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Professional victims ensnare another Karen

The Left does not play well with others One day after surviving a seven-way primary election for WI superintendent of public instruction, Deborah Kerr finds herself fending off charges of “racial insensitivity.” As that political philosopher Gomer Pyle would say, Surprise! … Continue reading

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Sen. Cruz delivers a master class in liberty

Calls out hypocrisy of Democrats ‘Their side is funded with dark money and massively!’ If you want to understand how America teeters on the thin edge of freedom, please watch one of my favorites. At Tuesday’s 10-13-20 at the Senate Judiciary … Continue reading

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Catholic schools will sue Public Health to open as scheduled

Say this about Catholics — they fight back! Shortly after normal office hours on Friday (08-21-2020) Madison/Dane County Public Health issued an order closing down in-school education for students above second grade at private schools for the upcoming school year … Continue reading

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If you disagree, it must be hate speech

It’s for your own good If Blaska can’t plagiarize his ownself, whom can he plagiarize? We must revisit some of the last blogge to post some trenchant commentary. (Things we did not have the wit to say at the time … Continue reading

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‘If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?’*

Progressives are eating their own! Has #MeToo become the new McCarthyism? * the Bellamy Brothers Good for the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints. They’ll baptize you even if you’re dead, proving that it is never too late … Continue reading

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Local legislators are talking to each other?

At least the county board is no longer ‘divisive’ Say this for Brenda Konkel. She is something of a local government watchdog. She an open meetings maven, which is to her credit. She is blowing the whistle on, especially, the … Continue reading

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