Police have no real friends on Madison school board

School board praises the disrupters

No wonder Police Chief Mike Koval is miffed. (Reported here.) So are we. This blogge did not realize until this very day that school resource officers (as the Madison school board is now calling them) have no real advocates on the current school board. 

The school board would have sided with the F-bombing social justice warriors had it not been for — of all things — Scott Waker and the Republican legislature. As it is, they may worm out of contracting for police by making Mike Koval the fall guy.

As we said earlier, the Madison Board of Education added yet another poison pill Monday night (12-17-19) that would allow the district to expel police from Madison’s troubled high schools “for cause.” 

Not the troublemakers — the police!

T.J. Mertz, who is up for re-election in April, sponsored the amendment. “If there are problems [the police] are not coming back to school the next day. They’re going to be out of the building.”

This is on top of a long list of restrictions on those troublesome cops devised by the school board committee dominated by Progressive Dane cop haters, including a separate grievance procedure outside that authorized by  state law.

As it was, the Board of Education proposed a new three-year contract with Madison Police by only a 4-2 vote. One switch and the motion would have failed.

Voting YES were T.J. Mertz, Dean Loumos, James Howard, and board president Mary Burke. 

Voting NO were Kate Toews and Nikki Vander Meulen  (Member Gloria Reyes was not present, believing she had a conflict of interest because she is deputy mayor.)

Three of the four said the only reason they voted Aye was because of a state law passed in the wake of the school shootings at Parkland, Florida. Wisconsin Act 143 mandates that school personnel immediately report  “serious and imminent threats to the health or safety of a student, school employee, or the public” and to do so without seeking prior approval from school bureaucracy. 

“The state passed legislation that, under penalty of law, requires our staff to call police directly under certain circumstances,” Mertz said. “That reinforced my belief there would be police in the schools. [The proposed contract] gives us greater control.”

Invest in Cops 12-17-19

Just some of the fun and games Monday night at the Madison school board

Board vice president James Howard agreed. “They pass a state law and now anyone can call the police. I have a real problem with that. One of biggest problems we have had is staff calling police. I don’t want staff calling the police. … I don’t know what is an imminent threat?”

With 4,200 school district staff, one is bound to call in the police when trouble breaks out. Might as well have them in the school and under the nominal control of the school district, member Dean Loumos theorized. “Not having that [for cause] clause is baffling to me.”

We can’t be doing this!

But member Kate Toews showed some appreciation for the law. “It’s not in the contractual ability of MMSD to select or unselect officers in our schools — particularly the ability to remove officers.” Not that Toews supports police in schools. Far from it!

Member Nikki Vander Meulen noted that the proposed contract requires school resource officers to be trained in autism, brain development, racial bias. “The training that is required for EROs is very different than the training provided for teacher… I’m not sure can provide that training.”

Many of the members betrayed the school board’s antipathy toward police in general.  Dean Loumos:I would look at this as our last contract. Where is the data that says this helps? There really isn’t any.”

Members went out of their way to praise the social justice warriors who again disrupted Monday night’s meeting, forcing the board to call a recess. Who again hurled the F-bomb, mocked president Burke, chanted their slogans, and cried Racism and — at a previous meeting — called Howard “a so-called black man.”

The school board is so proud of you,
Freedom Inc. ringleader Bianca Gomez

Here is member Kate Toews: “I want to express my appreciation for community members and young people who have come to speak to us, who have been poignant, committed and persuasive. I’m proud to have them in Madison. So, thank you. I’m not sure we’re doing the right thing.”

President Burke agreed: “The people who have shown up have had an enormous impact.”

(Dean Loumos actually apologized to the disrupters who shouted Blaska down at a June committee meeting for allowing Blaska to speak!)

Only Howard had a kind word for the four school police who, like himself, are minorities — which makes the social justice warriors charges of racism so ridiculous.

“I like our EROs. I think they fit into our schools very nicely; they know our students and that is very important.”

Chief Koval will discuss school resource officers with Vicki McKenna at 5:15 this afternoon on 1310 AM. Blaska will follow at 5:35 p.m. 

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21 Responses to Police have no real friends on Madison school board

  1. Mark Porter says:

    Perhaps I’m missing something but, since the School District doesn’t seem to like Madison police in schools, why can’t MMSD contract/create or otherwise engage their own security staff for schools?


  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Let’s try a novel approach, which may require the complete suspension of the suffocating White Lefty Guilt from which Mertz, et al, suffer mightily:

    If there are problems [the THUGS-in-TRAINING, I mean students] aren’t coming back to school the next day. They’re going to be out of the building!

    The Gotch


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  4. Batman says:

    Koval has been going about this all wrong.
    He is dealing with a mindset of white guilt, not logical reasonable thinking. He is dealing with apathetic parents or parents that don’t support school EROs, so give them what they want and observe the ensuing increased chaos and violence.
    Let the regressives have their way until the entire paradigm immolates.
    Koval (or a spokesperson) do not use the bully pulpit nearly enough to continually explain the process in real time to the local MSM.

    A year ago he could have revised the proposed contract in consultation with the four EROs and submitted a clear simple outline of what is and is not acceptable. A unsatisfactory counter proposed contract is simply declared unacceptable, and the current contract allowed to expire. In Madison, white guilt supersedes the impaired education of 90% of students who genuinely want to learn. Let the inmates run the asylum. That is the Freedom Inc. way.


    • Tom Paine says:

      batman —> ya read my mind [ “give them what they want and observe the ensuing increased chaos and violence. Let the regressives have their way until the entire paradigm immolates. ] Next move- ban safes in banks; remove side-arms from policemen; remove red lights from patrol cars — Green only, they’re more eco-friendly.


  5. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    “I’m not sure we’re doing the right thing.” There’s the can-do spirit we want in our local leaders. Was there ever a more blinkered, pusillanimous pack of ideologues than the specimens on the Madison School Board? If you’re elected to this august body, Dave, you’d better bring along a translator–it’s clear these morons speak a language unintelligible to rational human beings.

    Oh, and “poignant” isn’t the first word that comes to mind (my mind, anyway) when gazing at that photo of thugess extraordinaire Bianca Gomez.


  6. Marge Bils says:

    If I were a teacher I would be out of this system ASAP. Why aren’t the teachers speaking out against this madness. Students cannot learn in this atmosphere & teachers must be past frustrated trying to tech in this chaos. The disparity we see in the schools is because of behavior & the police are there to keep people from harming each other!😡

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    • Sprocket says:

      Madison teachers and their union are part and parcel of this farce. They are unequivocally on board the social justice band wagon. Why should any officer risk their safety or career babysitting the thuglettes that MMSD has empowered?

      I’m with Batman. Pull the cops out and let events take their natural course. Let the teachers deal with what they’ve created. Perhaps getting punched in the face a bit will help them reassess things.


      • Batman says:

        Sprocket wrote:
        “Madison teachers and their union are part and parcel of this farce. They are unequivocally on board the social justice band wagon.”

        A sincere question ~~~> please explain.


  7. Earl says:

    How about this. Assign 4 Officers to each school. Inside. Who’s going to kick them out? The janitor?


  8. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    I’m reminded of the Captain Willard (Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now!) quote:

    The bull$#!t piles up so fast, you need wings to stay above it.

    The Gotch


  9. Batman says:

    When Buttercup and Blayne come home from school bloodied and disoriented, the horrified parents will raise holy hell and demand answers. Well the answer is that you couldn’t get off your apathetic fat ass to get involved while a bunch of spineless, guilt ridden imbeciles allowed the Antifa JV (Freedom Inc.) to determine BEP at your kid’s school. Plus, what’s a little collateral damage when there is progress to be made against historical systemic racism.
    This is the Madison way…

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  10. Gordy Sussman says:

    Scenario for your consideration: Chief K has had enough, refuses contract with Schools. Absent armed professional security, the schools are vulnerable to mischief by the likes of those who have discharged firearms proximate to school grounds this year. Ultimate nightmare = school shooting. MPD gets blame for refusing to patrol/secure schools. Chief, you’re likely familiar with Kipling’s poem Tommy…friends of this blog, Google it. Covers MPD vs. Madison Schools nicely.


  11. Batman says:

    Point taken Gordy.
    That is why Koval should have been utilizing his bully pulpit to continually communicate real time to the public via the local MSM. That way everything is on tape to be accessed when necessary.
    Perhaps it is not too late.


  12. madisonexpat says:

    Jesus wept.


  13. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    MPD doesn’t need the Madison School Board, and in typical Madison fashion, the School Board will realize they need MPD too late.

    At no cost, citizens may commit random acts of gratitude toward LE to let them know that not every inhabitant of the 77 Square Miles Surrounded By A Sea Of Reality is a POS ”F**k The Police” Lefty.

    When I’m out running or walking and see a LE officer not involved in anything pressing, I walk up and thank them for their service; if they’re in a moving vehicle I wave.

    On the 9th while walking my Good Golden Girl through Odana Hills Golf Course parking lot, I approached 2 LE vehicles next to each other talking. When I got within 10 yards, one of them (both females) powered down their window to ask if they could help.

    This I took as their being cautious, assessing the situation to see if I was a threat. Who could blame them? The attitude that festers like a weeping boil on the keester of our Fair City is they’re (to paraphrase a FreeDUMB Inc moron) “trained to kill Black children.”

    I wasn’t a threat, and my thanking them for their service prompted an enthusiastic appreciation. I did the same thing to a single vehicle in the same place last Sunday; the officer said it made her day.

    Sometimes something as simple as that, and as easy to do, mitigates much of the crap they take from enabling Madison Lefties and the gimmee gimmee/generationally dependent/living by another’s leave/you’s OWE me a living/Thugocracy Cop Haters.

    The Gotch


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  15. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    There’s a great editorial in the WI SJ, “This police officer most definitely belongs in Madison’s schools,” which profiles Zulma Franco, who serves as an ERO at East HS. It was a simple but effective idea–introduce readers to an individual officer–one whose background and experience is similar to that of the students she serves–and thereby transcend the kind of vicious stereotypes peddled by the Freedom Inc. thugs. Franco says, “Even though [students] may have preconceived notions about what a police officer is, I have changed that. They see me as their officer.” This, of course, is something the Freedom Inc. crowd will never admit: that it’s better to judge an individual on his or her merits and accomplishments rather than on his race or job.


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