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Madison city managers taught that MAGA is racist

Blaska Policy Werkes is 94.5% effective. Job security, a decent pension, no heavy lifting. Nevertheless, we do pity managers at Madison city hall. For they must kowtow to the progressive party line, lest they incur the displeasure of Mayor Satya’s … Continue reading

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‘Unlearning whiteness’ in the Madison schools

The school lesson plan is chaos “[We] talk about race as if it was every race but whiteness. How can we support you, elevate your work around actually talking about white culture in our schools and how teachers can start … Continue reading

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Talk big if you want; Blaska is out

Blaska is so NOT running for school board It will have to get worse before it gets better There’s a lot of brave talk on my NextDoor neighborhood social media. My neighbors are tired of their cars being stolen; their … Continue reading

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My interview with Ali Muldrow on Far-Left radio

Blaska accused of flattening a relationship ‘Why don’t you believe women?’ Friends and the morbidly curious asked why the parking lot attendant here at Blaska Policy Werkes would subject himself to a grilling at the hands of his school board … Continue reading

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No policing clothes at Madison schools!

If you chose to wear any, of course We live win a world where a 15-year-old from Sweden damns adults who do not share her brainwashing. It was once thought that adults had something to teach the next generation. Madison … Continue reading

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Four teens steal purse, get away in stolen car filled with handguns & loot, then crash the car

One, a 15 year old, ‘wanted in multiple jurisdictions’ is restorative driver’s ed the answer? 11:50 in the morning on Friday, 11/01/2019, a school day. Straight from the Madison Police blotter: Three teens, all believed to be involved in a rash … Continue reading

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