Kaleem Caire tried to help accused killer of Anisa Scott

‘I could see this day coming.’

‘Neither of his parents were responsible enough to care for him.’

Kaleem Caire is former president of Madison Urban League, ran for school board in 2019, and now runs One City Schools, an independent charter school focusing on minority youth, enabled by Gov. Scott Walker.

From Kaleem Caire’s social media post:

It breaks my heart that 11-year-old Anisa Scott lost her life, and that one of the young men I was trying to help has been accused of her murder. She should be home right now with her family and friends enjoying life and preparing for another school year. One of the young men accused of her killing: I met Perion Carreon in March 2015 when I got together with him and his aunt to figure out how I could help him while he was attending middle school as an 8th grader in DeForest, Wisconsin.

His childhood had been marred with more trauma than any child should ever have to endure, and neither of his parents were responsible enough to care for him.

I also met Khari Sanford and Alijah Larrue, who are currently in jail awaiting trial for the murder of Dr. Beth Potter and her husband Robin Carre,  when they attended Cherokee Middle School (Alijah) and West High School (Khari) with my daughter. I remember all of the students at my daughter and Alijah’s 8th grade graduation in June 2016 erupting into cheers when Alijah’s name was announced and he walked up to the stage with a red three piece suit on, dress shoes and sun glasses. They clapped for every student, but they cheered for him.

Over the last 10 years, I have seen the names of some of the young men who are stealing cars and engaging in other crimes, and I have known several of them. Sadly, I could see this day coming.

The police, press conferences, grant money and more conversations will not stop this violence or prevent us from losing our children to it. It hasn’t stopped it yet. But we could and we must.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Kaleem almost despairs that anything can be done. Is intervention in the teen years too late? Kaleem is changing the narrative with his One City Schools, starting with the youngest children he is adding upper grades year by year. 

What IS the answer?

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31 Responses to Kaleem Caire tried to help accused killer of Anisa Scott

  1. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Sadly, when most of MMSD schools pander to progressivism, remove penalties because of “disparate” outcomes and exempt minority students from the basic standards of societal behavior, the wrong lesson is often learned. “When Alijah’s name was announced and he walked up to the stage with a red three piece suit on, dress shoes and sun glasses. They clapped for every student, but they cheered for him.”

    Thug life is celebrated in the black community. It’s edgy, hip and cool. The DARE program was a classic example of this institutional, systemic racist educational failure. When permanent light duty MPD officer, Natalie and ex-chief Noble Wray brought in young criminals for a show and tell as a cautionary tale, … “please, don’t end up like this wayward kid”, … it didn’t work very well. Many minority students saw the perps as role models. They got the wrong message. “Mano man, dawg, … how can I get a $300 pair of kicks like you’re wearing? Is that Mr. T starter set of gold bling 24 carat? Is dealing drugs very dangerous? Must I always carry a gun and call women hoes and fellow blacks n****s?”

    Dave, you ask,”What IS the answer?” Before looking for answers, don’t you have to define the problem first?

    Let me ask, “what IS the root problem? and “What ARE the causes?” : Equal educational opportunity? Cultural rot? Fatherlessness? Situational ethics? Moral relativity? Generational dependency? Poverty? Violence? Victimhood? Leftyism? Lack of God?

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  2. One of THOSE says:

    This, coming from a guy who participates in doxxing a certain demographic. I didn’t see that coming from him, but here we are. Nothing will change in the Victimhood. It’s always gonna be somebody else’s fault no matter how much they yammer “we gotta do better.”

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    • Liberty says:

      Exactly! Props on his work with at-risk kids, but I can’t get past the doxxing incident and some other things.

      Seems there’s more anger over the guy exercising his first amendment rights than over the murder on innocent people.

      I’m not going to fawn over the guy, sorry.


  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “What IS the answer?”

    Don’t tell The Gotch that it’s systemic racism, if it was, those kids wouldn’t have been cheering for Alijah, he’d have been beaten down long before that.

    You see his FaceBook page? Something like “A’m th’ ni**ah yo momma warned you about.”

    How do you go from being cheered to that?

    By having miscreant thug PsOS for role models and being continuously told that nothing’s your fault and that YOU can’t succeed because the deck’s stacked against you from the gitgo.

    You don’t get cheered at a graduation when the deck’s been stacked against you from the gitgo.

    How do you go from being cheered to that?

    By listening to, and internalizing, DEEP 7 figure salaried/8 figure net worth Black Victocrats (Don Lemon, Van Jones, Bakari Sellers, Marc Lamont Hill, Joy Reid, et al) preach how RAYcism is preventing Black people from wealth accumulation and achieving upward mobility.

    The inimitable Larry Elder, who is reportedly Black, lays bare the Staggeringly Hypocritical Irony

    The Gotch

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    • Liberty says:

      I love Larry Elder, one of the growing number of strong conservative black voices who refuse to accept the victimization line.

      I personally wouldn’t put KC in the same category as Larry Elder.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        Elder is a national treasure, The Gotch will go out of his way to read/listen/watch him.

        Same with VictimHoodie Anti-Christs Walter E. Williams, Dr, Thomas Sowell, John Hamilton McWhorter V (The Dehumanizing Condescension Of WHITE Fragility), Jason L. Riley, et al.

        And agreed, no offense to Caire; he’s just not in that league, or ideology.

        The Gotch

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        • Liberty says:

          Gotch, the Black conservative movement is really growing. There’s some pretty impressive talent out there.

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        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          “There’s some pretty impressive talent out there.”

          You damn skippy!

          The reason it’s growing (Blexit/Walk Away, etc.)?

          Minorities risk a high price when they choose to self-identify as Conservatives (sell-out/House N****r/Uncle Tom, and far FAR worse).

          Self-respecting folks of any stripe are deeply offended by the narrative that their success and ability to thrive and achieve are beholden to the whims of despicably Guilt-inundated White Lefties.

          Put a different way, how could anyone be any more RAYcist than Guilt-inundated White Lefties’ and their steadfast belief that minorities can’t self-actualize without the former’s condescendingly slobbering help?

          The Gotch

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  4. sentient7 says:

    What is the answer? you ask.
    Seems gangsta culture, gangsta values, and gangsta music (eh-low, Cardi B) has no relationship to the culture of violence in black communities.

    Ya don’t need a weatherman to understand WAP is just the latest dose of poison.
    Who be serious?


  5. Tom PITA says:

    Thank you for posting this video David. I have no idea what the solution is to the problem of violently escalating crime (definition) in our city, but hearing from and seeing the pain of a man who is trying to do something about it is a great place to start.


  6. Sheppy says:

    Having attended 8th grade graduation for my oldest daughter at Toki Middle School many years ago , I was able to witness the extensive cheering and carrying on by a certain group of people in attendance. It was embarrassing and out of control. I mentioned it to a friend later, his response was that for those people, 8th grade graduation was as good as it will get for many of those students-thus the over the top celebration. It makes perfect sense.

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  7. Robski says:

    I’m not sure there is an answer. Some people are like expired coupons, they are irredeemable. I’ve known people that had loving parents/silver spoons etc. and they still turned out to be low life ratchets. On the other end of the spectrum I know people that had traumatic and horrible upbringings and they turned out to be thriving, good citizens. Of the success stories that I know, there was always an adult that had a profound impact on the person. That adult might be a prison guard that gave that person a “come to Jesus” moment but better late than never right? But ultimately, if there is an answer(s) it is usually from within that individual. Like the voice in my head that tells me right from wrong. I guess there wasn’t one adult that was able to get through to these two murderers. Not one even semi moral adult taught these two that you don’t shoot people/cars etc… The adults in their lives failed them! Imagine being one of these ratchet parents that has to account for their son that murdered an innocent 11 year old girl? Imagine how they feel?, if they have any feelings at all. I don’t think I would recover from that, I’d feel like the biggest loser in the world. While I can empathize a tad bit for the apparent lack of positive adult role models in these two teenagers lives, they are both seasoned criminals who know how to abuse the system. Neither should ever be allowed to walk free again.


  8. georgessson says:

    Kaleem has really good intentions. However, his solutions are abstract. Similar to Michael Johnson’s… GDHM and Cornelius are spot on. Here’s MJ’s past proposals:

    “To address the recent uptick in gun violence across the city, Johnson said there is a 15 point violence prevention plan ready to go. Johnson introduced the $600 MILLION plan several years ago in Chicago.

    WSJW supporters & Johnson and the Focused Interruption Coalition developed a 15-point plan for Madison with the goal of reducing community violence. Mayor Paul Soglin dedicated $400,000 in the 2017 operating budget to implement the proposal.

    “Hell is paved with good intentions.”


    • Batman says:


      Did Johnson’ 15 points (of Light) plan include a huge commitment to dramatically reduce teen pregnancy? Young people (mostly black by numbers) are creating severe generational problems because of out of wedlock procreation in self-defeating circumstances. Unless local black leaders are willing to address this crisis one cannot really take them seriously. The problem is that to address this most critical issue is also to bypass the narrative of “everything is whitey’s fault because of slavery blah blah blah.” To do so in uber-blue cities is to become ostracized, possibly cancelled, and run out of town. BFD! Do it anyway you greasy effing cowards.

      Batman will donate a year’s salary to the first black leader (of nearly any stature) in Madison to seriously address this issue publicly.

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  9. Liberty says:

    Liberals are good at throwing money at problems, creating abstract X-point plans, and blaming everyone else for their messes. Until the virtue signalers stop treating people like oppressed victims, nothing will change.

    I think they care about their own ambitions and politics than they do the kids.

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    • Larsen E. Whipsnade says:

      Thinking abstractly is fine if one is capable of logical abstract thought. Unfortunately, there are some who are very deficient in that area and create havoc if given power.


  10. hodgeman1 says:

    “His childhood had been marred with more trauma than any child should ever have to endure . . .”
    I don’t doubt that, and I get the whole trauma thing. However, I would venture a guess that there are innumerable well-adjusted adults who have suffered far more trauma than any of these young thugs. The victimhood culture doesn’t do these young people (or society) any favors. The lack of personal responsibility that is excused away is absurd.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “The lack of personal responsibility that is excused away is absurd.”

      “Absurd”? Sugarcoat it whydontcha!

      Personal Responsibility the bedrock base of rising above one’s “circumstances” and achieving success, personal fulfillment, wealth accumulation, and self-actualization.

      Anyone saying otherwise will lie to you about other things, too!

      Yet thanks to The Smithsonian, that’s part of EVIL WHITENESS.

      Just like individualism, hard work, objectivity, education, the nuclear family, progress, respect for authority, delayed gratification, et al, are RAYcist tools of White Supremacist Patriarchal Systemic Oppression.

      Sheesh! It’s almost like Lefty doesn’t want minorities to become independent. /sarc

      The Gotch

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  11. EarlKielley says:

    The answer is in his words of frustration. Kids stealing cars all the time, parents creating kids that are in the pipeline to prison. Perion Carreon had parents that were not responsible enough to care for him. This means parents weren’t there to hold them accountable, discipline them when they needed it so they had parameters to their behavior. Being constantly in trouble with the law is typically due to parental neglect. Making them feel like they are victims and not telling them about consequences to their bad decision making. Not being there to give them love, lots of love. Their very bad and devastating behavior had nothing to do with racism, white privilege, and all the other crap that wrongly blames others for parental neglect. Parenting is hard hard work and very time consuming. Dont have kids if you dont have time to LOVE. DISCIPLINE, HOLD KIDS ACCOUNTABLE, AND TEACH THEM RESPONSIBILITY. And yes they need love and lots of it. No, Money doesn’t replace the aforementioned. There is other stuff too, but this is a good share of it.

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  12. Batman says:

    Proglibocrats expect very little from black youth and excuse even horrendous violent behavior because of~~~> slavery etc. ad-infinitum.
    Kids intuitively know when no one gives a shit about them…and these miscreants are terribly Unloved. Nice job black community.

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  13. Dejohnaise says:

    My question will sound rhetorical considering the unwoke audience but I ask in all seriousness. What if I am racist? Is that worse than being a murderer or a drug dealer? Is it worse than stealing cars or breaking into homes? Is it worse than shooting into a crowd? Is it worse than destroying a person’s livelihood? Is it worse than neglecting your children? Is it the lowest of lows?

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “What if I am racist?”

      Are you melanin-deficient? If so, there is no question.

      “Is that worse than being a murderer or a drug dealer? Is it worse than stealing cars or breaking into homes? Is it worse than shooting into a crowd? Is it worse than destroying a person’s livelihood? Is it worse than neglecting your children? Is it the lowest of lows?”

      To despicable Lefties (most, not all) and their craven partners BLM/the 1619 Project, et al, EVERYTHING flows downstream from the Holy Grail of RAY<cism.

      Especially anti-social/self-destructive/self-abasing/criminal miscreant thug behavior, whose root cause is…welp…you get the picture.

      The Gotch

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  14. Dejohnaise says:

    If being called a racist is the lowest of lows, we won’t get answers to our problems any time soon. People are afraid to talk about personal responsibility, kids having kids, or generations of government dependents because you may be called that word.

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    • pANTIFArts says:

      YES, I love it,some one who confidently walks up to the line, a-n-d steps across. This is a subject that I have wanted to address many times, but my posts tend to be either satire or “against the flow” common sense. Nothing that I could say would not be taken wrong. You stated it beautifully. “Racists” (individuals) are the very LEAST of Black America’s problems because “racists” lack the power to affect anyone’s life in any meaningful way. Steve Witherspoon has an APB out for any evidence that Systemic Racism (society) exists, and after 20 days – still nothing. This subject will come up over and over again in the future, and with You, Steve, and several others on this comment board, it will be an interesting discussion.

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      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        “This subject will come up over and over again in the future, and with You, Steve, and several others on this comment board, it will be an interesting discussion.”

        Discussions are two-sided.

        Thus far the other side’s CONTRIBUTION…?

        The Gotch


  15. Dejohnaise says:

    Calling yourself racist is liberating. Nobody can wield that over you to control your thoughts or actions. You just say “yeah, so what.” It’s not illegal. You don’t have to burn crosses or drag guys behind your car. You don’t have to refuse to hire, or work with, or serve anyone. Let’s just say there is “privilege.” Why would you want to give it away? Do you really have to knock one group down to bring another up? So much of this doesn’t make sense.

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