School board to vote on cops in school today!

Madison schools will train school cops
to be more racially sensitive!

Police EROs 2019

Justin Creech, West; Rod Johnson, La Follette; Zulma Franco, East; Tray Turner, Memorial H.S.

Fasten your helmets. Gird your loins. Steel your resolve. Tell our story to the world if we don’t get back. We’re going to the Madison school board meeting tonight! 

The school board is voting on cops in schools! 

Meeting starts at 5:45 p.m. today (Monday, 12-17-18) with speaker sign-up at MMSD hdq 545 W. Dayton Street. Gavel comes down at 6 p.m. You can watch live here.

That won’t stop the Freedom Inc. disrupters. They will show up in force and with their bullying bile at full boil. Here is betting they do their damnedest to test the school district’s revised security system. (Odd that a school district pledged to stop bullying in the classroom allowed their bullying tactics for so long at school board meetings.)

Dane County’s district attorney, Ismael Ozanne, has signaled that intimidating citizens and shutting down a government meeting is legal when done by the right people. (“Why won’t you prosecute the mob?”)

Ananda no cops in schools

Ananda Mirilli’s Facebook page praises the disrupters who shut down the October 29 meeting of the Madison Board of Education. Oddly, Mirilli and Ali Muldrow are running as a team for school board. “Civic engagement of youth,” indeed!

Odd, cops in schools (AKA educational resource officers or EROs) is listed on the “consent agenda.” That means the members are not going to discuss. Just vote. It is a done deal. Good! As it should be after two years of contentious dithering. Which is not to say that a cabal on the school board led by Dean Loumos and Annamarie Moffit (defeated for re-election in April 2018) didn’t offer motion after motion to eliminate EROs. Which is why Loumos isn’t running for re-election. (Does anyone believe the sudden “medical issue”?)


No Cops in SchoolsAfter a quick review, the proposed contract does not seem to include that the ridiculous oversight committee the Loumos committee proposed. That would be the committee stocked with “youth who are the most cited, suspended or expelled or otherwise are / have been involved with the juvenile justice system.” In other words, the troublemakers in judgment of the peacekeepers! [ADDENDUM: Nothing to stop the school board from setting the committee up at a later date, although it would not bind the police department.]

[CORRECTED: The proposed contract includes ignores the Loumos committee’s separate, school-only grievance procedure and his proviso limiting locker searches to probable cause.]

We did not see a section on the ACLU training kids on their legal rights but that would not be part of the police contract in any event, so don’t rule it out.

The contract does include:

A ton of training in the areas of autism, trauma informed interventions, trauma responses, adolescent brain development, nonviolent crisis intervention, implicit bias, racial bias, and empathy training. 

• “In instances other than emergencies, every level of behavioral response be exhausted prior to calling an ERO into a classroom.”

• “For suspected crimes or ordinance violations that have occurred off campus, SROs will make every effort to interview or arrest students outside of school hours and outside of the school grounds. If necessary, due to an imminent threat to the school community or other extenuating circumstances, SROs may interview or arrest students on campus and will inform the Principal as soon as practicable of the arrest or interview.”

Silence is not golden

Don’t let tonight’s expect action take the issue off the April 2 school board election campaign. Except for Blaska, none of the challengers have spoken word one on the issue. Talking Ali Muldrow (my opponent), Ananda Mirilli (T.J. Mertz’ opponent), Cristiana Carusi, and yes, you, Kaleem Caire (both running for the Loumos seat).

For extra credit: What a great editorial in Sunday’s WI State Journal! East high school’s ERO “most definitely belongs in Madison’s schools.” They could have written equally compelling stories about the other three, as well.

For extra demerit: What a contrast to the fawning story in the weekly Isthmus where editor Judith Davidoff couldn’t be bothered to commit some journalism by asking Mirilli and Muldrow how stand on the EROs.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Should be an interesting campaign. Muldrow and Mirilli say “don’t blame the parents. Don’t blame the students.” Who DO they blame? The teachers? Maybe we’ll find out what is a “racial justice advocate” and whether the other candidates think Madison public school teachers are racists.  

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7 Responses to School board to vote on cops in school today!

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    I hope you plan on shaming Isthmus into interviewing you, assuming they’re willing to at least make a gesture–however insincere–toward fair and balanced journalism. (Of course, “fawning” is the obligatory tone for any journalist in this city when interviewing a POC. If they do grant you an interview, expect a tone somewhere between condescending and vituperative.) Did you see the graphic and snarky caption with which they greeted your candidacy in the current issue? I daresay you’ve already resigned yourself to the prospect of being treated like the proverbial turd in the punchbowl of Madison politics.


    • David Blaska says:

      Oh, yeah. Saw it. The race card but more subtly put than usual.


      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        I’m not sure I’d regard labeling your blog as “White Lives Matter” to be all that subtle … except by the standards of Madison liberals. Expect the race card to be played often and enthusiastically during the campaign.


  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “every level of behavioral response be exhausted”

    Would that include: “please take yer shiv away from my jugular Javon, I find it impairs my ability to teach all those terrified students cowering in the corner. Plus, if youse don’t, I’ll have to kick this upstairs”?

    The Gotch


  3. madisonexpat says:

    Form over function. If you’re administrating and seeing behavior through a racial justice lens you don’t have to teach or maintain control over the students. If you’re fighting climate change you don’t have to actually govern. If you are running the Madison School Board you practice sociology du jour and keep the teachers union happy.
    Someone, somewhere will have the courage to do what Mayor Giuliani did to NYC. Or what President Trump has done to ISIS.


  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    It should be noted that the reason that Gloria Reyes was not present for the vote was because she’s tending to hand-wringing/brow-furrowing Lefty’s desire to have criminal behavior coddled at the Tree Lane Housing First facility.

    And seriously; Whiskey Tango Foxtrot are the signs (Invest In Youth Of Color) on the backs of fat/useless/gimmee-gimmee FreeDUMB Inc grifters supposed to mean:
    *Raise our kids for us because we can’t be bothered?
    *Don’t discipline them because…welp…just because?
    *Allow communities to police themselves?

    Anyone that thinks that last one’s viable, I invite you’s to hang out on the 7900 block of Tree Lane some late afternoon/early evening and report back on how that’s workin’!

    The Gotch


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