Madison school board doesn’t want real diversity

Our students are victims of CRT

When you’re elected to office and been proven wrong — disastrously wrong — you form a committee. Like the insurance TV commercial says, it’s what you do.

Madison’s school board is furiously tap dancing because it cannot admit the damage it has done by experimenting on students and their families with critical race theory.

Barely three months into the first year of in-school teaching without school resource police officers (or SROs), even the seven Woke members of the school board cannot hide the chaos they have unleashed. Not after a rolling series of student brawls involving hundreds of students at East high school Monday 11-08-21. The second in a month. A dozen police squad cars, two ambulances, and a fire truck responded to the last episode. Five kids hospitalized after being tear gassed; a police officer assaulted in a rolling series of fights. A third of the student body shelter at home the day after. The really big fights are only the ones we’re hearing about. 

So the school board scheduled an emergency meeting 5 p.m. Monday 11-15-21 on line.  

At which they will form yet another committee — of “parents, students and community members to focus on safety.” Ananda Mirilli, whose day job at the WI Department of Public Instruction promotes critical race theory, will co-chair it. Whatever happened to the last committee? The one they formed after expelling SROs? That’s right? They got rid of police BEFORE adopting a safety plan.

→ Bring back the SROs. Sunday’s WI State Journal editorial.

Freedom Inc.’s vandalism in front of MMSD school admin bldg 2019

SROs only the last vestige

Truth is, the Metro Madison School District began dismantling discipline well before booting the police, as we related in a recent thrilling episode. It is a school board that kowtows to the BLM, Freedom Inc., and Progressive Dane instead of listening to parents.

Mirilli says the latest committee “might look different from what Madison has seen in the past.” Composed of “partners of diverse backgrounds.” Mirilli may have located a displaced Eskimo or an Afghan refugee. Perhaps a disabled circus trapeze performer.

If Mirilli wanted real diversity she would appoint a conservative. Which brings to mind another tired old war story from Blaska’s ill-fated campaign of 2019.

The candidate made that pitch at a campaign debate at Wright middle school sponsored by 100 Black Men. Standing behind each of the other five candidates he pronounced, “liberal, progressive, progressive, progressive,” and (over Kaleem Caire), “I don’t know what he is.” Then the candidate pointed to himself: “Real diversity: conservative.” 

The campaign slogan was Safer Schools = a Safer Community. The platform: put principals back in control of their schools and teaches back in control of their classrooms. Now, all that is handled by remote control from Ruth Doyle administration building. Which is to say, no one is in control.

Blaska’s Bottom LinePolice, according to critical race theory, are “slave catchers.” Now we are bearing the bitter fruit of what Prof. John McWhorter calls “Woke Racism.” Madison schools are less safe than ever.

What are the chances they appoint Blaska?

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14 Responses to Madison school board doesn’t want real diversity

  1. Mike says:

    Forget the school board forming committees. The time has come to either disband the school board or to limit any member of a school board to a one term limit of 4 years with half of the board replaced every 2 years. Once one has served on the board they may never serve again. This is the only way to ensure that fresh perspectives will be provided from time to time.

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  2. Normwegian says:

    ready, fire, aim


  3. Bill Cleary says:

    What if we who are the conservatives in Mad Town got together and used the media, and that would be the few media outlets that would give us a voice, social media and door to door in person contact to reach out to our fellow Mad Town participants in our democratic system of government to change the minds of our fellow citizens?

    We have to band together to be a voice of reason and sanity. I know that we will be risking much to do so, sometimes even our jobs, but what risk is too high when we run the risk of losing everything our country once stood for.

    There are more and more of us who hide their true selves to others just to get by in an everyday situation. We need to come out! To educate our fellow man on the dangers of socialism/marxist ideology that has seen the ruin or murder of tens if not hundreds of millions of our fellow human beings.

    Those on the left have become the modern day equivalent of a preacher who is preaching the gospel of marxism. Their ideology has become their religion. This gospel contains the fairy tale stories of how a bigger and bigger government can solve all of mans problems simply if man gives everything, and I do mean everything to government, to solve his problems.

    We, the people, then become the chattel to those who rule over us. That is why Nancy Pelosi and many others in the rich elite did not wear a mask while attending a gala event at a wedding ceremony in California. What they want from us is obedience, not just compliance.

    Obey your masters or else! That is what they want you to do. My question to you is: Are you man or woman enough to tell them “God has created me as an individual, that as an individual, as an American, who believes in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, I won’t obey”?

    That is my question.

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    • patrickmoloughlin says:

      You and John McWhorter (Woke Racism) have put your finger on it. You said, “Their ideology has become their religion.” And here is the corollary parable that McWhorter uses in the first chapter.

      If I gave you a list of 100 born again Christians and six months, how many do you think you could convert to Atheism? Because it’s a religion, the answer is always going to be zero. Religions don’t rely on facts or logic, they rely on faith and dogma, both of which are immune to argument. If you dare to challenge their beliefs, you end up being viewed as a heretic at best, or simply evil. Only those in the middle can be still be reached, and reach them, we must.


    • David Blaska says:

      Here’s how to do all of that: run for school board. You in?


    • Good Dog, Happy Man says:

      Dear Brudder Bill,

      You wrote, “What they want from us is obedience, … not just compliance.”

      Exactly right. Don’t forget that other Lefty trope. “silence is violence.” It’s not enough just to be tolerant and turn the channel and a blind eye to Lefty’s mental illness, sexual deviancy and other perversions, you must also actively advocate for them making sinful behavior public policy.

      Liberals, Lefties, progressives, Proglibocrats, secular-humanists, Marxist D卐M☭CRATS, Usefool Tools, or whatever you wish to call them often clamor about diversity, yet all these control-freak fascists really want is absolute power administered through a one-size-fits all, too-big-to-fail bureaucratic central control.

      Their dystopian Democrat dream for us is the antithesis of American liberty.

      Proglobotic Pharisees used to proudly preach, “Question Authority”. They don’t believe that anymore. They’ve evolved. Now, they try to cancel and censor any opposing speech.

      Now, Lockstep Lefty lemmings lead with, “You MUST Obey.”
      Big Mama Nanny-Staters don’t low no free-thinking roun heah.

      You ask if I’m man enough to say, “God has created me as an individual, that as an individual, as an American, who believes in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, I won’t obey”?

      Darn tootin’. It’s the law of the land. The Constitution’s entire Bill of Rights restrains government power and cedes those rights to each individual citizen. Our Bill of Rights actually forces the government to respect the rights of every individual American.

      If our God sees us as individuals, … then our government sure as hell had better.

      Here I stand,



  4. patrickmoloughlin says:

    “This committee might look different from what Madison has seen in the past.”

    If by “past,” she was referring to anytime in the last 40 years, it would mean she’s going to appoint a whole bunch of old, straight white men.


  5. RMX says:

    Just be sure you continue to pay your taxes. Never commit the sin of not paying for your own slow demise or the POLICE will come to your home and physically put you and your family on the curb. They’ll take away all of your possessions. If you resist, they may lock you up without due process.

    Welcome to the Communist States of America. You are only “free” to obey.


  6. georgessson says:

    Isthmus, new post by Mayor DAVE… One of the most direct (and honest) appraisals of the current school plight. “I would like to see a board that is focused on safety and order as the basis for learning.” Exactly.

    Nailed it, Dave. plus the thugs from Milwaukee -hijacked meetings, displayed delinquent behaviors, obscene signs, banners and t-shirts -and those loud never-ending chants…. maybe the issue is intimidation… Because WHO in their right mind would “support” such behavior and change established & successful SRO’s, to the detriment of their own student base. .

    “The contract between the city and the district was ended by the school board after years of pressure from the group Freedom, Inc. That organization disrupted school board meetings and covered then-board President Gloria Reyes’ front yard with defaced American flags.”

    Result ? “The cops have been called to East or the surrounding area 63 times since the start of this school year.” SIXTY-THREE times !!!


  7. Mark Lemberger says:

    Defund Freedom Inc. ASAP.

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