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‘We pulled our kids out, too’

Rather than improve Madison schools, Tuesday’s school board candidates would slam shut the exits When your congenial yet irascible host first ran for public office way back in 1994, on-line social media consisted of BBS bulletin boards accessible by dial-up … Continue reading

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Kids hijack cars, crash into woman; Madison liberals laugh

Hit & Run causing injury? Liberal says: “LMAO!” Do not under-estimate the racist hate boiling within so many of our Madison liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances. Here is the reaction of one of them to a woman injured by teen carjackers: Madison liberal … Continue reading

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Blaska did not eat the kids’ homework! Honest!

Worse, he won’t apologize! Our … acquaintances are angry that Blaska does not admit his guilt. Tuesday night on Madison’s isthmus, he got a smattering of boos and catcalls for saying so. The occasion was a school board candidate forum. … Continue reading

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Parents say: ‘The Behavior Education Plan is not strong enough to keep our kids safe’

“Students have gotten the impression that they can do whatever they want and there’s not going to be any consequence.” School Board ignores parents’ concerns In the last installment, “Cursing in Madison Schools” we reported that Madison’s public schools is … Continue reading

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Cursing in Madison schools: level 2, 3, or 4? — D*#*’d if we know!

How many bottoms can little Johnny touch before he gets ‘restored’? Restorative justice.  Got to admit, it sounds good, doesn’t it? Kind of like “each according to his need.” “Social justice.” The Sacagawea dollar coin. ABC-TV cancelling Last Man Standing. Or … Continue reading

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District attorney Ozanne tries to excuse mob action, Part #2

Is viewpoint discrimination (and reverse racial discrimination) at work here? An Open Letter to Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne: While maintaining that Madison Police had not referred our complaint to you (See part #1), you made several arguments that … Continue reading

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