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Slim Pickens

“Well boys, we’ve got three engines out, we’ve got more holes in us than a horse trader’s mule, the radio’s gone and we’re leaking fuel and if we was flying any lower, why we’d need sleigh bells on this thing.” Stole every … Continue reading

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Happy new year. Welcome to the same old …

It’s time to panic! The gray lab coats at the Policy Werkes tore their ears off the freezing cold train tracks this morning to report that nothing new is coming this a-way. The change train that visited Virginia, New York … Continue reading

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Exposing the real racists

 One chapter at a time! The head groundskeeper is absorbing a godsend of a book, Woke Racism, “How the new religion has betrayed black America.” Anticipated it a while back. We’re lapping it up like milk by a dog rescued … Continue reading

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‘A sleeping giant has been awakened’

America’s schools are being held hostage!  As we detailed in the last thrilling episode of the Werkes, Democrats are in full panic that they’re losing the soccer moms to Republicans. These mothers, often from affluent suburbs like Milwaukee’s Mequon and … Continue reading

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Madison schools: Press #1 if you’re white, #2 if you’re not

We have crossed the Rubicon, if not the racial River Hades itself. Madison WI public schools are enforcing racial segregation. Bad enough, but MMSD is also pre-judging (the root word of prejudge) the police officer who saved the lives of … Continue reading

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Talk big if you want; Blaska is out

Blaska is so NOT running for school board It will have to get worse before it gets better There’s a lot of brave talk on my NextDoor neighborhood social media. My neighbors are tired of their cars being stolen; their … Continue reading

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