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A sick and twisted progressive hit job

Politics of the personal Sometime soon, Dave Zweifel will write about the good old days when Democrats and Republicans could sit down and get blotto together at the old Congress Bar off Madison’s Capitol Square. If the editor emeritus asks … Continue reading

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You can’t cancel conservatives!

We gave up Coke a long time ago! Women grinding their pubes into each other (now THAT is a lede!) is not moving the needle on viewership. Nielsen ratings for the Grammys were down 53% from last year, the Golden … Continue reading

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Dave Zweifel wants to defund Republicans

We are so skewed! Dave Zweifel is upset that some of us are bucking the teachers union. We knuckle-dragging deplorables want the public schools open for in-classroom education, they don’t. Or as Dave puts it, quoting radio blabber Thom Hartmann, … Continue reading

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Progressive blames Republicans for killing Anise

We blame George W. Bush The editor emeritus of hyper-partisan Capital Times (“Dane County’s Progressive Voice”) has identified the culprits in on the 08-11-2020 shooting death of 11-year-old Anisa Maria Scott.  No, not the two teenaged boys arrested later in the … Continue reading

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This hoax is for progressive folks

A sucker is born every minute The Werkes continues to marvel how my old boss at The Capital Times, editor emeritus Dave Zweifel, could have grown up on the farm (outside New Glarus WI) and gone so wrong. Dave still … Continue reading

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What are you hiding?

It’s not the conspiracy, stupid And when did you hide it? That’s the Watergate redux of the permanent investigatory state. Democrats are following Jerry Nadler and his enablers at MSNBC and CNN down the rabbit hole of irrationality. When one … Continue reading

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