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The troublemakers should sit in review of school police

Madison school board committee buys into school-to-prison pipeline theory School police must be restrained from harassing kids; students should be taught their criminal justice rights and — unbelievably! — the  troublemakers will sit in review of the cops’ actions! They’re … Continue reading

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Monday’s school board meeting — the cop haters will be there. Will we?

SHOW UP BEFORE 6 P.M. TO REGISTER TO SPEAK. (Time limit: 3 minutes) Isn’t it about time the Madison School Board heard from us citizens? The cadres from Freedom Inc. (FI) Youth Brigade and the International Socialist Organization will hector … Continue reading

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School committee member tells Madison parent: ‘You got to get out of here’

… for her own safety A Madison mother writes: This was the meeting that I attended to show my support for educational resource officers remaining in the Madison Wi public high schools. I filed this to show the treatment that … Continue reading

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What shame? Disrupters are proud of F-bombing the school board

Dispatches from the War on Cops / the Madison front Today we’re picking some of the better representative comments from seven sources to the Chaos in the Classroom and Cops Out of School nonsense of the past week. 1) At … Continue reading

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Disadvantaged students need police in our schools the most

“Racial equity” has become the all-purpose justification for dubious educational policies. Equity proponents view “disparate impact”—when the same policies yield different outcomes among demographic groups—as conclusive proof of discrimination. On the education front, “equity” does not seek equal treatment for … Continue reading

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