Cops & security allow Madison school board to do its job!

After debating whether to expel cops from schools for almost two years (and they’re still not done)!

At the end of Wednesday afternoon’s emergency meeting of the Madison Board of Education — instead of chants of “F*Bomb the police” — there was the sound of one man clapping.

That would be yours truly, CEO of the Blaska Policy Werkes, who witnessed a local government meeting in all of its wondrous tedium. The meeting began and ended without interruption. It passed an annual budget ($415.6 million) and did a little policy work as well. (How can T.J. Mertz vote against $3 million in state money for classroom security door locks?) All without disruption. Without harassment, chanting, profanity, name-calling, race-baiting, taunting, marching and obstructing. 

What a contrast with Monday night’s mob-driven chaos! (“Social justice warriors shut down school board.”

School Board front row

One of the security measures taken before the meeting. Another: no speaker’s podium

We applauded the Madison school district Wednesday for finally cooperating with the police. They reached out to the MPD, Central District Lt. Brian Chaney Austin told us on Tuesday. Police and school district developed a secret plan of action. 


Joe Balles when he was a captain of police

After Wednesday’s hitch-free meeting, we personally congratulated district security director Joe Balles for a job well done. The former Madison captain of police was on the scene directing his six or eight security people. The few attendees were handed a statement on MMSD letterhead that oh-so-politely requested they “refrain from engaging in any conduct that interferes with the ability of the board to conduct its business.”

We espied no police, uniformed or otherwise, but Balles told me they were nearby and ready to respond at a moment’s notice. It may have been the short notice. Let’s face it, MMSD security is outmanned and unarmed. They could never have restored order Monday evening from the mob of 60 or more disrupters. (“I have 3 little children to protect from this mob.”) Instead, the school board shut down the meeting and fled into the night.

That lack of resolve pushed the district up against a state-mandated deadline to approve a budget by today (11-01-18). The district took the expedient of piggybacking on an already planned, non-voting working session that was scheduled for yesterday. 

That gave the social justice warriors from Freedom Inc. and the International Socialists only a day to counter. At that, they summoned (by my count) 19 soldiers, most of whom sat in the back. At one point, they did their finger-clicking thing in response to an anti-cop comment from board member Nikki Vander Meulen but otherwise behaved themselves. Make no mistake, they read this blog. They know the cops were ready for them.


They even behaved themselves when board members “accepted” the report of its ad hoc committee on educational resource officers, aka Cops in Schools. Board veep James Howard softened the blow by alleging that “acceptance” did not mean approval. 

But, yeah it does. Brother Mike Blaska chaired the Dane County Board for four years. Afterwards, he conducted seminars for county boards around Wisconsin on parliamentary procedure. Supervisors in this county never “accept” a report.

The county board received many reports — even paid good money for some of them. But we never “accepted” one. Voted to implement a couple of their recommendations. That takes a motion to do just that. Shelved others completely. The good English word “accept” is not a synonym for “receive.” Indeed, Roberts Rules of Order states that accepting a report “has the effect of endorsing the statement.”  (See Section 54.)

Had the mob permitted your bloggeur to speak Monday night, he would have encouraged the board to “accept” only eight of the 15 recommendations. A committee composed of suspended and arrested kids to review the cops? Are you spitting me?! (See “Handcuffing the cops.”)

(On the vote to “accept” — no need to recuse, Gloria Reyes. You are not employed by the police department.)

Local news media: pay attention! Cops in schools is not over as an issue! At some point, the school board will have to ratify a contract with MPD — that is, IF it can overcome the poison pills Dean Loumos and company recommended. The social justice warriors will be waiting.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Anyone see the irony? In order to conduct its mission to educate Madison’s children, the school board had to resort to the police. 

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  1. Scott F says:

    “Blaska’s Bottom Line: Anyone see the irony? In order to conduct its mission to educate Madison’s children, the school board had to resort to the police.“

    Of the same ilk as celebrities demonstrating for gun control while protected by armed bodyguards. Or shouting down the calls for a border wall from inside their gated compounds. Progressives have given up any sense of self awareness.

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    • @Scott F;

      ”celebrities demonstrating for gun control”

      “Progressives have given up any sense of self awareness.”

      It’s the only way they can look themselves in a painfully accurate mirror and EXACTLY why they can rely on the lock-steppin glassy eyin’ unquestionin’ support of NPC©™® Lefties like @richard lesiak, @AnonyBob, @Bill Everley, @hankdog/old baldy, @Dan B, @jeffsimpson7, et al!

      Ah Lefty; so MUCH hypocrisy, so little time!

      The Gotch

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      • richard lesiak says:

        Gotch’s favorite word; “HYPOCRISY”. Looks like the list of people calling you out and getting under your skin is getting longer by the day. Hey; it’s 11/1/18. Where’s our middle class tax cut trump? Where’s our bigly healthcare plan. So many indictments, so little time. Walker is the first name on a federal lawsuit to kill more of our healthcare, but his ads have violin music, mom hugs and promises he won’t keep. LIES LIES LIES.


        • coolkevs says:

          healthcare plan? I thought Obamacare was supposed to fix all that. But all we have now is something that Trump has to clean up after. LAZY LAZY LAZY


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Hard to cultivate a “sense of self-awareness” when you’re in a constant state of denial, blinkered by your hypocrisy, and consumed by hatred of anyone who dares question your innate ethical superiority.

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  2. The costs of door locks is closer to $6 Million than $3 Million, with the vast majority of this being local, not state money, much of that coming from funds budgeted last year for teaching and learning, but not spent ($file/School%20safety%20update-BOE%20Monday%2C%20June%2011.pdf). Earlier in the process I offered an amendment that would have provided sufficient funding for mechanical locks, at about half the cost of the electronic locks in the budget. I thought this was fiscally responsible and did not compromise safety. The amendment was defeated.

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  3. Has Madison stumbled on how to prevent disruptions at public meetings; hold them in the early afternoon when SJW’s are taking naps after challenging mornings replete with junk food breakfasting and cartoon viewing?

    And WHEN it’s decided that the MMSD will retain ERO’s, does the 77 Square Miles Surrounded By A Sea Of Reality have some assurance that its wildly successful Hug-a-Thug program will remain in place?

    The Gotch

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  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    This whole EROs-in-schools farce is a perfect example of how liberals need to go through a process that’s the parliamentary equivalent of the Ring Cycle in order to arrive at a conclusion that any sensible group of human beings could have reached in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the animosity and confusion. And what a delicious irony that the sanctimonious twits on the School Board at last had to resort to the threat of police intervention to complete their work.Sometimes reality manages to intrude even on the fabled 77 Square Miles.

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    • Tom Paine says:

      If anyone takes a step back and considers the future…………1 – 2 – 10 years forward, can anyone really make the case that educational culture of MSD will improve?

      Does anyone seriously think there will be less crime, fewer drugs, better scores, fewer gangs, greater safety? Cultural patterns of “the other” will destroy the system and what many of us once considered a great place to live.

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      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        Of course the “educational culture of MSD” won’t improve no matter how far into the future you choose to project because the same people (or their clones) will still be in charge Making change is premised on a recognition that the present way of doing things is flawed and therefore needs to be altered, whether minimally or radically. And since Madison liberals are incapable of admitting that the system of which they are completely in charge is anything but flawless, we’ll see endless sequels to the farce that was just played out. My own prediction is that 40 years from now the same members of the School Board will be helplessly wringing their hands over the same issues they’re so incompetently dealing with today. After all, Madison liberals keep re-electing a 150-year-old fossil to represent them in the State Senate and a slightly younger specimen to be their mayor. Why wouldn’t they do the same with the School Board?

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  5. @AnonyBob;

    “What an unbelievably STUPID video.”

    TRANSLATION: Go away…FAR AWAY mean Fact-Based Reality, you’s don’t confirm my stupid Lefty biases!

    “You think Hollywood (fake) violent entertainment that slack jaws like you lap up undercuts actors’ anti gun activism?”

    Sure do.

    It gets worse.

    I’m not alone.

    Kids who see guns in movies are more likely to pull the trigger in real life

    “Violence in movies is on the rise. As much as we’d like to believe that it doesn’t matter much, when it comes to our kids, it does.

    ”New research published in JAMA Pediatrics, shows that kids who watched a short movie with guns were more likely to pull the trigger on a real (unloaded) gun following the film compared to kids who watched a movie without guns. (bolds mine)

    Bet yer feeling pretty stupid right about now, am I right?

    Look at the bright side, it’s yer normal state.

    The Gotch


    • Batman says:

      bobo logic = elites jetting around in their private planes does not undermine their screeching message about the imminent apocalyptic effect of global warming.
      Extrapolate accordingly…

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    • AnonyBob says:

      Dave spiked my original comment. THANKS for repeating most of it, Gootch! I owe ya one.


      • richard lesiak says:

        That’s been happening a lot lately. I got spiked too.


        • @richard lesiak;

          “That’s been happening a lot lately. I got spiked too.”

          And youse are wondering why.


          Anywho, then stop posting tortured drivel in a manner similar to a common fishing technique where a baited hook is trailed behind a moving watercraft.

          Wait a minute.

          Were youse to stop posting tortured drivel in a manner similar to a common fishing technique where a baited hook is trailed behind a moving watercraft, we’d never hear from youse again.

          And were we to never hear from youse again, many (The Gotch included!) would no longer be able to draw a measure of sanity easily derived from reading yer tortured drivel.

          Never mind

          The Gotch


  6. Maggie says:

    Maybe they realized that screaming, cursing, and the inability to make a coherent statement might work in the streets, but not when dealing with adults that have the power to make a decision that they are fighting against. Many of those speakers, when not cursing and yelling, couldn’t get their point across and sounded so uneducated! I think they need to worry less about having cops in school and worry more about just going to school and learning how to make coherent statements. Maybe next time they should try to get in at least one sentence without repeatedly using words like “ain’t,” “gonna,” and “ya’ll.” Or maybe the threat of cops being at the meeting was enough to calm them, which is the exact reason cops are needed in school. I think they did more harm than good to their cause.

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    • White Hills says:

      Fu#* white people!

      It’s what to expect from Madison’s NGO crowd and their useful idiots.

      I recommend letting them keep at it. It wins elections. In 2 years time we can all breath a sigh of relief when the defunding finally begins.

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    • richard lesiak says:

      I were sittin’ arond the ol trailer house today watin’ for my ol lady to get back hear with my 12er and a bag of redman chew. The wether was good so that their newsy staton was comin in real good. yA know the one wit that there big fox on it. Yeah big an red an a bigly tail. Wriht there was mr Don tellin’ me nevr vote for no demoatic persom. ya’ll never votes for a somebody with a d back there names he says. I belief that comen from mr don. He say dat thodse r guys will take care of my doctor stuff. Don’t need no docter stuff. when my boye was birth thet docter he was gonna do some knida shots things. me and the ol lady say no way sir docter. Ain’t stiken no needle in my boy. nonever. an he grows up preity good. he be walkin funnie cause of the bracies and been sittin in special claases but anyways he be doin good. mr don says vote for mr scott and dats what me gonna do cause he say he take care of everiones. i hopes soo cause my womens she gots that de cougffin real bad and I’s need her to get that chew when we get dows stamps. we trade em at the gas place for chew an me beer. The big man thear looks the otter way cause it be some kinda law breakin thing. don’t ya tell no body now. so now I be lokkin for twosday comin. So I can vote a ballit for mr scott. Sea ya all there at dat voting place now ya here.


      • This is the kind of tripe-laden pap someone types when they think they’re being funny, despite actual thought processes not being employed.

        ODD kinda funny, am I right?

        Anywho, the kind of docter that is desperately needed here is NOT a practitioner of the physically healing arts variety.

        It gets worse.

        Murphy Brown:

        ‘Republicans Start Knife Fight, Weenie Democrats Show Up with Spatulas’!

        Ohhhhh, the ignominy of the Inconvenient Truth a fact-based reality provides!!

        The Gotch


  7. madisonexpat says:

    For those of us who appreciate irony this article is classic.

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  8. richard lesiak says:

    Oh Oh Looking like Zinke will be goin’ the same way as Pruitt. Say it ain’t true. Another trumpster gonna be gone. So many indictments; so little time.


    • The Hill: Democrats in Tough Races Throw Their Party Under the Bus

      New York Slimes: No One Wants to Campaign with Bill Clinton Anymore

      Et tu, The Hill & the NYS??

      Ah Lefty; so MUCH flailing desperation, so little time!

      The Gotch


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