The Left’s anti-cop thuggery got physical at Madison school district hdq

Instead of the heckler’s veto, the anti-cop social justice warriors employed physical intimidation Wednesday at Madison Metro School District headquarters.

“I hope you made it out safely,” one citizen e-mailed me after he fled McDaniel Auditorium as the chaos escalated into pushing and shoving. A Hillary Clinton Democrat, Larry intended to speak in favor of retaining cops in Madison’s public high schools. He never did get to speak, which was the idea.

Meeting heats up

It’s called ‘swarming’

The same crew that disrupted the June meeting of the school board’s ad hoc committee on educational resource officers (EROs) escalated their well rehearsed disruptive tactics Wednesday. This time they surrounded those who disagreed with five or six bodies. They stood menacing close, subtly pushing and shoving, to prevent us from recording the chaos with our smart phones. First Blaska, then others.

“I didn’t really figure out what was happening for a bit when the big guy stood up in front of us,” Larry reported. “Eventually I moved since I couldn’t see.  I was concerned about the woman in the back that looked like they were getting physical. Hoping she did not get hurt. I took one picture and they started to block me. I just took one pic.”

A Madison mother attended this public meeting with her son, a recent Madison high school graduate. She is pictured on this morning’s front page of the Wisconsin State Journal.

They followed her son!

The mother reported to this roadside stand, just hours after the event: 

I’m sure you witnessed what happened to me at the school board meeting today. I was assaulted by a woman there who tore my phone from my hand and threw it to the floor. Funny thing was, I was actually filming YOU so that you would have documentary evidence of the harassment that you received at the meeting! Just so you know, I did file a police report. My son was also followed from the meeting to his ultimate frisbee game afterward by one of those creeps. The police have been informed of that, too, and my son got the guy’s license plate number. 

I wonder if I will ever be able to attend another school board meeting! Wow. Unbelievable. If the rest of Madison only knew.

This mother of a MMSD student wonders if she can ever attend another school board meeting. Which is the idea! This is how the social justice warriors discourage citizen participation.

Call the police!

The next time cops in schools is discussed, Blaska will insist on a significant police presence.

Unable to mount a credible case, they employ intimidation. The woman from the Derail the Jail coalition who followed me to the podium unintentionally summarized the idiocy of their cause: 

“No matter how or whatever stipulations you put on a police officer going into a school they are going to do what they want to do, what they are trained to do, which is kill black kids.”

When all 4 EROs this past school year were minorities? !!! The EROs must be poorly trained for they have yet to kill a single black kid.

The irony is that those supposedly murderous EROs are defending children of color. They are involved, unfortunately, in the majority of the brawls in the schools. At the previous ad hoc committee meeting, I made the point that boys form the majority of suspensions and arrests. That does not mean that boys are being profiled or discriminated against; it just means boys cause more trouble. (Although girl fights seem to be increasing!)

Viewpoint discrimination

I am irritated that the Wisconsin State Journal fell for the hooligans’ ruse about “recording juvenile speakers.” A nice piece of Saul Alinsky agitprop.

The “juvenile” in question was no younger than 17. In any event, the anti-cop agitators trotted her out to a public meeting in front of TV cameras and newspaper photographers. They kept blocking my attempts to record the proceedings well afterwards regardless of the age of the speakers, all of whom were well over 21. And too many petty acts of harassment to list here but one of them was trying to prevent me from taking a seat by throwing their legs over the chair. 

A special thank you NBC TV-15 reporter Piper Shaw made the point at the end of her report that citizens have a first amendment right to record a public meeting — as, indeed, her cameras did. (Her segment showed children.) I do give credit to ad hoc committee chairman Dean Loumos for advising the audience of the same. Not that his warning made the slightest difference. It was a right that was consistently violated.

It is clear that Wednesday was another in an organized effort to restrain speech — “viewpoint discrimination” in the words of my attorney, Rick Esenberg. 

An outfit called Freedom Inc. is the organizing and training agency for these disruptions. Its adherents are drawn from the same anti-cop coalition that formed Derail the Jail gang that shouted down the Dane County Board last fall to the point where that elective body (on which I once served) had to reconvene the next day to finish business.

This is the same claque that put Mike Koval before the PFC on the spurious charge that he called a raging lunatic “a raging lunatic.” One of whom was Shadyra Kilfoy-Flores, who spoke Wednesday. (I was prevented from recording her, as well.) These guys disrupted the Madison Common Council  when it was considering adding 8 more police.

Progressive succor for the speech nazis

It saddens me that my old editor Dave Zweifel of The Capital Times encourages this kind of harassment. Two days after Independence Day, Mr. Zweifel went up with a column that approved of harassing people of opposing viewpoints. “Change-makers know civility isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.”

Of course, in its account, The Capital Times calls Blaska a “rightwing gadfly” while the agitators are simply “activists”? I know, how about “change makers”?!

Blaska’s Bottom Line: The thuggery displayed Wednesday night makes what case? It makes the case that more police are needed, not fewer. If school board meetings are this chaotic, just think what’s going on in our schools!

How it looked from the inside:

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30 Responses to The Left’s anti-cop thuggery got physical at Madison school district hdq

  1. wadwizard says:

    There is a Proud Boy chapter in Madison. Maybe you should invite them to attend any future such set-to. These cowards who assaulted you need to be confronted and taught some respect.


    • wadwizard says:

      PS: No Justice, No Peace. Your rights are being ignored and the board, police and other authorities are denying you your Constitutional rights.


  2. Progressive pigs!


  3. Just #WalkAway folks says:

    On a lighter note, the Wisconsin Economy keeps growing despite liberal efforts to stop it. 260,877 jobs filled since January 2011 and counting. Boom goes the dynamite!!!

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  4. Batman says:

    A committee member must be the one to call 911 for disturbing the peace, interfering with government business and peaceable assembly as Zoltar explained in a previous post.

    Loumos should have made the call. It’s just a phone call Dean; think you can manage that.
    Perhaps this job is beyond his ability to properly execute. If so then step down so a more qualified person can manage the meetings.

    Following people after the meeting, physical intimidation, and literally preventing some from speaking would not have occurred with police presence.
    So far these bullies are winning thanks to the spineless cowards unwilling to do their job, part of which is to maintain order.
    These disruptors are just itching for a fight so better to have it be with the MPD.

    Is Loumos a tool of these nasty bullies or genuinely scared.


    • wadwizard says:

      They will have the fight with the police, or they will have the fight with someone else. Its time to stop backing down. When civil order breaks down and the police can’t, or won’t, protect law-abiding citizens, then citizens must step up and protect themselves. That’s what its coming to.


    • David Blaska says:

      To your concluding question: yes and yes.


  5. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    The cannon fodder disrupting these meetings plainly & simply (and I’m being charitable here) just aren’t very bright and are thus being easily manipulated by Freedom Inc. & Derail the Jail folks.

    Reminds me of the likes of Li’l Davie Hogg & Cindy “get Israel Out Of Palestine(??)” Sheehan; they’re too stupid to come with cogent ideas on their own so they have to regurgitate what’s been shoved down their throats, mostly by White Lefties.

    Oh the earring deep irony of it all!

    The Gotch


  6. The only civil rights that these anti-Constitutional totalitarian social justice warrior imbeciles acknowledge their own; in the brainwashed minds of these pawns anyone who opposes them has no rights. They have shown that they will abuse their civil rights to strip those they oppose of their civil rights, this ends justifies the means BS bullying and this is how murderous totalitarian regimes have taken power across the globe, these fools are the United States current version of ISIS. There is only one effective way to deal with these kind of cultist brainwashed fools.

    I’m going to say what some others are already thinking. It’s as if members of the Madison School board and some on this committee are promoting and maybe even carefully orchestrating this kind of behavior from behind the scenes.

    As long as ignorantly biased elected public servants enable this behavior there will be more of it to come and it will get worse – I guarantee it.

    Is there a place to see a video of the entire meeting, 100% of it?

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:


      THIS is the mentality/mindset (terms used advisedly) the lucid are up against.

      Does needle-d**k extraordinaire Sean Taylor remind youse of Li’l Davie Hogg at all?

      The Gotch


  7. Turd Ferguson Jr. says:

    hmm, so if the police were present at a meeting about keeping police in schools this would have most likely deter the acts of the protesters. Hmm. That leads me to believe that more police presence in institutes of learning would help curb violence in schools. Me makes a logical conclusion. wow, even a deplorable can figure that one out.

    Thank you David for trying to save Madison elites from themselves. Can lead a horse to water, put there head in the water, squirt liquid in their mouths but clearly cannot make a dehydrated animal drink!!!!


  8. coolkevs says:

    Sadly, from the video I could still see the number of people at this meeting – in a city of 250K, pretty poor which allows for bad actors to dominate.


    • David Blaska says:

      True, but meetings begin at 4 p.m. Even committee members had trouble making the meeting.


    • Nancy says:

      It’s those bad actions that make many people myself included not attend. I’ve witnessed these very same actions at Common Council meetings and Dane County Board meetings. Now that they have added physical intimidation it makes it even less likely that those who disagree with them will attend. I find it interesting that with all the anti-bullying campaigns in the schools these days this group who are the text book definition of a bully are allowed to control these meetings. If these so called kids feel it’s ok to bully adults who disagree with them what do you suppose is happening in our schools to fellow students when they disagree.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. westsidesue says:

    No matter how you slice it, this is bloody anarchy! Too bad DB couldn’t have had a police escort to that meeting. It shouldn’t take physical strength and fortitude to attend a freaking school board meeting, and yet here we are. Sorry I couldn’t support you in person Dave. It’s only that I’m not well enough. You are a very brave wonderful citizen, and I thank you for standing up for those of us who can’t!

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  10. Bill Everley says:

    I very rarely agree with Dave Blaska, but I would defend his right to say what he wants and not be subjected to physical harassment. This issue is probably the only thing he and I agree on: we need cops in our high schools for safety reasons. A more germane question is: why do minority students fear the police and what can we do to allay those fears?


    • David Blaska says:

      Thanks, Mr. E. I would only say that I’m not convinced minority students uniformly distrust police. We have only the say-so of the self-appointed social justice warriors. I see no evidence from the committee that they did any kind of survey.


  11. WashCoRepub says:

    So wanting safety, security and order in our schools is now considered racist. Do Leftists want to live in this world they are intent on creating? Why? Do they just intend to toke up and tune out?


  12. Jim Jenkins says:

    Dave, my attention came late to this issue. What are the politics of it? Who will ultimately decide? The school board? How can police be kept from patrolling in a public place? Do you think these meetings will have any impact on the outcome of all this? I see no use in getting into fights with people. What can those of us who believe that we need police in schools do to keep that alive? I doubt you will do any good attending “hearings” like this.



    • David Blaska says:

      Everyone needs to come to these meetings. The entire seven-member school board will decide. I have included an e-mail form on the sidebar to communicate your thoughts to the school board.


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      I would argue that substantial “good” has already been done by calling attention to the appalling manner in the way this city is “governed.” This issue happens to pertain to education, but it could be any of a multitude of issues over which elected officials have control. When the people supposedly “in charge” kowtow to the demands of small but vocal minorities (in both senses of that term) and disregard the basic rights of citizens (in this case, their right of free speech), their behavior needs to be exposed to the light of day. They get away with bad behavior because they arrange to conduct it as much as possible in secret (or semi-secret) and create conditions that favor their nefarious conduct. Dave is courageously chipping away at this rotten edifice, doing a great deal of “good” in the process..


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