School committee member tells Madison parent: ‘You got to get out of here’

… for her own safety

A Madison mother writes: This was the meeting that I attended to show my support for educational resource officers remaining in the Madison Wi public high schools. I filed this to show the treatment that David Blaska endured throughout the meeting. After speaking in support of the police, I was surrounded by anti-police demonstrators and had my phone ripped from my hand and thrown to the ground. The person who damaged my phone appears for a brief second near the end of the video.

The mob violence done to a Madison parent and her son was worse than we thought. (“Left’s anti-cop thuggery gets physical“)

While this bloggeur was hemmed in by Freedom Inc.’s social justice terrorists in the front of the auditorium he could see another group swarming Mrs. Wollaeger.

That frightening scene is pictured on Page One of Thursday’s WI State Journal.

The mother told this Blogge that she was using her smart phone to record my predicament when five or six “activists” (as The Capital Times calls them) surrounded her and smacked the phone from her hands. She tells us that the screen of her $1,000 device is cracked and is difficult to operate.

“I’m going to have to get a new phone.” But worse is the terror she felt. Does she exaggerate?

She says a member of the ad hoc committee on EROs rushed down from the stage to rescue her. That would be Greg Rossetti, a Madison police officer who worked as an ERO at La Follette High School.

Rosetti, she says, told her: “Come with me; you got to get out of here.”

The ex-cop led mother and son to a break room in the Doyle administration building accompanied by two MMSD security guards. They locked the door against the social justice terrorists who followed.

“Because I [testified] I want police officers in school,” the thoroughly miffed citizen told Stately Blaska Manor.

She says one of the security guards witnessed the incident and corroborated her story to the police officer who showed up after 45 minutes.

Police in the high schools? We need police in the MMSD district administration building!

While awaiting police, the high school mother says the MMSD security guard told her “We’re all scared; we can’ t do anything until an officer shows up; we can’t touch [students] because everything is a potential lawsuit.”

Her husband picked her up but the political terrorists followed their son, a recent graduate, to his ultimate frisbee match in Fitchburg. The son tried to lose his pursuers by following a circuitous route but ultimately got the license number of the car.

“I’m worried they are going to come to my house,” the mother told me tonight (07-19-18). I’m looking at moving out of the district, Madison has turned into such a crap show.

“After all the taunts and accusations hurled at me, I never knew I was a white supremacist before last night,” she laughed bitterly.

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11 Responses to School committee member tells Madison parent: ‘You got to get out of here’

  1. Dorothy Borchardt says:

    David needs more support at those meetings….there are far more people that support the EROs then the bullies that are causing th problems.


  2. Batman says:

    Thought Madison was supposed to be a nice civil upper middle class place to live and yet city officials are unable to conduct government meetings without intimidating nasty bullies prevailing. Better come up with specific rules and regs, and in place enforcement, about conduct at these meetings or someone is going to get hurt bad. Already Faye Wollaeger and family are being terrorized and materially hurt by these Antifa like thugs. Where was security? Nobody saw this coming? The more these Antifa wannabees succeed the more emboldened they become. Wake up people!

    Why didn’t Koval dispatch at least two officers to this meeting considering what happened last meeting? Is it against the rules to do so? Was he unaware?


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      “Better come up with specific rules and regs …” Like maybe when a person is speaking, all others present must remain seated? Or is that somehow racist?

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  3. Sprocket says:

    The leftists in Madison city government either tacitly or explicitly support the activities of these people. This is the fruit of the ghetto seeds they planted years ago. They’ve grown themselves a little Free Shit Army. They depend on the FSA using intimidation and violence to stifle dissenting views to achieve their ends.

    It does not take much imagination to envision the response of the city leaders and the media were race and political affiliation inverted in this situation. There would be self flagellating press conferences atoning for the sins white supremacy and breathless TV anchors clutching their pearls over the alt-right intimidating people of color. This behavior is not a bug, it’s a feature.

    What I find interesting is that the behavior of these people is exactly the type they seek to normalize in the schools. What you’re looking at is, in some ways, a quid pro quo. The leftist let it be known that they will keep the free stuff flowing and enable the criminal and anti-social behavior of the hood rats. In exchange the FSA agree to show up, shout racism at everything and everyone, and use intimidation and violence to cow any dissent.


  4. Tom Paine says:

    Love the examples of utopian brotherhood by the “community.” Does anyone doubt the culture of hate by the left will continue to match the growth in crime rates?

    These events validate the wisdom of my decision to leave County Dane years ago.


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