Madison school board to be advised: kick police out of schools


Anti-cop activists have pressured every single school cop committee meeting

Madison should kick police officers out of its public high schools, a school board committee is poised to recommend. Instead, they would be replaced by 20 more so “liaison” officers who would be called into the schools only as needed. 

That recommendation by the ad hoc committee on Educational Resource Officers (EROs) will be considered at its final meeting 4 p.m. Wednesday, July 18, in the auditorium of Doyle Administration Building, 545 West Dayton St.

“We do not feel that having officers assigned to schools should in anyway be considered educational assets.”

The liaison officers would receive on-going training in school policies and would maintain “regular contact with all of our schools as opposed to just the four high schools and respond to emergencies if needed,” according to the committee draft.

These officers will have relationships with our schools for their entire careers and will also be able to develop relationships with our students just as our more exceptional ERO’s do now. These officers will not be permanently stationed in a school but have regular contact with all of our schools providing valuable current updates and information and will have received extra training about school behavior policies and appropriate interactions with students. 

Police EROs

GET OUT! Madison in-school police EROs Justin Creech, West; Ken Mosley, La Follette; Zulma Franco, East; Tray Turner, Memorial H.S.

Police Chief Mike Koval responds

If MMSD’s school board votes to non-renew the contract for ERO’s, this would definitely diminish public safety in our schools and the Board will hear from the parents, students, staff, and teachers! Also, what would this do to delay response time on an active shooter?

Doubtful that kicking the EROs out of the schools will satisfy the social justice warriors who have been haranguing the committee with profane slogans for the last 16 months. They have declared war on the police and have waged that war at the Common Council, county board, and now at the school board level. That Wednesday’s meeting is scheduled for McDaniels auditorium and not the usual and smaller committee room is telling. Whether ad hoc committee chair Dean Loumos is willing to maintain order and allow all speakers to be heard is also doubtful. Your scribe was shouted down without a challenge from chairman Loumos. That is related here in Part #1 and with video in Part #2.

No Cops in SchoolsAs for active school shooters, the ad hoc committee would rather “have responders come at the problem from the outside, especially where you have proper lock down procedures in place.” 

Oddly, it appears the proposals will not be put to a vote of the 12 members, possibly for their own convenience. (“As our Ad-Hoc Committee on the Educational Resource Officers has not been granted the authority to make a final decision, we do not think it is necessary or prudent for us to take a vote as to whether MMSD should continue the ERO program.” Several members walked out while the social justice warriors (numbering an even 50) shouted down democracy at the last meeting and sprayed committee members with vile invective.

Lawyering up students

The committee also appears to propose lawyering up students prospectively. “EROs should not be the primary counsel for students on understanding laws, ordinances and the juvenile code. These trainings and educational modules should be conducted by legal professionals (lawyers) and not EROs.” Apparently, civics class has been replaced by criminal justice procedure.

e-mail icon  Tell the Madison school board you want cops in schools

The ad hoc ERO committee found that “some people” believe police in schools provide a valuable service and should stay as is — “the idea that ERO’s are essentially social workers with guns.” But the Loumos committee “rejected the idea that social workers should have weapons as a tool.” One could easily reverse the equation: why can’t armed police use social work as a tool?

Instead, the committee listened to “some of our students who, just by the mere presence of the officers, feel unsafe and have difficulty relating to school as a result.” The committee draft provided no numbers as to how many were “some of our students.” 

Regardless of the number, one could respond that is why school in the first place: to learn. Irony is that the WI State Journal just published a series of articles on the trauma of gunfire. If Madison’s daily newspaper encountered the trauma of police response — or mere presence — it went unreported.

In fact, the dog that did not bark is that the series found Police Ain’t the Problem in Madison. Shootings are. 

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15 Responses to Madison school board to be advised: kick police out of schools

  1. steve says:

    From what you describe about the behavior of the 50, I would feel unsafe if I sat on the school board.


  2. Tom Paine says:

    Yes, pull them out. Sounds like justice for the parents who have abdicated their responsibility for school governance. The future should provide great humor. Can’t wait to read about Chicago “north.” Ah, the majesty of utopian visions of the left.


  3. Turd Ferguson III says:

    I take no pleasure of thinking about possible future tragedies. I just hope that is a road we never have to cross. I want to thank David Blaska for documenting and blogging about all of this crap at the helm of the Madison School Board. So who will be the next David Hogg wanna be this time from Madison.

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  4. Patrick M O'Loughlin says:

    I suppose that all we can do at this point is to state it as clearly as possible that the School Board should be willing to state NOW, that they will gladly accept responsibility (in the form of resignations) should the violence problems become worse. If they are willing to make this bet with the safety of the students, then let us define the cost to them now. They obviously feel that there is no solution other than removing the EROs, so what price should they pay if they are wrong?
    As Thomas Sowell said:

    “It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.”


    • Batman says:

      Excellent comment Patrick.
      It is now up to parents to pressure Board members into making just such a contract.
      Verbal contracts are legally enforceable.
      I fear this will not end well and ultimately the kid’s passive parents are responsible.

      Is there a Thomas Sowell in Madison?


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


        “Is there a Thomas Sowell in Madison?”

        There used to be the next best thing, regrettably Milton McPike is no longer with us.

        If every school had one of him and a Wally Schoessow (my former FB coach & a pal) and their female equivalents, IMHO Madison educating would be in a better place.

        ‘Course, they’d suffer the wrath of folks like @jeffsimpson7 because they wouldn’t advocate for feel-good/diversity-centric/self-esteem curricula or equal outcomes over equal opportunity.


  5. wadwizard says:

    This is, truly, a pathetic plan. It is even more tragically pathetic that the public will apparently cave to the madness and ignore the real problems,


  6. Which school PTA gets the popcorn concession for the Wednesday PM meeting? Should be an excellent fund raising opportunity.


  7. A recent NY Times article states hundreds of students have been shot in more than 200 school shootings in recent years, and the bloodshed shows no signs of abating.

    A USA Today article – FBI: More active shooting incidents in 2017 than any other year recorded

    With facts and trends like these,coupled with the staggering numbers of random and targeted shootings around Madison, it’s hard to understand why any school board would vote to remove police from schools. Even harder to understand is why the parents of these children in public schools aren’t fighting harder to keep the ERO’s there. Maybe parents have decided to take their children out of Madison schools.Maybe the parents don’t think this is problem worth fighting for. Maybe there’s another reason. In any case, parents and students need to take and re-take active shooter training ASAP so they know what to do should something happen. This isn’t Mayberry anymore. (RUN, HIDE, FIGHT!)



  8. Sprocket says:

    “Instead, the committee listened to “some of our students who, just by the mere presence of the officers, feel unsafe and have difficulty relating to school as a result.” That is because some of your students are scumbags from scumbag families.

    The notion that the educational environment needs to change to accommodate criminals and sociopaths is a demonstration of the level of degeneracy that is inherit in the public education establishment. These people are a cancer. They loathe American values, culture, and society. They see public education as lever with which they can overthrow the (take your pick: racist, sexist, fascist, transphobic, etc, etc) system.

    Alternatively, removing the police from schools can be seen as a contortion to avoid the unpalatable demographic reality of crime in schools. These cowards are willing to sacrifice a safe and stable education environment for all students to avoid dealing with the reality that black students are over represented as crime and discipline problems. They are simply normalizing anti-social behavior so they don’t have to address it as an issue.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      Amen, brother. Amen! To which I would add: This decision is totally in keeping with Madison liberals’ valuing of image over reality. The very idea of a man or woman with a gun–in any circumstance whatsoever–is so abhorrent to them that they’ll do anything to prevent having to confront it in real life. After all, who would need a weapon of any sort in the liberal Nirvana that is Madison? So “some students” feel uncomfortable around police officers? Gosh, could that be because they’ve no doubt encountered said officers in situations of their own making–auto thefts, vandalism, brawls resulting from on-line insults–that one sees in the news nearly every day in Madison? Which brings us to another trait of Madison liberals: their inability to rationally evaluate any “demand,” no matter how preposterous, made by a person or persons of color. The fact that their squeamishness puts kids’ lives in danger is apparently not enough to break them of this habit. At least they’re consistent in their idiocy.


  9. Batman says:

    Excellent comment Sprocket.
    Wonder how many parents are aware of this proposed change.
    Another manifestation of insidious white guilt, common sense be damned.

    P.S. Perhaps DB will incorporate into his talk what O’Laughlin suggests above.


    • Patrick M. O'Loughlin says:

      No need to incorporate my comments. I plan to be there and deliver them myself. DB has inspired me. I’ve got a few more observations that I can deliver in three minutes as well.

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      • David Blaska says:

        Good for you Mr. O’. I could use the company. I’m putting up a list of questions today. Doubtful that I will be able to spit out more than one of them before the totalitarians start their well rehearsed chants. But I will stand there until I get quiet. Not backing down this time. Bring a friend!


  10. Norman Sannes says:

    the “clock” should stop during interruptions/chants

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