Social justice warriors shut down Madison school board

This is what they mean by ‘The Mob’

The Metro Madison School District has no budget for the next school year because the Board of Education was not allowed to get to its agenda. This Monday night (10-29-18) about 60 cop-hating, race-obsessed social justice warriors shut down the school board meeting.

They want cops out of schools and by God and dammit, they’re going to prove that MMSD needs cops at the school board meetings.

Freedom Inc., International Socialists, and Progressive Dane flooded the zone with speaker after speaker F-bombing the school board, cops, Racist America, and white people in general. They mocked board president Mary Burke for mispronouncing difficult Hmong names scrawled on the speaker slips. They cited scattered instances of police misbehavior from the past in Maryland, Texas, and Georgia — as if that applied to the four educational resource officers in Madison’s high schools. Three of them are black men, the fourth is an hispanic woman.

They claimed they did not feel safe with police in the schools, as if EROs shot up the bus leaving La Follette high school. As if the cop shot up the neighborhood surrounding the school. How many of the students and staff felt safe hunkered down on lock-down? Three kids were injured, all of color. Some of us don’t feel safe at the school board meetings, including my 70-year-old wife. She would not accompany me after being physically harassed at the last meeting.

The school board recessed in a futile attempt to restore order but after reconvening the Far-Left mob accelerated its tactics, marching down to the proscenium at the seven members (the eighth, a non-voting student rep), its superintendent and district counsel. They unfurled their banners, shouted their chants, and pounded their fists.

I asked a La Follette parent who had come to support police in schools to call 911. The police did respond and helped district security to clear the auditorium.

The irony is that this very liberal school board is reaping what it has sown. There is no blaming Donald Trump, Scott Walker, or various Koch Boys. This is the identity politics of Madison-style liberal-progressive-socialism come home to roost.


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  2. richard lesiak says:

    Wow; here’s a great twist. Three militia members (white and crazy) on trial for an attempted bombing of a mosque and apartment complex have put up this defense. Trump’s rhetoric and Russian propaganda drove them to do it. WHAT? They are blaming their hero, throwing him under the bus to save their sorry asses? These bomb throwing, armed to the teeth, freedom fighters have turned pussy and are blaming trump’s rhetoric for their actions? Where have we heard that before? That’s as crazy as walker saying he will cover pre-existing conditions after filling a law suit to do away with that very thing. Am I right?


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