You WILL be doxxed if you disagree with the BLM mural 

… and fired from your job.

Two young black women are painting a Black Lives Matter mural on a boarded-up window on E. Wilson Street Sunday afternoon. White man driving an SUV stops to complain that the mural is, itself, racist, anti-white. He threatens to paint over the mural. He questions whether the two had permission to paint. And he probably got carried away a little too far.

“I don’t want to see your (expletive) everyday,” and tells the artists, “You don’t live here. That’s obvious.”

A witness told police “the man was not making threats” but was “harassing artists.”

Please paint a mural on my boarded-up window!

The four young people included a daughter of prominent educators Kaleem and Lisa Peyton Caire, who most certainly DO live in Madison, although not at that location. Police arrive, tell the man to move on, which he does. Explains to all concerned that the mural painters and the pickup driver were both exercising free speech. Not good enough for Mrs. Caire. As quoted by the Wisconsin State Journal:

Kaleem Caire doxxes“It was a “racially motivated attack based on who is acceptable and what is acceptable,” she said. “It was not freedom of speech and it was not left to interpretation. … It was wrong and it was aggressive and it was harassment.”

Wrong? Aggressive? Harassing? About par for the course here in the Peoples’ Republic, wouldn’t you say. Perhaps racist, one could add. 

The head groundskeeper here at the Werkes recalls taking his turn at the microphone during public comment period at the Madison school board to argue in favor of school resource police officers. Shouted down, physically swarmed, called a “white supremacist.” Or, for that matter, getting a cuppa joe at Helbach’s in Middleton. (“I am not Tim Carpenter. Do not beat me.”) 

Kaleem Caire’s family doxxes

What is irresponsible is the Caires saw fit to doxx the employer of the  art critic. Even named the company’s president. Wisconsin State Journal reporter Chris Rickert tells one of the Werkes’ gray lab coats:

“The Caires found out where [the pick-up driver] works (probably from LinkedIn) and they set in motion an online campaign to have people call his boss. That was happening well before I knew about the incident. By the time I called Monday morning, [the boss] said he had gotten 60 calls about the incident. Obviously, the vast majority of those weren’t coming from news media.”

EMS industrialSure enough, after checking back several times with the protestor’s employer, the boss finally said he had fired his employee of 30 years.  The company would like to keep its plate glass windows and its customers, no doubt.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The white man may be racist (that’s the default assumption, isn’t it?) or just maybe is tired of all the boarded-up windows and the lawlessness they represent. Painting murals is tacit justification for the smashing and grabbing that required the plywood in the first place. The new normal.

We have asked the Caire family how they were threatened in any way. Awaiting a response.

THIS JUST IN: Tucker Carlson says New York Times plans to reveal location of his home in order to injure his family and shut him up. Story here.

How will YOU be silenced?

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  1. sentient7 says:

    Who wants to live in a multicultural war zone? Who has any interest of EVER associating with multicultural victims? What is the attraction for integration when self-segregation on another continent is a viable alternative? What of the history of the Liberia?


    • pANTIFArts says:

      The success of the American Colonization Society experiment was underwhelming to say the least. The vast majority of Black Freemen and Freed Slaves considered themselves American, and felt no affinity to the motherland. It was not until the 1960’s that Blacks in America started identifying themselves as African. The culture of Liberia is similar in some ways to ours. But, even the POOREST emigrant would be considered wealthy there. FUN FACT: The entirety of Africa is very clique-ish and biased along tribal/ethnic lines, but Liberia takes Black Racism to a new level.


      • sentient7 says:

        Yes, even former slaves from the US practiced slavery in Liberia, though at first, perhaps reluctantly. They imported “Southern” culture and never assimilated with the native tribes. Those natives were enemies; Chief among them was butchered and eaten. Lesson Learned……..former slaves did not embrace or practice tolerance, honesty, or virtue in “their” new nation. Lesson today…… no one in the BLM movement. Lesson two: If current society is sooooooo oppressive, why no advocacy to return to AFRICA?


        • madisonexpat says:

          Because they get no points for being black in Africa. They cannot claim victimhood. Liberia is opposite of Madison in terms of which lives matter more than others. Notice how many blacks are leaving Madison when its suddenly full of white supremacists? Notice how many black FIB’s are incoming?
          What you subsidize you get more of.


  2. AdamC says:

    Very sorry to see the Caire family weaponizing their status and privilege against someone who holds a different viewpoint and committed no crime and pursuing the destruction of that person’s life possibly based solely on his different view AND his race.

    The Caire family enjoys prominence and privilege in Madison and they have to know so.

    Ironic that the police were called and criminal charges urged against someone exercising First Amendment speech rights, instead of intervention of community resource persons utilizing proven restorative techniques. Maybe that all IS a bunch of worthless B.S. then?

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    • Batman says:

      He is the wrong color so does not qualify for restorative justice AdamC.
      Sheesh; get with the Madison program or get-outa-town!

      I have to mow my lawn.

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  3. georgessson says:

    I couldn’t help myself and posted to Kaleem’s page. If I never post again, talk to National Vanguard…. You’ll likely find me sandwiched between some newly applied plywood. He’ll be the one holding the paint brush.


  4. dad29 says:

    Well, Stevie, “War” has 11 definitions in The first is conventional–the one you like. But if you expand your mind a bit, you’ll find #s 4-11 (2 are verbs) to be a bit more imaginative.

    Try it sometime.


    • dad29 wrote…

      “Well, Stevie, “War” has 11 definitions in The first is conventional–the one you like. But if you expand your mind a bit, you’ll find #s 4-11 (2 are verbs) to be a bit more imaginative.

      Try it sometime.”

      Awww, that’s cute, dad29 is trying to educate me on how to use a dictionary in a very condescending way. Actions have consequences. Two can play your little game.

      Sure there are 11 separate definitions for the word “war” on and the top four all refer to arms in conflict, you will find much the same from any online dictionary. Why dad29 are the #1 definitions in all the dictionaries referring to armed conflict; that was a rhetorical question because I don’t think you’re up to actually posting a sincere intelligent answer. By the way dad29, arms refers to weapons, just in case you don’t get that reference.

      Now here’s the catch; what dad29 fails to tell others is that the other definitions have context that doesn’t apply to this conversation as examples “aggressive business conflict”, “struggle to achieve a goal”, and “cards” as in a card game. Context actually matters dad29, but of course when your goal is to smear it doesn’t and the hope is that no one will know how moronic your argument actually is.

      I was really clear in an earlier post, let me repeat a portion of it…

      ” I think using the word “war” right now is hyperbole but to be perfectly honest I don’t think we are far from real war. War has a very specific kind of connotation to it; I prefer to call it something along the lines of a cultural/social ideological conflict, at least for now.”

      I provided the context as to how I defined war and voiced my opinion about the use of the word in this context; I don’t give a hoot if you don’t like it.

      Your welcome to your opinion and thanks for participating in this little game.


      • richard lesiak says:



      • dad29 says:

        So in your mind, Mollys, Mortars, bricks concrete-filled water bottles, and suchlike don’t qualify as “weapons” any more than CN/CS or pepperballs, or rubber bullets. Hmmmm.

        Did you miss a few chapters of Insurgency, Steve?


        • Dad29,
          Please don’t write things that lead others to think that you’re ignorant enough to believe that anytime a brick is thrown in anger we are in the midst of a “war” or “insurgency”.


  5. dad29 says:

    Well, Stevie, please don’t write things displaying your stunted knowledge of “war.” Makes you look silly and narrow-minded all at once. Of course, you are free to demonstrate that hurled bricks are NOT ‘weapons’ by posing as a target, like many cops are forced to do.

    Might knock some sense into your head, come to think of it.

    And don’t display your ignorance of the insurrections currently running in Seattle, Portland, and Chicago. They are not “1-brick” affairs. (But you can be excused for your ignorance if your news-source is the AP, or the other Usual Suspects, I suppose.)


    • dad29 wrote, “you are free to demonstrate that hurled bricks are NOT ‘weapons’ “

      Didn’t say or imply that.

      You just earned yourself another award for your shelf…

      I’m sure you’ve already got a slew of them but I’m sure you’ve always got room for one more trophy representing your outstanding cognitive abilities.

      Catcha later dude.


  6. dad29 says:

    By the way dad29, arms refers to weapons, just in case you don’t get that reference.

    You are an exquisitely stupid fellow. That quote is only about 6 posts up from here.

    So, Stevie, you can put those trophies back on your shelf where you had ’em.



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