Monday, Oct. 29: Cops in Madison’s troubled high schools? Yes or No?

What do you know? Check out the photo on the bottom of Page 4 in today’s (10-26-18) WI State Journal. That’s yer ol’ Squire in the background being physically bullied by the social justice warriors who want to expel cops (not troublemakers!) from our chaotic high schools.

“Don’t photograph our children.” Right. Some child! Didn’t stop WI State Journal from photographing

Call to Action!

This is where the rubber hits the road. The Madison school board meets this Monday, October 29, at 6 p.m. to “accept the ERO ad hoc report.” 

Police EROs

Madison’s “racist” education resource officers (EROs)

This report is the work of Progressive Dane members Dean Loumos and Anna Moffit and other Leftist members. It is entirely informed by urban myth that the mere presence of police creates a “school-to-prison pipeline.”

The ad hoc committee tried its darnedest to get the cops (EROs, or educational resource officers) out of the schools but those darn headlines (shootings, car jackings, cafeteria brawls, etc.) kept getting in the way. I wrote about it for the WI State Journal this week.

Freedom Inc Oct 29.png

Freedom Inc. will be there! Will YOU?!

Handcuffing the cops

Some may say the Madison Metro Board of Education is merely “accepting” the report. But to do so, the school board would be acquiescing in language intended as a poison pill to scuttle the contract with Madison Police. School Board members must NOT accept these points from the ERO ad hoc committee report (beginning Page 5):

#3. Notify administrators “to ensure the presence of officers who respond will be less likely to escalate a potentially volatile situation.” [Got to watch those cops, they’re always escalating volatile situations!]

#4.  A school-unique procedure to lodge complaints against the EROs, separate from that available to everyone else.

#8.  EROs be trained in “all areas of de-escalation: trauma-informed interventions, adolescent brain development, trauma response, discipline, security measures, the 82-page Behavior Education Plan and the classroom Code of Conduct.” [School principals don’t have all that training!]

#12. School district and police enter into formal agreement with district attorney and courts “to avoid or defer prosecution [of students] without filing criminal charges. [Isn’t that the problem now? The same 32 kids are back on the street in what PD Chief Koval calls a revolving door.]

#13. Committee of district staff, school board, cops, students, and citizens “with an emphasis on representing youth who are the most cited, suspended, or expelled …” [How insulting! A committee of troublemakers to pass judgment on the peacemakers!]

#14. Limit locker searches only when probable cause of a crime or “imminent threat of danger.”

#15. Bring in outside lecturers (ACLU?) to advise students of their rights when interacting with law enforcement. [Lawyer up, kids!]

Tell the school board to take the handcuffs off cops in school!
Better yet, you want EROs in the middle schools, too!

Strength in numbers!

For most of the last two years, the school board has been besieged by social justice warriors from Freedom Inc., International Socialists, BLM, and Progressive Dane.

DON’T BE AFRAID! Folks, there is strength in numbers. We cannot allow the social justice warriors to dominate the school board. Your mere presence will send a message.

They will be out-numbered! No need to speak but I hope you do. (Get there BEFORE 6 in order to register to speak.)

Will we see you Monday evening? 

For extra credit:Who is going to protect cops from the kids?”

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22 Responses to Monday, Oct. 29: Cops in Madison’s troubled high schools? Yes or No?

  1. Impressionable youths SHOULD be protected….from being proselytized by the damnable morons that comprise FreeDUMB Inc/Derail the Jail/BLM/Regressive Dane.

    The policies they advocate will ensure that the results they seek to avoid will come to fruition in spades!

    The Gotch

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    • richard lesiak says:

      I vote NO!


      • The majority of citizens, teachers, nearly every local prominent Black luminary, and the students themselves WANT the ERO’s to remain in the schools.

        A paltry minority of local ideological dimwits that include, but aren’t limited to, FreeDUMB Inc, Derail the Jail, & the BLM, want them out.

        @richard lesiak sides with the latter.

        In related news: water is wet, the Sun appears to rise in the east, heavy things tend to fall, and Joltin’ Joe Biden is still an Idiot Savant.

        The Gotch


  2. Bill Everley says:

    “In spades”…we see what you did there, Herrman.


  3. Bill Everley says:

    oh come now Herrman, you ain’t that goddamn ignorant.


  4. Dan B. says:

    Someone explain systemic racism to Blaska. He’s like the guy who will scoff at the concept of global warming when it snows in October. Oh wait, he’s actually that guy, too.


  5. coolkevs says:

    See the rally with black conservatives with Trump today. Oh yeah, Lazy-Ack and the rest only watch MSNBC and CNN. Then, we can talk about this so-called systemic racism you see around every corner.


  6. madisonexpat says:

    I scoff at systemic racism because its just an excuse for lower expectations of black kids. But if you want to take the blame when they take your car, go ahead.

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  7. Tom Paine says:

    “systemic racism”?
    Hello……….and what is the criterion for Tribal government Membership? And to whom do gaming profits accrue? T’aint the white folk.

    So, drop all discussion about racism……….until or unless Tribal Governments do NOT use blood quantum to determine governmental rights !!!!! Why is that so difficult for LIBTARDS to understand?


  8. Sprocket says:

    Lefties partnering with criminals? Imagine my surprise.

    I think there are a couple of things going on here. The first is simple Democrat/leftist dogma that if people are unable to figure out behavioral norms, education, birth control or simply not being a shit-bag, society at large must be at fault. The second is simple vote buying. Politicians have realized that political power can be had by promising not only the freedom to commit crime without consequence but to reward the criminal community with patronage positions and tax dollars. Finally, there is the effect of crime and the dissolution of civil society on demographics. As an area and it’s schools start to go resemble Mad Max, people who enjoy pleasant, low crime neighborhoods and safe schools pack up and leave. This is a change entirely welcome by the left, as it leaves them with a political monopoly. Having chased off the tax base, made the schools unmanageable, and embraced rampant crime, they will then blame white conservative straight men for the disaster they created and demand more money from the same.

    Removing cops from schools is part and parcel of all the above.


    • Batman says:

      Good analysis Sprocket.

      “While getting ready to go to school, I’m always reminded of the harsh reality that the police don’t protect me and that I have to be the one protecting my self.”
      Freedom Inc youth, 16yrs old.

      If that youth called 911 to report domestic abuse, assault, rape, burglary, or that a car parked in front of their house was suspicious and she/he was frightened; an officer(s) would arrive asap to render assistance.


      • @Batman;

        “While getting ready to go to school, I’m always…”

        That’s a made-up quote, intended to tug at easily-played/weepy/hand-wringing/brow-furrowing/do-nothing Guilt-suffocated White Lefties, in order to position kids to be cynically used to further a craven agenda.

        Seriously; if it could be verified that some kid had actually printed/posted that, their glassy-eyin’ lock-steppin’ unquestionin’ l’il puss would be plastered on every Lefty news outlet, continuous reel, and than some.

        A much lower echelon (per)version of the Parkland, FL Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS student, if you’s ask me.

        Heard much from L’il Davie Hogg or that butch Gonzalez moron (who can’t even speak, much less write or read, Spanish) with the CUBA patch on her sleeveless denim jacket lately?

        Or Hopey Changey’s Clock Boy.

        Or Cindy Sheehan.

        I don’t think Cindy “You get America out of Iraq, you get Israel out of Palestine” Sheehan could’ve found Palestine, or even Israel, on a map.

        Me either.

        Lefty’s Use By ain’t got no wiggle room.

        The Gotch


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