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Madison Common Council is majority minority

Got melanin? Vote for me because I am (pick one): ☑️ Black, ☑️ Hispanic, ☑️ Queer, ☑️ Transgender, ☑️ Disabled. But if you pitched your candidacy that your are 🔲 White you would be called a racist. You would, in fact, be racist. The Werkes longs … Continue reading

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Kaleem Caire tried to help accused killer of Anisa Scott

‘I could see this day coming.’ ‘Neither of his parents were responsible enough to care for him.’ Kaleem Caire is former president of Madison Urban League, ran for school board in 2019, and now runs One City Schools, an independent … Continue reading

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You WILL be doxxed if you disagree with the BLM mural 

… and fired from your job. Two young black women are painting a Black Lives Matter mural on a boarded-up window on E. Wilson Street Sunday afternoon. White man driving an SUV stops to complain that the mural is, itself, … Continue reading

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Is this the best Madison’s public schools can do?

‘Cheatham was a failure’ Today’s blog excerpts Kaleem Caire’s social media thread in the wake of his letter, co-signed by other local black leaders, expressing disappointment that Matthew Gutierrez of Texas was chosen as new superintendent of Madison WI schools … Continue reading

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Kaleem Caire for Madison school superintendent

Is anyone making more sense for Madison schools than Kaleem Caire? Does anyone have a better track record than Kaleem Caire for not only advocating for minority students but actually doing something about it? Who else has the moral stature, … Continue reading

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Madison schools go full-on stupid

The firing of Marlon Anderson, the West high school security guard for schooling a miscreant kid on the hatefulness of the N-word, is what our … acquaintances like to call “a teachable moment.”  Here’s betting the Madison school district flunks … Continue reading

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