A small Madison victory: free speech at a government meeting

Veni, vidi, dixi

Blaska came, he saw, he spoke!

Mirabile dictu, Blaska was permitted to speak to a democratically elected governmental body in the churning bowels of the Peoples’ Republic of Madison. 

The lord high commissioner of the Policy Werkes got his three minutes at the school board’s microphone Monday evening. Quelle joie!  At last, we are able to deliver the remarks that had been intended for the October 29 meeting but were denied when the mob shut down the school board. (Related here.) Unfortunately, he was the lone exception to the race shaming last night. The social justice warriors have scared off the citizenry.

Catch me 2:26:15 into video. (The 4:41 hour video includes the Cops Out of School committee’s presentation before the actual school board meeting.)

Your bloggeur extraordinaire was Number 17 in the queue out of 25. He knows that because the school district has installed a high-tech system to regulate public commentary before its meetings.

Yer Welcome

Blaska acknowledges the jeers of the mob

One approaches McDaniel Auditorium in creaky old Doyle Administration Bldg to find — for the first time — a table out in the hallway. The brief form handed you is not changed; it asks name, address (YIKES!), date, and the topic you wish to address. But this is new: the speaker is handed a 5 x 8.5-inch form setting out the rules but containing no warning about penalties for disruption. Tant pis.

Time is upFaux outrage, cheap grievance

Behind the stage where the school board sits, a screen indicates the speaker number and first name, with an advisory that the next numbered speaker should be ready. Off to the right is a timer, which begins to chime as the allotted 3 minutes begins to expire. After a few seconds after that time limit, the microphone goes dead. Wonderful!

Which did not stop the cop-hating cadres of Freedom Inc. from feigning outrage at the imagined indignity of “being referred to as a number.”

“I feel like an inmate at a prison,” one said. (One supposes she speaks from experience.) Others of the perpetually offended denounced the cultural slight inflicted by school board president Mary Burke. Why had she not learned to pronounce their difficult Hmong names?

Several intentionally and disrespectfully mangled Ms. Burke’s name to highlight their own “pain and suffering.” Which is interesting, because many of the speakers were, themselves, difficult to understand. (Small blessings, one supposes.) 

One of Monday’s speakers actually called board veep James Howard “a so-called black man.”

Blaska actually sympathizes with the Madison Board of Education. The amount of trash talk this school board takes is appalling!

Free speech on probation

The cadres referenced tear gas at the Tijuana border and the Baraboo sieg heil, but otherwise we heard the same race and gender grievance-mongering we’ve been hearing for nigh unto a full year, now. School-to-prison pipeline, et cetera.

Curious thing, Cops in Schools was not even on the agenda, which lends itself to this recommendation from the white lab coats laboring in their concrete block bunkers here at the Policy Werkes: 

  • Recommendation #1: If it ain’t on the agenda, it ain’t up for discussion.
  • Recommendation #2: If you’re not from Madison WI, you don’t talk.
  • Recommendation #3: As the school board has considered: more than 20 registrants, limit comments to less than the normal 3 minutes. A reasonable accommodation.
  • Recommendation #4: Hold a public hearing-only meeting on contentious issues a day or so before a no-comment action meeting.
  • Recommendation #5: Consider having the school board president make a 10-minute response following all the race-shaming nonsense. 

Cops on call

Adding to the decorum was the noticeable presence and hands-on supervision of MMSD’s coordinator of safety and security Joe Balles, a former Madison captain of police. 

Which Blaska noted during his remarks: the school board deliberating whether to boot cops from schools can only conduct its business when cops were at the ready. (“Cops & security allow school board to do its job.”) In fact, yours truly notified police that Freedom Inc. had targeted Monday’s school board meeting once again (if Balles himself had not already done so). 

Blaska’/s Bottom LineThis is not the end of it. Next year’s school district contract with police is far from a done deal. That contract — or lack of same — will come up sometime over the next few months. The cop-haters have upped the ante. (More here.) That is when the rubber will hit the road! The school board needs to hear from you.

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7 Responses to A small Madison victory: free speech at a government meeting

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Thou bestowest thy sympathy a little too (ahem) liberally, methinks. The School Board wouldn’t be the target of “trash-talkers” in the first place if it weren’t so petrified of being called racist, which of course it would be had it implemented reasonable procedures–including a police presence–for maintaining order and ensuring that business is conducted in a business-like manner. A classic case of reaping what you sow. Besides, I think there’s something in the masochistic psyche of white Madison liberals that welcomes the frisson of being berated publically by POCs (who, bless their hearts, are always willing to deliver the goods). For them, it’s the next best thing to paying slavery reparations.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @Gary L. Kriewald;

      “I think there’s something in the masochistic psyche of white Madison liberals that welcomes the frisson of being berated publically by POCs”

      And that berating becomes cathartic. Lefties (most, not all) have deep-seated racist racial superiority complexes for which they feel suffocating guilt; highfreakin’lariously saccharine sweet Lefty incongruity, if you’s ask me.

      It gets worse.

      When interacting with minorities, Lefties (most, not all) tend to portray themselves as dumber than they actually ​are.

      If that’s even possible, because for most of the Lefties with whom I’m familiar, there’s really no need to act.

      And worse yet.

      Now there’s even research to back it up, from of all places (HEH!), Yale.

      Oh, the viscid, earring-deep irony one must slog through to embrace that, am I right?

      The Gotch

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  2. Batman says:

    DB, you say “The social justice warriors have scared off the citizenry.”
    No doubt some have stayed away for that reason but still, where are the parents?

    Organized parents en masse could easily outnumber and out speak the anti-ERO clique.
    Is it apathy, or ignorance of what goes on in our schools, or do the vast majority resent EROs, or what.

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  3. Scott F says:

    Yes…..Where in the hell are the parents at these meetings? Why is Blaska (who I assume doesn’t even have any kids in this system) the only sensible adult standing up for a modicum of sanity in this process? I now live over a thousand miles away from my old home town, but I’m well able to keep informed of important issues playing out there. The capitulation of the sane and sensible in Madison is really disturbing. A salute and hat tip to you Dave, but if the people with the most to lose don’t give a crap, I’d be packing it in……

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  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Thanks for the article. More proof, if any were needed, that liberals will do anything to assuage their guilt, even if it means being condescending and patronizing toward the very people they claim to see as equals. If you purposely dumb-down your “verbal competence” when interacting with a POC, you are at least as much a racist as some goofy high school kids giving the Naze salute.


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