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Free speech for some but not all is no free speech at all!

Stately Blaska Manor is charging an admission fee: your subscription to the Wisconsin State Journal. For over 30 years now, visitors to the Dan Quayle Reading Room here at the Manor can peruse the Wisconsin State Journal alongside that other WSJ, … Continue reading

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If money won elections, Jeb would be president

We’ve been making this point for years. Here, Ann of Althouse (she could use the traffic) asks: What will become of the “money in politics” issue after Hillary outspent Trump and, now in Georgia’s Sixth, the Democrat outspent the Republican … Continue reading

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Liberal candidates get unreported in-kind contributions from corporation

The Capital Times holds itself above other corporations — even us mere mortals — because it believes itself to get special powers from the U.S. Constitution. One of its editors, John Nichols, said so himself. The Press, Nichols wrote last … Continue reading

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