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Do kids today have a prayer?

God only knows! After the horror of Uvalde TX and, here in Madison, cafeteria brawls, 12-year-olds stealing cars, and teenage shoot-em-ups, this headline in this morning’s Wall Street Journal seems almost quaint: “Supreme Court rules coach can pray on field … Continue reading

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“Doth protest too much?” University of Wisconsin delays free speech survey

by Jonathan Turley The survey has caused faculty and administrators to go into seems almost unhinged panic. … The survey asked students about self-censorship, opinions toward viewpoint diversity, campus climate, knowledge of the First Amendment and fears over expressing oneself. … Continue reading

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Ask college kids about free speech? EEK!

We’re so offended! Progressives have it easy. Confronted with contrary facts or unassailable opinions, they need only cry “Koch Brothers,” “Republican talking points,” or play aggrieved victim. They can hound Condoleeza Rice from the speaker’s platform by claiming hurt feelings. … Continue reading

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The 2nd Amendment protects the First

Just ask the heroes of Ukraine! At a gathering of well aged Democrats, the Head Groundskeeper ventured that if Ukrainians had enjoyed Americans’ Second Amendment rights for more than a few days before the Russkies invaded, they might be marginally … Continue reading

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College prof says take this job and …

Shove it! The 20th anniversary of 9/11 is a time for heroes. They arise unexpectedly, in times of extreme duress. One such hero is a professor from Portland State University, situated in the belly of that totalitarian city in Oregon. … Continue reading

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Dave Zweifel wants to defund Republicans

We are so skewed! Dave Zweifel is upset that some of us are bucking the teachers union. We knuckle-dragging deplorables want the public schools open for in-classroom education, they don’t. Or as Dave puts it, quoting radio blabber Thom Hartmann, … Continue reading

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