Monday’s school board meeting — the cop haters will be there. Will we?

(Time limit: 3 minutes)

Isn’t it about time the Madison School Board heard from us citizens?

The cadres from Freedom Inc. (FI) Youth Brigade and the International Socialist Organization will hector the full Madison Board of Education again at its monthly meeting next Monday, August 27.

They will do so even though the 12-member ad hoc committee on educational resource officers (EROs) STILL has not made a final recommendation. But cops in the schools IS on the agenda, albeit as a progress report (or lack, thereof). The social justice warriors testified at the July school board meeting, even though it was the same agenda item: a progress report not a recommendation.

The MMSD school board office confirms that the public can testify on any item on the agenda, and EROs are on the agenda.

August 27 bd of ed

We can wait until the end of September if you like. If even THEN this committee — now at 19 months and counting — ever comes up with a recommendation. But it is time that the Madison Board of Education heard from The Rest of Us sooner rather than later. It is time the Madison school board learns that the usual suspects speak only for themselves.

The chairman of the ad hoc committee Dean Loumos and committee member T.J. Mertz are school board members who will be in attendance Monday. Let’s set them on the right path and the other five members of the school board.

And tell them we want EROs in the middle schools, as well!

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At Sunday’s Gay Pride Shame parade

Blaska’s Bottom Line: If we have to attend two school board meetings in two months, is that  a sacrifice we can make? THEY will be there. Will you join ME?

Support cops in schools by attending the Madison Board of Education meeting on Monday, August 27. Starts at 6 p.m. at the MMSD administration building, 545 W. Dayton Street. Free parking. 

Tell me you’ll be there, too!

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17 Responses to Monday’s school board meeting — the cop haters will be there. Will we?

  1. Dan B. says:

    Because you’re a citizen and your opponents are not? That’s demagoguery.


    • David Blaska says:

      At least we’re not intimidating and harassing people with whom we disagree. If you side with the Freedom Inc. Youth Brigade, please have the honesty to say so.


  2. Paula Fitz says:

    First, thank you for taking the lead on this campaign. Hope you get a big showing, but it’s hard to be optimistic on that front.

    The anti-cop crowd may be relatively small, but they’re organized and aren’t afraid to speak out.

    Getting people involved with the Support MPD efforts, however, has been a constant challenge. Lots of outrage on social media, but just a minute percentage of those are willing to speak out and foster positive change. Always the same people signing my form letters. Always the same handful of MPD supporters at Council meetings (including you). Always the same people with words of support. Always the same people willing to pitch in. Despite my most strenuous efforts.

    If someone complains and doesn’t like my letters or the way I do things, it’s a free country – they are more than welcome to stand up and create their own initiative. So I don’t even want to hear that excuse.

    What I don’t understand is why more parents aren’t outraged to the point where they’re organizing (like the teachers did for Act 10) and protesting. Are they oblivious to what’s happening? Have they taken their kids out of public school? Expecting someone else to stand up?

    I’ve stood up again and again the past few years. On this issue, it’s the parents’ turn. Why should I care more about this issue more than parents do?


  3. Paula Fitz says:

    People shouldn’t underestimate the cop haters and others on the so-called fringes. This segment of the Democratic party is growing – it’s becoming more radicalized and there is data to back this up. If people with good sense don’t start speaking out, or they can’t even be bothered to vote, this radicalized element will become more prevalent in our legislatures.


  4. madisonexpat says:

    Was Senator Baldwin at the “Pride” parade?


    • Kim says:

      GREAT question!


    • David Blaska says:

      Don’t know. Called her office before hand to ask. No response.


      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        She was NOT. Nor was that other proud member of the gay community, Congressman Pokemon. They both know a political hot potato when they see one. The first time Baldwin holds a town meeting in Madison, I plan to attend and ask her this question: “Senator, as a member of the LGBT community, do you support the decision to exclude gay police officers from the year’s Pride Parade?” She’s screwed no matter how she answers: If she says yes, she alienates cops and those who support them (a not inconsiderable number of people, at least outside of Madison/Dane County). If she says no, she risks alienating her cop-hating base. Can’t wait.


  5. Kim says:

    Who’s the first people they would call if somebody attacked them? Yep, the cops. I’d shut off my radio, but the real cops would help them out, of course.


  6. coolkevs says:

    I wish the meetings would have comments by the public beforehand to spice things up. The meetings are not conducive to sitting through (death by boredom in uncomfortable chairs) and for people with evening responsibilities (i.e. young families) I’ll see if I can show up a bit into the meeting.


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