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Madison police are Nazis? So says school board member Ali Muldrow

And, of course, sexist and racist “Mainstream education is an oppressive institution,” says one supporter ⇒ UPDATE: A recall petition has been started ⇐ If I read this right, Madison police will continue to provide security and positive role models … Continue reading

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Same old: Police, not student behavior, to blame

Blaska Policy Werkes has its werkes cut out for it.  We are upside down, backwards and inside out here in the Emerald City, Madison WI. As predicted, Ms. Ali Muldrow and Ms. Ananda Mirilli voted against policing our troubled high … Continue reading

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Madison schools playing dangerous game of chicken

Will parents risk showing up at the June 24 Madison school board meeting to fight for their kids’ safety? Who will be the guinea pig? School parent-teacher organizations, print your agendas, call your meetings. You have until September 15 to … Continue reading

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District attorney Ozanne tries to excuse mob action, Part #2

Is viewpoint discrimination (and reverse racial discrimination) at work here? An Open Letter to Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne: While maintaining that Madison Police had not referred our complaint to you (See part #1), you made several arguments that … Continue reading

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Cops likely to remain in Madison schools?

Why is ad hoc committee loathe to say so in so many words? Social justice warriors will go ballistic UPDATE TODAY 08-7-18 from Police Chief Mike Koval: At first blush, this document does appear to have abandoned the notion of abolishing … Continue reading

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Call to Action TODAY Wednesday, July 25

Show the Madison school board you support police in schools. Show the disrupters that they cannot silence  parents and taxpayers. I am asking you do something hard. I am asking that you attend a school board committee meeting TODAY from 5 p.m. to … Continue reading

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