Identity politics is killing Madison #2

Madison opinion leader to Blaska:
“I share some of your concerns.
I don’t think it’s as stark as you seem to think.”

⇒ Previously, “It’s getting stark out there.”

We must wait for the Spring election returns from Brookfield but the early results from Madison WI are daunting. The canary is feet up in the coal mine. When will it be “stark” enough?

The cold-blooded, point-blank murders of Dr. Potter and Mr. Carre in the dark woods the night of March 30 — allegedly at the hands of two high school seniors — is rooted in the same diseased tree as the epidemic of teenage car thefts and gun play plaguing Madison today.

Khari Sanford with Glock

A selfie — from the criminal complaint. 

This victimhood culture that the gone-girl school superintendent, Jennifer Cheatham, incorporated into the curriculum is — quite literally — killing Madison. Madison’s public schools — reinforced by city leaders and the national media — teach the blame game. It’s not YOUR fault, young person. It’s THEIR FAULT. Implicit bias, white privilege, institutional racism, et cetera. 

Madison’s public schools, under Cheatham, expropriated control of the classroom from the teacher and control over the school from principals. Discipline — show up on time for class, ready to listen and learn — is derided as the tool of white supremacists. The goal was to make the racial numbers work.

Madison teaches chaos

By the summer of 2018, the results were in. The so-called racial achievement gap was unchanged. So was the racial gap in student discipline — except that fewer students of any race ever faced discipline.

The WI State Journal recognized the problem. Cheatham’s Behavior Education Plan “… emphasized the need to avoid suspending or expelling misbehaving students — largely as a way to reduce the disproportionate number of students of color who were missing school due to behavior problems.”

After four years of the legalistic Behavior Education Plan, at a cost of $15 million, Madison’s public school classrooms were more unruly than ever. While out-of-school suspensions dropped from 2,905 in 2013-14 to 2,521 in 2018, “Behavior incidents” nearly doubled. (More here.)

No Cops School Oct 29-18 shotdown

Another school board meeting disrupted, as Jen Cheatham (upper right) stands by helpless at what she had wrought — chaos from the same folks who wanted to Derail the Jail. But where would we put Beth Potter and Robin Carre’s killers?

Police are the problem?

One parent (among many) told school board in summer of 2018: 

“Students have gotten the impression that they can do whatever they want and there’s not going to be any consequence.”

Award-winning teacher Karen Vieth described what it looked like at Sherman middle school before she quit in disgust two summers ago:

With discipline removed and no true restoration happening, our climate quickly degraded over the course of three years. Students can swear at teachers, use hate language, talk about blowing up the school, walk out of classrooms, or hit a peer.

They would take a quick break out of the classroom and be back to start all over again exhibiting the same behaviors five to ten minutes later. … Students have pushed staff, broken multiple panes of glass in the windows and doors, and brought weapons and drugs to school. The hallways have been filled to the brim with yelling, swearing, pushing, and shoving. …

Cameron McLay

Madison’s deputy mayor for law enforcement, guilt mongering and virtue signaling

Sell crazy somewhere else

The Hispanic male (he’s more than that but Madison is all about identity politics) chosen as Cheatham’s successor got drawn and quartered in the tug of war between Madison’s identity groups — African-Americans insisting they get one of their own, Hispanics to the rescue. Who can blame Matthew Gutierrez for skedaddling back to in Seguin, Texas for less pay and lower doses of crazy? (More here.)

•   “Mr. Rob,” the teacher who helped develop the school district’s restorative justice handbook, made the fatal mistake of trying to restrain an out-of-control student of the wrong race. For his troubles, superintendent Cheatham threw the educator under the school bus well before a police investigation and the district attorney’s review cleared him of any wrong-doing. The veteran educator — jobless — changed his physical appearance, so much had he now become a pariah, a social outcast, an untouchable, a non-person. (More here.)

•   Fifteen to 20 middle school students bust up Lakeview branch library in March 2019 and taunt, “We don’t have to listen to the police. You can’t touch us.” Where did they learn that? If at home, can’t our schools help them unlearn it? One of the mothers advertised for a cheap lawyer. She wanted to cash in on some of that sweaty white liberal guilt. (More here.)

•   A gaggle of race-baiters incorporated as Freedom Inc. brazenly disrupt school board meetings and intimidate parents who support police (school resource officers) in the four main high schools. Rather than restore order, the school board fled into the night when the social justice warriors shut down the 2018 annual budget meeting. The Democrat serving as Dane County’s district attorney refused to prosecute despite complaints from three citizens. Then again, the citizens were privileged and white. (More here.)

•   A few weeks ago, The Capital Times (“Dane County’s Progressive Voice”) invested its cover story on a minority-race mother’s pique over the disciplining of her precious grade-school child but “spent zero time discussing the implications of the child’s misbehavior,” as one reader lamented.

•   The very utterance of the N word, even by a proud African-American father trying to educate young people, results in summary dismissal. (Ask Marlon Anderson.) The brain-dead triumph of progressive virtue-signaling.

Is it getting ‘stark’ enough for you?

Next: How many more must die?

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8 Responses to Identity politics is killing Madison #2

  1. patrickmoloughlin says:

    I can’t understand why it didn’t work better. If you have a disproportionate number of African Americans being suspended or expelled because of behavior problems, then the remedy is to reduce the number of African Americans who are expelled or suspended. They did that, and I just cannot fathom why the result was not better behavior all around. Surely the Behavioral Plan measured results, didn’t they? Somewhere, somebody (teacher, principal, board member, superintendent, union leader) must have looked at this and concluded that, “Yes, I can definitely say that problem behavior has been reduced, since we adopted the policy of avoiding suspensions and expulsions of students of color, at all costs. Allowing the problem students to come back to school right away has proven to be a big plus overall”

    I just wan’t to see them say it with a straight face.


  2. George's Son says:

    All are sad & ironic stories. They’re lookin’ thru the wrong end of the telescope “to avoid suspending or expelling misbehaving students as a way to reduce the disproportionate number of students of color”. Yes, that IS killing people. MadExpat’s recent apropos post sums it up nicely: “Be Woke. Get smoked.” If Karofsky somehow gets elected, that will be quite the “break the school to prison pipeline” dream team: The DA, the Dane county judges and… the WI Supreme Court. BTW, I saw that recently the Juvenile Center turned away a few deserving prospects recently -What’s up w/ that?


  3. Batman says:

    Computer models have conclusively traced the underlying cause of this horrific tragedy directly to the Great Divider in Chief, aka ex-prez Obama, and in our household we believe in science.


  4. Frank James says:

    These troubled kids deserve better. They deserve better parents, those who understand that parenting doesn’t stop after a baby is conceived. They deserve a school system that expects excellence from every student. They deserve teachers that know that they will be backed by the school district when they do right by their students in requiring them to adhere to a code of conduct while they are in school or on the school grounds.

    Kids will become feral if not held to account for their actions. They will also fail most academic work that they are not interested in unless they suffer some consequences for not performing their jobs, i. e., being an actual participant in their own education instead of being a bystander.

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  6. Batman says:

    This just in:
    Ali Muldrow was overheard in a coffee shop today chatting up a friend about how cool it would be if Al Sharpton found himself in need of a job and decided to embrace the challenge of becoming Madison’s new Chief MMSD Superintendent. Muldrow continued by saying that not only would he seriously kick some guilty skinny white ass but she would finally have a male counterpart she could relate to.

    Let us pray-


  7. TR says:

    Don’t Care Any More! I Say Let’em All Burn!!


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