Dave Zweifel wants to defund Republicans

We are so skewed!

Dave Zweifel is upset that some of us are bucking the teachers union.

We knuckle-dragging deplorables want the public schools open for in-classroom education, they don’t. Or as Dave puts it, quoting radio blabber Thom Hartmann, “Running around maskless, assaulting their fellow citizens with potentially virus-laden breath.” (Cough, cough.)

The Little Red Book of Progressivism requires third-degree, black belt progs like Mr. Zweifel to find some injustice (real or imagined) and propose a government solution. Dave borrowed these modest proposals from Hartmann:

•   Put a per capita cap on the largesse Washington sends to the states.

The gray lab coats at the Werkes are down with capping government spending but so much for the concept of progressive taxation — the notion that the neediest get the most. The motivation, of course, is to penalize Republican states. Dave mentions Kentucky.

•   The other brainstorm is to tax the bejesus out of the wealthy.

Daddy Warbucks

Nothing new there. Raise taxes is Rule #1 in their Little Red Book, so this is just an additional excuse. Dave’s modest proposals (Jonathan Swift, call your agent) evokes the hoary and discredited stereotype that Republicans are all Daddy Warbucks chomping fat cigars, their polished Cole Haans pressing the necks of us working stiffs. Dave, did you miss the Tea Party?

“Democrats need to get busy and find ways to make these changes, including ending corporate campaign contributions, super PACs, and limiting billionaires’ ability to skew our politics with money,” Dave Zweifel demands.

In Plain Talk that even Dave would understand, he is full of hooey. Democrats regularly outspend Republicans! The website OpenSecrets reports that Joe Biden outspent Donald Trump in candidate-controlled spending — $1,044,187,828 to $773,954,550 — and third-party, independent expeditures, too: $580 million to $314 million.

The really BIG donors — those giving upwards of $100,000 — gave all Democrats nationwide $3.90 billion to $2.75 billion to Republicans in the 2020 campaign cycle. That’s an advantage of 59% to 41%. (Read & Weep.)

They ain’t Republican!

There is a reason Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, George Soros, and Mike Bloomberg don’t speak at CPAC. Can you guess what it is? Nor is it enough (apparently) that Democrats and their amen corner in the news media skew (their favorite word) Left. One can name the exceptions on the fingers of one hand. (“All the news that fits the Democrat(ic) agenda.”) Or that Big Tech bans conservatives (like the New York Post’s expose on Hunter Biden).

Mr. Zweifel’s new-found progressive outrage strikes us as odd because the last time we checked, Tony Evers was governor of Wisconsin, Uncle Joe president of the United States, Nancy Pelosi speaker of the House of Representatives, Chuck Schumer majority leader of the U.S. Senate. Let the record show: all are Democrats.

Like progressives everywhere, my old editor does not trust the voter to separate wheat from chaff. He wants Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission overturned. On that happy day, unelected federal bureaucrats once again will regulate political speech — even banning books, as the federal government admitted in arguments before the Supreme Court. (The government had banned the showing of Hillary the Movie until after the election!)

⇒ For extra credit; “Journalists against free speech.”

Blaska’s Bottom LineWhich raises the question: is Dave Zweifel going to report his column — hell, his whole newspaper — as an in-kind contribution to the Democrat(ic) party? Or is regulation just for Republicans and not good progs like Dave?

What you wanna bet?

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8 Responses to Dave Zweifel wants to defund Republicans

  1. calypsofacto says:

    Sure … I bet Democrats are going to get right on limiting the power of billionaires like Zuckerberg who literally just ran Wisconsin’s election in all the major cities, ensuring a Dem victory.

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  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    The Cap Times has thoroughly transformed into a parody of upper-middle class guilty white Madison liberalism. I read it exclusively for the (unintended) entertainment value. On that score, it never disappoints.

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  3. sentient7 says:

    Zweifel has done what, when and where to merit any serious consideration for anything?

    More wisdom could be had from Boss Hogg on the Dukes of Liberalism.


  4. Bill says:

    We now live in a world where reality is whatever someone wants it to be. Don’t like the FACT that you were born a MALE and want to be a female? Not a problem, objective reality be damned, the new narrative is that you now identify as a female.

    You find out you’re pregnant but don’t want to be? No problem, again, objective reality be damned, the new narrative is that you’re not pregnant as an abortion has fixed that problem even though and abortion would never be medically needed if you were not pregnant.

    You run a school district like the MMSD and have most of the students underperforming? No problem, no need for quantifiable reality, the repeated narrative is that a whole lot more taxpayer dollars is what is needed to fix that problem.

    Don’t like those who changed America for the better? Objective reality be damned, the new narrative is that people like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and others were bad people and any mention of them must be removed from the public eye.

    It seems this can be said about the left: When the objective reality no longer meets the narrative that you go by, you don’t change the narrative, you change the reality.

    It can be said, whomever controls reality, controls the people. Ultimately, whomever controls reality, does so by force.

    I would have thought that by now the lessons of history would have taught us that. As in more recent times we have seen:

    Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, along with many others giving a fine example of what happens to a people when they allow their leaders to control reality.


  5. Normwegian says:

    Not only is the Crap Times an in-kind contribution to the dems, it appears the State Urinal is in the same camp. I point to the anti-Johnson 1 1/2 page cover flyer in Tuesday’s edition, only to be complimented by the Hands’ cartoons.


    • Normwegian says:

      and when I queried the Urinal as to who paid for the anti-Johnson wrapper…this is the response…”I wish I knew. That, of course, was handled by our advertising department, not the newsroom. And because it’s technically an “issue ad,” whoever placed it is not required to disclose their identity. ”

      Phil Brinkman / City Editor


      • David Blaska says:

        It’s called freedom of speech. Republicans have a few coins, that attack ad is easily countered. RoJo did the right thing to vote no. Feeling the same way about the infrastructure bill. Eisenhower had a concrete goal in mind: build the interstate highway system. JFK had a specific purpose: send a man to moon and bring him back alive. Biden is just throwing dollars into the fan and hoping they land.


  6. chaswjd says:

    The irony in all the opposition to employees of newspapers in opposing Citizens United is that they, themselves, work for corporations. If corporations are to have no First Amendment rights, then neither should the news corporations they work for. Using their rationale, government should be free to censor the products of their employers.


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