Madison police are Nazis? So says school board member Ali Muldrow

And, of course, sexist and racist

“Mainstream education is an oppressive institution,”
says one supporter

⇒ UPDATE: A recall petition has been started

If I read this right, Madison police will continue to provide security and positive role models in Madison’s four main public high schools for two more school years.

That is because the Madison Board of Education is not considering evicting the school resource officer at any one of those schools for the 2020-21 school year, as its contract with the city permits. At least, that’s according to the agenda posted for Monday’s (08-26-19) school board meeting. And time is running out.

One supposes it is possible for a special meeting to be called before the September 15 deadline.

(The relevant language: MMSD may amend this Contract to reduce the number of SROs assigned to MMSD as outlined in Attachment A. Section I. from four (4) SROs to three (3) SROs. MMSD shall notify the CITY in writing before the removal is to occur. Specifically said notice shall be provided by September 15, 2019, to effectuate a reduction on June 15, 2020.)

Never in question was that the SROs would remain on the job for the 2019-20 school year that starts in another week. So maybe newly elected school board member Ali Muldrow is just playing to her base when she spouts her racist, anti-police trash talk. She posted this on her social media  page Saturday (08-24-19):

I think that it’s important to talk about what it is like for the students who are arrested at school and end up in the Dane county jail. We would not talk about the role of the Nazis and act as if the experiences people had in concentration camps is a separate issue. 

Police are the only people in our schools who can subject students to incarceration and the students they arrest and ticket in our schools are disproportionately LGBTQ students, youth of color, impoverished youth and students with disabilities. … 

Cops can be great mentors and community members, sure, but they are the only people who have the power to arrest students and they target children with certain identities for the most severe punishments …

May we please teach responsibility?

One respondent, a woman named Wendy (we are redacting the last name) riposted:

If the police were not in the school and you caught a student assaulting, raping or committing some other crime against anther student or member of staff in your school what would you do? Furthermore, if you were the parent of the victim of these crimes, what would you want done?

Muldrow answered:

Comment BlackThis is a profound question, I would want the vast majority of resources dedicated to resolving this issue to be aimed at the healing and long-term recovery of my child. I would not be invested in the punishment of the other child …

What would you do if your child harmed somebody? Would you want them locked away in a cage, at what age, what crimes, what if they’re on the wrong side of an imaginary line …? Explain to me how arresting people makes the world a better place, how prisons and detention centers are keeping Americans safe? 

Arrests high school

Wendy answered with the “R” word:

I would want my child to be Responsible for their actions and accept the consequences. … I happen to be a victim of a hit and run by four teenagers in a stolen SUV running a red light and T-boning my Honda Civic. The SUV contained weapons, ski mask and items from a burglary. All four ran past my drivers side door while I was struggling to breath. The injury to my left arm will take minimum of a year to heal and there is no guarantee it will ever be 100% like it was before the crash. My car was totaled, I’ve had to start over on a new car loan. I’m paying off hospital and doctor bills. The two older boys in the vehicle have committed/been charged with further crimes since the crash. The driver hasn’t been arraigned yet for the charges stemming from the accident, because he’s in Lincoln Hills correction.

…  are you going to tell me these crimes don’t deserve punishment? 

And this from Mike Maxwell:

If you truly believe that there is institutional racism in the public schools and that police actively seek out minorities, you have no business on any school board. I was a teacher in public schools for 34 years and find your claims absurd and dangerous. 

Police EROs 2019

Madison’s SROs: Justin Creech, West; Rod Johnson, La Follette; Zulma Franco, East; Tray Turner, Memorial H.S.

How about listening to the teacher, for once?

This being Madison, Ms. Muldrow has plenty of support. (She did garner 70% of the vote against a certain conservative candidate.) Megan Diaz-Ricks, for one, fully endorses Muldrow’s police libel. 

Students should be agents of their own learning trajectory and asking them to fit into a box and sit down, shut up, and learn is not what works. Maybe for you … but I like to think that children who reject the hypocrisy of mainstream education as an oppressive institution are highly intelligent and maybe we should be listening to them, not arresting them.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: What ARE they telling us, Ms. Megan? Liberals and Progressives have been running Madison schools for the last 40 years that Blaska has been on the scene. 

What do YOU think?

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27 Responses to Madison police are Nazis? So says school board member Ali Muldrow

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “Students should be agents of their own learning trajectory”

    I couldn’t agree more. My interpretation includes (but is not limited to) Self Determination, which Diaz-Ricks’ view is anything BUT.

    The Gotch

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    • David Blaska says:

      If only there existed some sort of learning trajectory.


      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        “Learning trajectory” is just another meaningless buzzword the left uses to disguise the fact that they know nothing about children or education. One reason public schools are crumbling is that for decades we’ve endorsed the notion that kids should be taught to “Question Authority.” That, in fact, is the last thing they should be taught. Their cognitive functions are not sufficiently developed to determine what or who needs to be questioned. The fact that teachers are being blatantly disrespected and in some cases literally assaulted can be traced back to this kind of shameless pandering by the left who see education as a convenient means for indoctrinating impressionable kids. California’s newest revision of its ethnic studies curriculum defines capitalism as “a form of power and oppression” and exhibits clear biases against Jews and Israel. Of course, forcing kids in public schools to take an ethnic studies class is, in itself, proof of the leftist dry-rot that has infected American education.


  2. Larsen E. Whipsnade says:

    I sincerely believe that Ms. Muldrow is not cut out to be in a decision making role in regard to school discipline, juvenile development and criminal justice matters. Her thinking is shockingly superficial and incapable of abstract reasoning. Arrogantly bullying and pushing fantasyland dogma makes her unfit to lead, and those who obsequiously submit to her bullying nonsense should be ashamed of themselves. She, and her ilk, should be ridiculed and ignored. It is child abuse to follow her lead.

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      In other words, she’s a fanatic. And in Madison her brand of fanaticism will never be ridiculed and ignored–it will be treated as if it deserves the attention of rational adults.


  3. Tom Paine says:

    the students they arrest and ticket in our schools are disproportionately LGBTQ students, youth of color, impoverished youth and students with disabilities.

    But of course. DUH………..they create a disproportionate number of problems.

    It is not that Mully-Mind is wrong, it is that she has no way of understanding WHY she is wrong.
    I suggest basic training in the Army. Won’t happen, I know. Her attitude is instructive why education and educrats are clueless. Their life experience is shopping at West Towne, the Vilas Petting Zoo, monthly welfare checks; WIC food stamps, and hours watching MTV, before they graduated to The Jefferson’s.

    Clueless about discipline………..clueless about the military system that can get things done.
    There are too few Vets in Education. Who remains? Namby-pamby do-gooders who wear their virtue ribbons on their hippie dress coats or as bumper stickers on their new Prius.

    Why bother with such articles, Dave? She and the others of her ilk are like 3rd-graders. Has logic ever affected the outcome of any argument with a 3rd-grader? Of course not. So, let them run the schools. Abolish the Police Department. Open the Dane County jail………….and then, then your can write columns about the New Utopia ot Garrison Keilior.


  4. Sprocket says:

    “She did garner 70% of the vote against a certain conservative candidate.”

    Of course she did Dave. She’s got a hustle that appeals to two key demographics in Madison, the hood-rats and angst ridden white liberals. Let’s breakdown the hustle, shall we?

    The first part of the hustle is based on promoting the idea that disparity is indicative of inequity. If “youth of color” are arrested more, it’s clearly a result of systemic racism. This of course assumes two nonsensical notions; that white students have the same level of disciplinary issues and everyone just pretends not to see, and that “youth of color” don’t reflect the criminality of the communities they come from.

    The second part is expanding the scope of the imaginary problem to create as large a group of victims as possible. You’ll note the term “youth of color”. What she really mean is black kids. Re-framing helps obfuscate who creates the issues and creates the impression that there is a broad white-supremacist conspiracy afoot. One will note this serves the hood-rats and lefties. It allows both to avoid unpleasant questions and less pleasant answers. Of course she has to add some LGBTQ and disabled as garnish (frankly I’m surprised she didn’t add club foot and the consumption).

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    • David Blaska says:

      I hear the cops are have it in for members of the high school stamp club.

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “You’ll note the term ‘youth of color’.”

      Gosh, I wonder why another certified minority group (Asians) aren’t included in her Big Tent Victimhoodie Pity Party?

      Because adding their numbers to the mix would skew positive?

      The Gotch


      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        The Asian students are too busy studying to waste their time playing the victimhood game. Plus, their parents wouldn’t allow it.


  5. Bob Dane says:

    Check this out:
    Seems a “strict behaviour policy” might help Madison schools close the achievement gap.


  6. Jennifer Turk says:

    She just spouts crazy talk. And Madisonians lap it up. Eager to prove they are not racist by agreeing with her. You know who’s not eager to prove they are not racists? Non-racists.

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  7. dad29 says:

    I would want the vast majority of resources dedicated to resolving this issue to be aimed at the healing and long-term recovery of my child. I would not be invested in the punishment of the other child …

    She’s lying like a rug.


    • Batman says:

      I take Muldrow at her word. The problem with little or no consequence for scofflaw youth is they are conditioned to repeatedly offend and many of them do, a lot.

      Rehabilitation while incarcerated must be part of the solution because it still removes the criminal from society while teaching unlearned lessons etc.
      Sex Ed. in school should be teaching sexual responsibility to reduce the serious problem of young people procreating in self-defeating circumstances. In fact, make the concept mainstream within school with visuals, after school meetings/support groups, extra credit for topical research, parent involvement, etc., because until this problem is resolved little will change, similarly without an ordered school environment little will change.
      Teach kids how to be positive. Do not teach unaccountability because that only cripples and sets kids up for failure. Life isn’t fair because humans are in charge. That’s just the way it is and without a good education one is at the mercy of that unfairness.

      Troubled youth are crying out for help by acting out. Convincing there is great value in a educated mind must be a large part of that help while persuading against a victim mentality must as well. Being fixated on the examination/analysis of historical divisions without mentioning the tremendous cultural progress is creating a toxic explosive brew.
      This really is a land of profound opportunity for everyone who is willing to play by the rules, but there are rules.

      “Teaching children self-control will make them free.”
      Katharine Birbalsingh.


  8. Paula Fitz says:

    Dave Mahoney is an officer of the law and for that I respect him, but I was frankly taken aback by his comment. He endorses candidates of a particular mindset, then is surprised by their comments?

    He should have never politicized his office, but since he has, yes, he most definitely owns the fallout. The sad part, is that the people he supports politically, wouldn’t (I suspect) hesitate to throw him under the bus in a New York minute.

    You know who else owns the fallout? The Madison police union.

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  9. Paula Fitz says:

    My heart aches for people with kids and grand kids. Value systems have most definitely changed And if you think it’s just a Madison thing, you’re mistaken.

    How are we going to compete as a nation like this?


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @Paula Fitz;

      “How are we going to compete as a nation like this?”

      It gets worse.

      The staggering irony of the disgustingly giddy slobbering Lefty’s displaying at the memory of the late David Koch?

      David Koch Personally Donated $150 Million To Build A State-Of-The-Art Cancer Treatment Center At The New York City Hospital That Just Treated Ruth Bader Ginsberg For Pancreatic Cancer.

      Ah Lefty; so MUCH suffocating hypocrisy, so little time!

      The Gotch


  10. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Wendy: ”if you were the parent of the victim of these crimes (committed in a Madison Public School), what would you want done?”

    The talented Ms. Muldrow: “This is a profound question,”

    Translation: “That’s not even a concern because my coddled brats are in a private school, away from all that public school…um…activity. You people voted for me IN SPITE of the absolutely breathtaking irony that I don’t even trust the education of my kids to the organization I’ve been chosen to serve. This leads me to one, inescapable conclusion; you’re a bunch of lily-livered, guilt-suffocated White Lefty IDIOTS!”

    The Gotch


  11. Dan B. says:

    Liberals in Madison appear to be interested in asking some hard questions about the racist consequences for their well meaning, if misguided actions. Conservative(s)? Nah. We’re good being just as racist as we always were because Reagan.


  12. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Awww, there IS joy in Mudville; all is forgiven, Muldrow says she’s SORRY.

    TRANSLATION: ”My handlers have assured me that this is just a temporary hiccup. In order to keep our eye on the prize (plowing MMSD into the $#!TTER at warp speed) I just issue a crocodile tears mea maxima culpa. No worries; my FacePlant page has still purged the legitimate concerns of @Steve Witherspoon and that recalcitrant Blaska character, so it looks like EVERYONE THAT MATTERS is on board.”

    The Gotch

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