Madison schools: Press #1 if you’re white, #2 if you’re not

We have crossed the Rubicon,
if not the racial River Hades itself.

Madison WI public schools are enforcing racial segregation. Bad enough, but MMSD is also pre-judging (the root word of prejudge) the police officer who saved the lives of two black teenage girls from being stabbed to death. (The would-be victims called the police, who saved their lives! More here.) Yeah, the Madison Metropolitan School District called that officer a murderer!

Two separate — but are they equal???? — links to the Zoom! One for “Parents of Color.” Another for White Parents! Had Blaska received this e-mail, he would have linked to POC. Because that is the kind of unWoke, equal opportunity, no B.S., “content of our characters” bastard that he is.

Madison West h.s. race letter to familiesHere’s the transcription of the e-mail sent to Madison West high school families. (Endeavoring to learn if this was district wide.) There ought to be a U.S. Department of Justice equal rights lawsuit somewhere in this mess:

Hello West families:

Looking back on all the police brutality and violence that is going on in our country and or [sic] communities and even after the verdict on Derek Chauvin and the murder of another young Black female, it is very necessary to have space for our families to discuss and process. The most important thing we can do for our students and their families is to continue to build strong, trusting relationships as we engage them through personal and face-to-face learning. Only after we establish these strong connections can we expect students to and families to openly share and dialogue around these complex issues. We want to work together to help our families feel safe, discuss challenging issues productively, and think about how they can make positive changes in our community. Please join us tomorrow (Thursday April 22nd) at 4:30 p.m. to have these difficult but necessary conversations. Please see the Zoom links below:

Zoom link for Parents of Color (updated Zoom link)

Zoom link for White Parents

UPDATED: District response

Spokesperson for Madison Metro School District T.J. LeMonds responds to The Werkes inquiry:

MMSD district office has been made aware of this and is in contact with West staff to address the message and develop further response.
The message you are referring to is, unfortunately, a poorly worded message sent by West staff to West families who identify as families of color, multiracial or blended, to promote the school’s effort to provide them a virtual discussion space and support, utilizing the Affinity Group model. Although their intent was to provide families an opportunity to process their emotions and feelings related to current events, the language used to organize the discussion was less than sensitive.

The Affinity Group model is a well established method to provide opportunity for people who share a common identity to connect with other people who share aspects of their identity, especially in a situation where they feel their identity is marginalized.

Blaska’s Bottom LineMadison schools cannot teach conflict resolution? How about not stabbing thy youthful neighbor with a kitchen knife? Not resisting arrest? Not doing drugs? Respect for the law? The Constitution and the presumption of innocence? Not prejudicing entire classes of people? Not playing victim? We would settle for just teaching English and math and, of course restorative driver’s ed.

What do YOU suggest for “positive changes in our community”?

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23 Responses to Madison schools: Press #1 if you’re white, #2 if you’re not

  1. Randy Regel says:

    I don’t know how an MMSD teacher with a concience can put up with this BS

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  2. Fr Gregory says:

    My mom is Irish-American, my dad Mexican-American. When in was born in Texas, there were still restaurants and movie theaters they couldn’t attend together. This email breaks my heart. Rather than helping people understand each other, MMSD fans the flames if division.

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  3. Don't Ask Me says:

    How does one do an open records request to find out who is responsible for this outrage? The people of this city should know the names of these people. If we had a real newspaper in town they would do it. But with the yellow rag wastes-of-time we have, that will never happen.


    • Kevin S Wymore says:

      Here is a sample records request for you to consider:

      “Under the state of Wisconsin public records law, I am requesting all records and emails leading up to and approving (describe the communication in question offering “process and discussion time” for West High School families relating to the death of the 16-year-old person in Ohio on XXX date.)”

      Send the email to the West High School principal and the MMSD superintendent, and be sure to include this sentence: “If you are not the records custodian for public records requests pertaining to West High School, please inform me who that person is.”


      Your name

      If you want more information on the law and the request process, google Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council sample open records request template.

      NOTE: It may be easier and quicker just to call or email West High and ask the person in the principal’s office who wrote and authorized that message. Perhaps they will tell you directly. Finally, be polite and direct in requesting this; there is no reason to be otherwise, because the law is on your side.


  4. Iam Pistoff says:

    ” I don’t know how an MMSD teacher with a concience [sic] can put up with this BS”…

    Conscience is “just an idea…”, falling out of vogue quickly in the latter 20th century unto complete
    cancellation via Wokeness at present. Prerequisites to “acceptable” membership in marxist
    consortiums such as MTI include demonstrably complete leftist indoctrination at the university level,
    an abhorrence of critical thinking skills and practice thereof, wrapped in a dogmatic, incessant
    “My Way or No Way” totalitarian narrative. Deepening debt with the concurrent need for a generous, dependable taxpayer-provided compensation package, even if you are not in class or on the job, handily obviates the need of or adherence to a conscience.

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  5. Dave says:

    I’ve lived in Madison all my life. I attended James Madison Memorial and daughter does currently… This has got to be the most racist email I have ever seen from MMSD in my life. We live in bizarro world where the real racists are calling the non-racists racist. FFS people!


    • madtownforsure says:

      I worked for 6 months at Madison Memorial when it was being built. Went to Central High school off the square. We NEVER NEVER had any race problems with any other race there. And, there were a mixed bag there too, more so than East or West high schools. NEVER. But, look at the power yelling “racist” has now.


      • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

        madtownforsure: I too am a Central alum. Wouldn’t trade those years for anything. Yes it was a mixed bag, more so when Wisconsin High closed and Central received an influx of additional students, some born abroad or whose parents were connected with the UW. We co-existed fine. This email is pathetic.


  6. Esteban says:

    I am a West parent, have not seen this email???


  7. This kinda sounds like “separate but equal.”

    Wait a minute. Haven’t we been here before?


  8. Liberty says:

    This is where the indoctrination starts, then continues in academia.

    I’m appalled that my tax dollars are paying for this.


  9. Mike says:

    Suggestion for positive change in our community? Shut down public schools and send all children to Chinese labor camps to learn a trade and to become good, loyal Madison Communist party members. After all, it’s for the children. Right school board members? Right teachers?


  10. AdamC says:

    All of this is bizarre and itself openly racist. How this is permitted is beyond me. School segregation is being reinstated before our eyes with no debate or challenge.

    One has to wonder if mixed-race parents, or parental couples of different races, have any legal standing to sue for racist treatment here. Never mind biracial children.


    • Sheppy says:

      I agree. All they need is an out-of-State race baiting lawyer to take the case. I’m thinking $75k should be enough to cover damages.


  11. Good Dog, Happy Man says:

    By having two separate, (but are they equal?), Zoomies, the proglobotic public school teacher’s unions are propagating George Wallace’s racist rant, “Segregation today. Segregation tomorrow. Segregation forever.”

    Critical Race Theory is being pushed onto students at all grade levels. The cure for “systemic” racism isn’t more anti-white racism, rather, it’s to “get woke” and become aware that this isn’t George Wallace’s, Lester Maddox’s or Bull Connor’s, (good Democrats all) 1960’s America anymore.

    “Systemic Racism” is such a perfect Marxist formulation. It delegitimizes an entire society without blaming anyone in particular, so it generates little opposition. It signifies nothing and everything simultaneously. It can’t be proven or disproven. It’s genius propaganda.

    Besides if there is real systemic racism, you’ve got to ask, “Who’s to blame? Who’s been in charge of the public school educational system for the last 5 decades?” Lefties can hardly rail against the man’s systemic racism, … because they are “The Man”.

    Lefties aren’t serious about ending racism, … that would strip off their victimhoodie and entitlement power. If Lefties were serious about ending racism, (what little there’s left of it anymore, anyhow, coming mostly from the proglobotic portside), Lefties ought to stop telling everyone that they’re racist. Simple. Easy-peasey, Puddin’ Pie.


    • A Voice in the Wilderness says:

      Of course this isn’t 1960s America, nor would I want it to be (except for the Hoagie sandwiches we used to get for lunch at Woolworth’s).

      The seeming egalitarian swing towards “equity” has become a totalitarian movement. I always thought that the phrase “systemic racism” was a bit of mangled Marxism; now I see it as fairly sophisticated and cunning.

      Good post, Dog.

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  12. One eye says:

    “Anti-racism” is this generation’s pet rocks, mood rings and disco.


  13. A Voice in the Wilderness says:

    I just read the updated response from MMSD. A bunch of doublespeak and identity politics goin’ on. Believe them the first time.


  14. One eye says:

    fixed version of response:

    “Although their intent was to provide families an opportunity to process their emotions and feelings related to A RACE AGITATOR’S VIEW OF current events,”


  15. georgessson says:

    Great post & comments, as usual…

    RE: “police officer who saved the lives of two black teenage girls from being stabbed to death.”

    No fear of a stray bullet hitting the gal in pink -that was a looming target that obscured the innocent. And check the biceps -Ironically as big as, let’s say, LeBron James….

    RE: LeBron… SKY NEWS, AUSTRALIA—- Attractive & articulate news reporter Rita Panahi says, “How about some “accountability” yourself, you race-baiting scroat…”.

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