

They claimed they did not feel safe with police in the schools, as if EROs shot up the bus leaving La Follette high school. As if the cop shot up the neighborhood surrounding the school. How many of the students and staff felt safe hunkered down on lock-down? Three kids were injured, all of color. Some of us don’t feel safe at the school board meetings, including my 70-year-old wife. She would not accompany me after being physically harassed at the last meeting.

The school board recessed in a futile attempt to restore order but after reconvening the Far-Left mob accelerated its tactics, marching down to the proscenium at the seven members (the eighth, a non-voting student rep), its superintendent and district counsel. They unfurled their banners, shouted their chants, and pounded their fists.

I asked a La Follette parent who had come to support police in schools to call 911. The police did respond and helped district security to clear the auditorium.

The irony is that this very liberal school board is reaping what it has sown. There is no blaming Donald Trump, Scott Walker, or various Koch Boys. This is the identity politics of Madison-style liberal-progressive-socialism come home to roost.


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45 Responses to Social justice warriors shut down Madison school board

  1. Nancy says:

    I watched this on TV tonight. Totaly clueless being led by The Derail Jail people. When you throw your agenda in peoples faces like that it tends to backfire. You would’ve thought they would’ve learned their lesson after the Dane County Board fiasco. The lack of respect and f bombs by kids and some of their parents blew me away. No doubt they are all patting themselves on the back for a job well done. Any chance any of the local news stations were there. Would love to see this video on the 10 PM news and tomorrow mornings early news.


  2. Bill Everley says:

    Purely an attention getting move. They know they cannot win.


    • Bill Everley wrote, “They know they cannot win.”

      They know nothing of the sort.


      • Bill Everley says:

        wrong ’em boyo…if they thought they could win on the merits of their arguments, they wouldn’t pull these stunts. The BOE already has the votes to defeat Freedom Inc. This shit is just for show.


        • Bill Everley wrote, “if they thought they could win on the merits of their arguments, they wouldn’t pull these stunts.”

          I agree; however, this is how they think they can win – ask’em and they’ll tell you so.
          This is their go-to tactic.

          Yes, yes, yes I know I was using the word “think” rather loosely.


  3. Tom Paine says:

    Vinceremos! Hallmark slogan of the Cuban Marxists has come home to “Progressive” Madison.

    Too funny! Really, too funny! Turn the nation over the illiterates, the Commies, the Anti-intellectuals and the Neo-Stalinists..

    Why lose sleep over this? If you don’t have kids………who cares? Turn the Asylum over to the Stalinists. Give diplomas to everyone. They are all brain surgeons. It is Wascist to contend otherwise. Affirmative Action Brain Surgeons…………the piece of paper on the wall says so. Who are you to question competence?

    We must legislate proportional outcomes. More women in prison……..’cause they’re under-represented. More convictions against women for rape — .’cause they’re under-represented More Tranny’s on the Badger Football Team —.’cause they’re under-represented More male nurses….’cause they’re under-represented More black dairy farmers ……’cause they’re under-represented MORE white owners of Casino operations in Wisconsin —- .’cause they’re under-represented

    Eh? What’s your blood quantum? What is your DNA?

    Merit? Work history? Demonstrated competence? Racially blind legal system? Ha……time to abandon such nonsense and vote. Nothing more democratic than a lynch mob. {don’t agree? count the votes of the crowd}

    This is what democracy looks like….as you pay for others to control U consciousness. Property taxes are now voluntary.


  4. Eric Z says:

    Was madam Brenda there? She has a LOT more time on her hands nowadays.


  5. Let it be known; Madison’s “inner city” is like many other metropolitan inner cities right now, they are all pressure cookers for the SJWC (Social Justice Warrior Cult) that’s driven by Emotion Trumps Critical Thinking and on the verge of exploding.

    Progressives have known for years that the only way they can achieve their totalitarian goals is to intentionally turn people into blithering idiots, a society driven by the same tumultuous emotions that drive ignorant middle-schoolers entering puberty, and intentionally drive society into utter chaos. Then when they have achieved their complete chaos they offer their totalitarian nonsense as the ONLY way out of the chaos that they intentionally created.

    The United States Political Left Has Been Permanently Radicalized

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    • Yes The United States Political Left Has Been Permanently Radicalized.

      “I believe if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and/or the Senate that’s when civility can start again.” Hillary Clinton

      So Democrats can only be civil when they are the party in control. Got it.

      “This is nascent fascism. We always had a turnkey, totalitarian state — all we needed was an excuse, and all the institutions were in place to turn this into pure fascism”, “If we don’t stop [President Trump] now, then we will have a revolution for real. Then there will be blood in the streets.” James Cromwell

      We will have a revolution for real and there will be blood in the streets if the Democrats don’t win. Got it.

      If anyone cares to notice, there is a trend towards uncivil revolt and it’s not coming from Trump. The minion social justice warrior cult will be leading the way towards martyrdom.


  6. Would LUV to see the breakdown of how many of these illiterate, foul-mouthed thugs are on the dole.

    Who pays their rent, how many whip out their SNAP/EBT cards at the liquor store/tat parlor, how many had to leave work early (HAH!) and got to the meeting with free bus passes/cab vouchers?

    It’s abundantly clear precious few of them have completed a Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig program.

    Freakin’ imbecilic parasites! They’re too stupid to realize that they’re setting up their progeny for more of the same.

    “Is there no respect of place, persons, or time in you?” W. Shakespeare

    The Gotch


  7. madisonexpat says:

    God is laughing at the Madison School Board.
    Madam Konkel’s monster is alive!
    This, ABob, is karma.


  8. coolkevs says:

    Wow, any thoughts Bob and Lazy-Ack?


    • AnonyBob says:

      Not really. This is a local story/news and I’m not local. I don’t like disrupting publicly elected bodies to the point where they can’t conduct public business, but some commenters here are getting apocalyptic over some thugs.


    • richard lesiak says:

      plenty of thoughts, but if I express them here I will probably be spiked like I was last week. Keep your tutu clean snowflake.


  9. coolkevs says:

    Huh, Channel 3000 is showing “disruptive” in quotes. What the hell does that mean? No word from Biden meeting across the street from last night’s meeting.


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  11. jeffsimpson7 says:

    do you have any proof of socialists or Progressive Dane being there?


    • David Blaska says:

      Freedom Inc. is up boasting about shutting down a democratically elected unit of local government. Registering their approval are County Board Supv. Heidi Wegleitner and former school board candidate Ananda Mirilli. Progressive Dane’s platform says get cops out of schools. PD was a partner in the Derail the Jail movement that shut down the Dane County Board last November.

      Now, Jeff m’boy, you serve on Monona Grove school board. Your H.S. is a block away from La Follette. State for the record YOUR position on EROs. (Or are you P.D., too?)

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    • madisonexpat says:

      Yes. Count the idiots.

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      • jeffsimpson7 says:

        Dave I am so impressed that you are a hound dog for democracy. I bet you were incensed when the Fitzwalkerstan Thugs redistricted in secrecy, to the tune of a couple million dollars of taxpayer money to circumvent democracy ….. See I was also. I knew we could find common ground if we worked at it.

        I am sure you are also monitoring the Georgia Governors race with disdain from afar….the person overseeing the election is on the top of the ticket….WTF – #amiright

        Where do you get a registering approval list?? Did the school board put a Freedom Inc approval/disapproval sign up sheet? Id love to see that one.

        I did watch the video by the way…yes it was ridiculous. As a general rule of thumb, if your protest is making Dave Blaska giddy, then you are doing it wrong. I saw the danger you were in by the sheet of white paper in front of your camera. You would think that Soros could afford something a bit more hightech than copy paper wouldnt you? I hope you did not get a paper cut, those things hurt way more than they should. Its a jungle out there.

        hey Expat, since you are tuned into God can you see who the top fantasy player will be this weekend? Its been a couple weeks since I hit on my Fanduel and could use a payout! #thanksinadvance

        One last thing, dave, your getting older now, I hope you stretched before you made that crazy PD leap……

        The Gotch


        • jeffsimpson7,
          You must be a Progressive, when you were asked by Dave to state for the record your position on ERO’s you deflected and completely failed to state a coherent position which is what most slimy Progressives do when confronted. I’m actually quite surprised you didn’t squeeze in calling this blog racist into this comment too.

          Are you just showing us your Political Antiology?

          For the record: Kemp take a formal leave of absence from his position and literally have nothing to do with it for the duration of the election process.


        • I’ll fix what was obvious to most readers by reading the entire sentence in context. I forgot a word so shoot me Richard aka Mr Petty.

          For the record: Kemp should take a formal leave of absence from his position and literally have nothing to do with it for the duration of the election process.


        • richard lesiak says:

          Kemp did not take a leave of absence.


        • madisonexpat says:

          There are things you need far more than a payout. When you play, the game is called Damfool.


  12. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Madison liberals are indeed reaping what they’ve sown. And it’s delicious to witness. They can’t even conduct a meeting without being shut down by the very people whose best interests they claim to champion. The MSM has been making condescending remarks and indignant denials of the Left’s endorsement of mob rule. To paraphrase JFK, “Let them come to Madison.”


  13. madisonexpat says:

    Freedom Inc. has $900k. Take it back.


  14. richard lesiak says:

    zoltar(not his real name and breaking copy-right law)…I am taking a short break this afternoon and then back to working for Evers.


    • richard lesiak wrote, “breaking copy-right law”

      You made he accusation, the burden of proof is on you Richard, now man up.

      FTR: Richard the Lyinheart has made this ridiculous accusation multiple times and he still hasn’t supported it with any proof what-so-ever, all he has is accusations.


      • As you have been told before dumbass, I know all about Zoltar machines and the company that makes them and their statement on their website but what you have failed over and over again to do is to backup your accusation that I’m actually breaking copyright law which you obviously know nothing about. Go ahead, quote the law that you claim I’m breaking, I mean it, quote it.

        Now put up or shut up, you ignorant alki-bopping dumbass.


      • richard lesiak wrote, “It’s not up to me to put up anything.”

        Guilty until proven innocent. Typical Progressive BS.

        richard lesiak wrote, “Your the one breaking the law.”

        You can’t provide anything to support your accusation because it doesn’t exist. Typical Progressive deflect with false accusation BS.

        You can’t prove your accusation and you continually try to shift the responsibility to the accused to prove a negative and that sir is not possible. More typical Progressive BS.

        Richard is just another ignorant Progressive presenting their ignorant accusations as fact. Such blatant ignorance cannot go unchallenged. I’ve had enough of your false accusation BS!

        For The Record: I’ve had the nickname Zoltar Speaks with some people since around the time the movie Big came out in 1988.

        Also For The Record: The company you have referred to doesn’t actually own the trademark yet, they have what is called a NOTICE OF ALLOWANCE (NOA) – ISSUE DATE: Sep 11, 2018 as registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Here is what an actual Trademark Certificate for ZOLTAR looks like looks like, this one happens to be using different base classifications. There can be multiple trademarks for the same thing, like ZOLTAR, at the same time as long as their base classes don’t overlap. Please note that according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office the first registered trademark for ZOLTAR was in 1999.

        Here is your challenge for the day Mr. Lesiak; provide the trademark registration certificate or notice of allowance for either ZOLTAR or ZOLTAR SPEAKS trademark that covers a class that contains the use of pseudonyms such as mine; you must also provide the class description that contains the use of pseudonyms for this to make any since at all. HERE is the place to begin your search.

        There Richard; since it is impossible to prove a negative I’ve provided you the tools to try to prove your claim. If you cannot prove your claim because the trademark either doesn’t exist or you’re to damned stupid to figure it out, then STFU and stop your idiotic trolling!

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  15. richard lesiak says:

    Sheldon Adelson; where are you? A member of your faith; Soros, is under attack. Why the silence. Who are you supporting with your billions?


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  17. richard lesiak says:

    Wow; here’s a great twist. Three militia members (white and crazy) on trial for an attempted bombing of a mosque and apartment complex have put up this defense. Trump’s rhetoric and Russian propaganda drove them to do it. WHAT? They are blaming their hero, throwing him under the bus to save their sorry asses? These bomb throwing, armed to the teeth, freedom fighters have turned pussy and are blaming trump’s rhetoric for their actions? Where have we heard that before? That’s as crazy as walker saying he will cover pre-existing conditions after filling a law suit to do away with that very thing. Am I right?


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