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Madison schools: Press #1 if you’re white, #2 if you’re not

We have crossed the Rubicon, if not the racial River Hades itself. Madison WI public schools are enforcing racial segregation. Bad enough, but MMSD is also pre-judging (the root word of prejudge) the police officer who saved the lives of … Continue reading

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Talk big if you want; Blaska is out

Blaska is so NOT running for school board It will have to get worse before it gets better There’s a lot of brave talk on my NextDoor neighborhood social media. My neighbors are tired of their cars being stolen; their … Continue reading

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‘Stop calling me [the N-word]’ … should not get you fired from your job

So says educator Kaleem Caire, who should be hired our nextMadison school superintendent Black West high school security says he was fired for admonishing student who called him the N-word. (News story here) Phil Hands cartoon here West High students … Continue reading

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Jesus is not eating our kids’ homework

Kids just ain’t learnin’ in our public schools like they used to The good news is the statewide racial achievement gap is narrowing. The bad news is that it is because white students are regressing at a faster rate than black … Continue reading

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Ali is right to apologize but not just to the Jews

Madison police and teachers are still waiting Muldrow just got her racist memes mixed My alma mater, The Capital Times, says it was “glad when Madison School Board member Ali Muldrow apologized last week for a Facebook post in which … Continue reading

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Chief Koval: Finally!

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval: Last night (07-02-19), the Common Council voted to approve a contract to keep police officers in our four main high schools. [More here.] I think this is a win for public safety and I am … Continue reading

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