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Police have no real friends on Madison school board

School board praises the disrupters No wonder Police Chief Mike Koval is miffed. (Reported here.) So are we. This blogge did not realize until this very day that school resource officers (as the Madison school board is now calling them) … Continue reading

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School board to vote on cops in school today!

Madison schools will train school cops to be more racially sensitive! Fasten your helmets. Gird your loins. Steel your resolve. Tell our story to the world if we don’t get back. We’re going to the Madison school board meeting tonight!  … Continue reading

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Official Madison’s war on diversity

No thousand points of light here! One sees those “DIVERSITY” stickers on every other Prius bumper here in the Emerald City. But Madison is a community that demands rigid conformity to the approved liberal dogma. Stray off the plantation and fear … Continue reading

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Cops & security allow Madison school board to do its job!

After debating whether to expel cops from schools for almost two years (and they’re still not done)! At the end of Wednesday afternoon’s emergency meeting of the Madison Board of Education — instead of chants of “F*Bomb the police” — there … Continue reading

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